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Toni's Review of Dream Bound by Kate Douglas ***5 Stars***

They are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive. So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needs. For years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost. Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extremely sexual men and women at a secret mountain hideaway. Here he hopes to focus their potent sensuality into highly erotic fantasies that will summon his lover, Zianne. What he doesn't anticipate is each team member making extraordinary sexual discoveries of their own.


A man who knows his future is waiting for him fights hard and works harder to save the woman he loves and her people.

Twenty years ago Mac Dugan found the love of his life and lost her.  But he is a man that has a second chance.  His love is from the future, his present to be exact.  He spoke to her over time and space and she taught him what he needs to know to save her people.  The time is now!

Mac has brought together his Dream Team; three men and three women that have a little extra and a lot of sexuality.  With his equipment and their imaginations they are setting out to save Mac’s love Zianne and her people, the Nyrians.  Their connection as a group is instant, strong and amazing.  They are more than Mac ever expected and success is in his grasp.

I found the concept behind this story really quite remarkable.  Ms. Douglas has taken the notion of dreams and fantasy to a whole new level.  What if you were really able to project your fantasies into reality and in the same time save a whole race?  Dream Bound is wonderfully refreshing and beyond sexy.  Ms. Douglas can write love, sex and passion like nobody’s business and she will always be a must read for me and she didn’t disappoint here.

While the story revolves around the rescuing of Zianne and her people there are actually nine characters.  I was drawn to each and every one of them.  While some are more front-and-center than others, I could feel that by the time this tale is told they will all be well loved friends.  Each person is unique and the way they are written makes them all special yet familiar.

Dream Bound is marketed as an erotic romance novel.  However, there really isn’t a true “couple”.  The book does have love and discovery between its pages though.  There also isn’t a happy ever after ending, but a happily for now.  It is apparent that it is meant to be a series.  Even with the ending left open, Ms. Douglas doesn’t leave us with a cliff hanger.  You are left satisfied and ready for the next in the series.  I personally can’t wait for November, when Dream Unchained is scheduled to be released.

I would highly recommend that you read her short story Dream Catcher in the Nightshift anthology before you start this novel.  Dream Catcher sets the stage for Dream Bound beautifully and you get a good view into Mac’s reasoning for his lifelong passion.  I could have easily read Dream Bound without it, but I’m glad I didn’t.  Please don’t let not being able to read the prequel deter you from picking up this novel though.  You will not be lost; the experience will be just as fulfilling and enjoyable.  Dream Bound is full of sensual fantasies, likeable characters and a plot that is imaginative, vivid and fascinating.

Dream Bound is a spellbinding tale of second chances, new love and the power of fantasies.  It’s another keeper for my “Kate Douglas” section of my library.  Yes, she has a row all for herself.  Pick up Dream Bound and find out why!

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BOOK GIVEAWAY & Toni's Review of Waterborne by Katherine Irons ***3 Stars***


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A Force of Nature

Ree O’Connor is more than she seems to be. Despite her delicate appearance and her broken heart, she sees what others don’t. In fact, she is an agent of a clandestine world court, about to bring down a monster when a stranger springs her trap instead. The mistake nearly costs Ree not only her prey, but her life, too—until mysterious Alexandros spirits her to an underwater world she never suspected, even with all her secret knowledge.

As a prince of Atlantis, Alexandros has centuries of experience in love and battle. His magic draws from the power of the ocean itself, and he can be just as beguiling—and just as unfathomable. Could any man heal Ree enough to become more than a sometime lover? And can she trust her heart to a soldier-prince of the deep?


I have wanted to read this series for a while now.  So I jumped at the chance to read the third book in the series, Waterborne.

Alexandros has watched both his brothers recently fall for human women.  Humans have never done much for him, but for some reason Ree stirs something in him.  At first glance she seems like an unassuming woman.  She also seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Only Ree is not what she appears. 

From early childhood, Ree’s life has been shaped and controlled by a secret agency.  She was never a normal child and upon the death of her parents she has been in training to be more, much more.  She is a proficient killer.  Even though she knows there’s a different side to the world, she never expected to find a new dangerous world underwater.  Now she must trust a man to save her life, but the last time she trusted and loved a man, he died.  She will not allow that to happen again.

Alexandros is an assassin.  He has protected his family and Atlantis for countless years.  His current assignment is no different; kill a man found guilty of crimes against nature.  But when things go horrible wrong, he is forced to save a human.  Intrigue, deception and danger are around every corner.  Alexandros is now in a race to save Ree and the kingdom.

I think what helped this novel was Ms. Irons’ choice to spread the story amongst more than just the main couple.  There is a lot going on in this series and it was nice to see how some of the plots from prior books played out.  While all three brothers have found their mates, I am actually unsure if this series is complete.  It does have a finished feel to it, but the window for more is there.

The story in general was fine.  Nothing fantastic, but it was still engaging.  I had that feeling with most of the series.  There was just a little spark that was missing to make it great for me.

For instance, Ree never lived up to her title.  She was supposed to be an unparalleled assassin.  I just couldn’t see it.  She had a strong presence, but her skills were never really highlighted.  Yes, a majority of the book she was trying to survive, but when push came to shove, I expected more.

Alex was very heroic, but he took a bit to warm up to.  It even took Ree awhile too.  I enjoyed him, but he was just ok.  Morgan is probably still my favorite of the brothers.  I will say, without giving anything away, Morgan made the right choice in my book.  Alex is perfect for the job!

While their love story was pleasing to read about, their adventures were more enjoyable.  I was actually hoping they would be more involved with some of the other background battles that were going on, but it was not meant to be.  Ms. Irons has written a unique underwater world.  If you crave a new paranormal world, this series might be for you.  The creatures are diverse and she has developed a fascinating universe that is right under our noses.  I do have to give her credit for her colorful and amazing abilities to world build.  

Personally, I think Waterborne does not stand alone.  There are too many details that are enhanced by having the back story.  I feel it is necessary to read the prior books to fully appreciate this novel.

Ms. Irons has taken the tale of Atlantis into a remarkable new direction.  It is distinctively hers and for anyone who enjoys oceanic tales, Waterborne and this series might be for you.

Book Giveaway

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Happy Reading!!

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Toni's Review of Siren's Serenade by Dominique Eastwick ***5 Stars***

Loving her might just be the death of him. 

When Coast Guard rescue swimmer Kaleb Theldon sees what he's sure is a mermaid pulling his partner into the murky depths of the Bering Sea, they call it PTSD. In order to save his career, Kaleb agrees to a week at an island spa off the coast of Maine. But the spa is nothing like he expected, and he isn't prepared for the sexy siren that crosses his path. But will her passion be more than one mere human can take? 

Serena has a problem, and after four previous visits to the Wiccan Haus, she'd expected things to get easier. But on the mermaid’s fifth visit, Kaleb walks in and everything in her life becomes complicated. Never has she wanted to mate with a human man before. But can she love a man who has a chip on his shoulder a league long when it comes to mermaids? Can she deal with her own issues all while keeping her true self secret from the man she loves?

And will loving him prove deadly? 

This time, the staff have more than healing on their agenda. Can the siblings, Myron, and Rekkus prove to these two lovers that things aren't always how they appear on the surface? Or will Kaleb's demise be found in his Siren's Serenade?

Welcome back to the Wiccan Haus.


Was this a short story? It sure didn’t feel like a short story. Are you sure?

The mermaids are living under a curse. To procreate they must steal the soul of a man at the time of conception. Serena has no desire to follow in her sister’s steps and refuses to kill innocent men. Unfortunately her mother is the queen and has given her a year to secure the line of succession or she will be forced to mate. Time is running out and she turns to the Rowan siblings and The Wiccan Haus Resort and Spa for help.

Kaleb knows he is not crazy. Yes, he may have PTSD, but he knows what he saw; a mermaid drag his diving partner down into the depths, never to be seen again. He just made the mistake to telling the truth and now is taking forced R&R at the resort. The required classes and instruction are driving him nuts, but when he meets a beautiful woman that sets him on fire, his little trip just got a lot more interesting. What will happen when he discovers that she is the same type of creature that killed his best friend and has possibly ruined his career? Can he look past the hurt of the past and forge ahead to the future?

Siren’s Serenade is such a smooth read. The plot is solid and exciting, the sex is hot and the characters are to die for. In regards to the characters, I know personally that I want to get to know them and call them friends. The contributing authors are doing a spectacular job transporting me into the Wiccan Haus universe and Ms. Eastwick has written my favorite addition to date.

I enjoyed this story from the very first page. Even though it was about Serena and Kaleb, I also got to revisit the siblings and other wonderful characters from previous books. That aspect made this story all the more special. They blended well with the main couple and didn’t intrude on their story. They only enhanced it.

I’m still shocked that this was a short story. While I enjoy short stories to fill in the little windows of time I may have that won’t warrant a full novel, I can’t recall a short story being more fulfilling than Siren’s Serenade. I was left giddy and the epilogue was the icing on the cake!

Don’t miss this beautiful sea glass gem. Siren’s Serenade is richly colored and spellbinding. I hope you will be as drawn in as I was. I would suggest that you read the prior books in the series first though. Without them you will not understand why I enjoyed this book so much. While it is not completely necessary, you minus well dive right in and get caught up in the storm. The Wiccan Haus series is a treasure that needs to be enjoyed to its fullest!

This has been my favorite to date!!  If you want to read my other reviews, click on the pictures below.

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Toni's Review of Blood of Innocence by Tami Dane ***4 Stars***

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Gifted profiler Sloan Skye joins the hunt for an elusive serial killer--and discovers a breed of criminal few know exists . . .

A cynic by nature, Sloan Skye wasn't thrilled when she was assigned to the FBI's Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. But her doubts are slowly easing, especially when she sees that working on the fringe allows her to use some of her more unconventional tactics. Most of all, Sloan's grateful her career is on track--because her love life, if you can even call it that, is in shambles.

Sloan is searching for a suspect who slays his female victims at night, and bizarrely drains their bodies of blood. Bad enough, but when Sloan learns what the killer is really after, she can barely sleep at night. When the suspect guns for someone very close to Sloan, it's time to throw out the rules and face her deepest fears . . 


Blood of Innocence is book #2 in the Sloan Skye series.  About week after her first grueling case as an intern, Sloan is thrust into another disturbing case.  Pregnant women are dying of blood loss and their babies are missing.

The Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit (PBAU) is brought in for another grisly case.  Women are showing up dead in their beds, drained of all their blood and their babies removed from their bodies.  All done without a drop of blood wasted.  There is no sign of forced entry and most of the time; the fathers are sound asleep right next to them. 

Sloan is also learning about the other side of her family tree.  Since discovering she is part elf and that she has been betrothed to the Prince of the Sluagh’s, she is on a mission to find him a different more suitable wife.  She has a year and she hits the ground running.

If she doesn’t have enough trouble with her so called fiancé, she is also attracting two co-workers and another prince.  What is a girl to do?  Why help her mother plan a wedding to her father, of course.  Sloan’s life just keeps getting crazier and crazier and the only thing she really wants to do is focus on stopping this perp before another mother and baby is lost. 

This story was a slow burn.  Was there heart pounding action?  No.  Was there hot steamy sex?  No.  Or what about the usual paranormal suspects?  Nope not really.  What you do get is a steady story that I personally couldn’t put down.  Blood of Innocence really held on and I found I had to force myself to put it down at 4am.  I just couldn’t find a good stopping point and eventually had to say – ENOUGH!

Another aspect I enjoyed was that this story didn’t give you ordinary vampires.  The usual vampire; has fangs, can’t go out in daylight and is evil.  Ms. Dane’s plot dove deeper.  She is taking the paranormal into folklore.  You are meeting creatures that can be labeled as vampires, but are different creatures all together.  There are no standard paranormals making visits in her novels, no indeedy.  Ms. Dane is making Urban Fantasy all her own and she is owning it.

Ms. Dane also keeps you on the edge of knowing Sloan.  You can feel that Sloan is on the cusps of something remarkable and there are many signs that pop up.  But Sloan still has no idea who or what she really is and neither do you.  I kept expecting and wanting Ms. Dane to slip and tell me.  Well she doesn’t, but I’m not too terribly disappointed, I think a little mystery makes all the more fun.

If you want a unique Urban Fantasy novel that still gives you a touch of paranormal, but with a folklore twist, pick up Blood of Innocence.  It is a really nice change of pace from the norm.  I personally can’t wait to see what she has next in store for Sloan Skye!

Want to know what I thought of the first book - Blood of Eden.  Check it out here!

If you would like to enter to win both books in the series, head on over to Paranormal Addicts to enter.

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

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Toni's Review of An Apple Away by Kate Richards ***5 Stars***


A witch's spell great love may break

Aislinn never wants to see another doctor. Their painful and pointless treatments have done nothing to improve her rapidly deteriorating health. She hopes that the staff of Wiccan Haus can at least offer a change of scene, if not a return of a little of her former strength. She’s delighted to meet Punda, a masseuse, on her arrival and charmed by the cottage in the apple orchard where she will stay.

Dr. Hugo Peralta visits the island at the insistence of his boss. The distinguished brain surgeon is in desperate need of a respite before overwork makes him one of his own patients. He is surprised but pleased with the privacy and serenity of his cottage—across the orchard from Aislinn’s. An idyllic location on a magical island where love can blossom—if the Rowans can help the trio save Aislinn from whatever is killing her.


Kate Richards took the old saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and made it her own.

Hugo and Aislinn arrived separately but they both are staying at the orchards at the Wiccan Haus Resort and Spa and Spa.  A beautiful place filled with the sweet smells of apples and the enchantment of island.  Each are escaping the lives that are slowly killing them.  Each will find health and healing at this exclusive island paradise.

Dr. Hugo Peralta is a workaholic.  He lives, eats and breathes his job.  Emergencies and life don’t take a vacation, so why should he.  Though he has been forced to take this trip by his boss, he will take this time to catch up on journals and other important items he has hasn’t had time to catch up on.  The staff at the resort has another idea.  Every time he thinks he will have a moment to do what he wants, something comes up and changes his plans.  The best obstacle so far has been the mysteriously ill neighbor Aislinn, and the staff member assisting her, the beautifully alluring Punda.

Aislinn has had it!  She has been poked and prodded for over a year.  The doctors have no clue what is wrong with her and she is tired of them and the direction her life is heading. If she never see another doctor, she will be perfectly fine.  On the advice of a friend, she decides to visit the resort.  She has nothing else to lose and if this is her last chance to enjoy life, she is bound and determined to do it.  From the moment she sips a delicious cup of spiced apple cider on the ferryboat, she knows she made the right decision.

Punda is surprisingly attracted to Hugo and Aislinn from the very beginning, but she knows her place at the resort.  She is to take care of Aislinn while she is here and since she seen the spark between the two of them, she feels the need to bring them together and not get in their way.  Too bad fate has other plans.

Hugo, Aislinn and Punda are all unsure about their feelings.  They each want the other two people in the relationship to succeed and be happy as a twosome, never quite realizing that they are all attracted to each other.  I enjoyed how Ms. Richards finally brought them together.  You could feel that they were all meant to be and their eventual joining was sexy and fantastic. 

Even though this is a short story and everything is in fast forward, this story felt natural.  The tale of this group relationship seems realistic and sweet.  In fact, I would say that their relationship felt more natural to me then the side plot.  Short of the necessity of it, I could have done without it.  That 10% spent on that other person could have been added to the development of their relationship and I would have been ecstatic and it still would have been a magical experience.

This is a short story pure and simple.  There is no huge backstory or deep character development.  You get a quick satisfying tale that will keep you interested and turning the pages.  Ms. Richards has written this ménage so well that I leave them knowing they will be happy and their love will only grow. *sigh*

This is another wonderful addition to the Wiccan Haus series.  Keep them coming!! 

Thanks for reading - Toni

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Toni's Review of Tainted Night, Tainted Blood by E.S. Moore ***4 Stars***


In the darkness, it’s easy to lose your way…

Kat Redding is a vampire with a job to do—wiping out the vamps and werewolves who prey on Pureblood humans. Someone has to do it…as long as that someone is her. But suddenly Kat, also known as Lady Death, has competition, and it’s causing problems. Vampire houses and werewolf clans alike are blaming her for a spate of gruesome murders, and Kat needs to figure out who’s really responsible before she becomes the next target…

On the hunt, she forms an uneasy alliance with both the Luna Cult and a powerful rogue werewolf. But the truths Kat’s uncovering—about her enemies and her few remaining confidantes—are far from comforting. And when the chance comes to leave her life of vengeance behind, Kat must decide whether her real motive lies in protecting the innocent, or sating her own fierce hungers…


Kat’s world is about to be turned upside down.

Kat is a one woman wrecking crew when it comes to taking down undesirable vampires and werewolves.  Now there is a new force in town.  One that is killing in what appears to be with Kat’s signature moves.  This does not bode well for her.  She is already trying to protect Purebloods, now it looks like she is going to have to work twice as hard to protect her own hide.

Kat begins to question her existence and the desire to continue down her chosen road.  When a side trip shows her a new way of life, she must take a long hard look at herself, her past and her future.  While Kat is fighting for her life, she must decide if she wants to start living again.

This novel had two very different storylines in it.  While one was playing out the other was in the background being a tempting mistress.  After Kat’s life takes an unexpected turn, you dive right into the next story with both feet.  Mr. Moore begins to set the stage for the next book with a bunch of questions and suspense.

The first storyline is classic Kat; action, suspense and strained alliances.  Knowing the circumstances behind Kat’s life, I really could see the outcome from a mile away.  But that was okay.  You were able to visit old enemies and have some burning questions answered.  I think personally, I would have enjoyed a deeper concentration into the main darker plot.  It felt short changed.  Mr. Moore makes it all seem better though by throwing in a new element, Ethan’s buddy – Beligral.

The second plot is very intriguing.  Mr. Moore’s writing made my skin crawl with how potentially sinister it felt.  I think the new direction in Kat’s life is going to make for some very interesting reading.  But again, it was just a tiny taste and not exactly fulfilling.  Kat is completely out of her element and it makes me excited to read the next book in the series, Blessed By a Demon’s Mark, which is currently scheduled for release in January 2013.

Tainted Night, Tainted Blood as a whole, came together in an interesting pleasant way.  I was drawn in and I came away with questions answered and my imagination soaring.  This is very good Urban Fantasy.  There is lots of action and a kick-butt heroine.  It makes for some very fun reading!

Wanna know what I think of the first in the series???  To Walk the Night

Thanks for reading! - Toni

PSST - If you head over to Paranormal Addicts I have a giveaway for the first in the series.  Click the picture below to head on over to the giveaway!

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GIVEAWAY & REVIEW - Toni's Review of Brody by Emma Lang ***4 Stars***


A year after their family was brutally torn apart, the Graham siblings begin to put their lives back together at their ranch in East Texas. With their parents gone, their bonds will truly be tested…

Olivia Graham has worked hard to take care of her family at the Circle Eight Ranch. But their family circle was broken when their young brother Benjy disappeared. Liv can’t shake the feeling that he must be out there, somewhere.

Brody Armstrong, a handsome but rough-around-the-edges Texas Ranger, has been working on their case for months, and now he has a promising lead.

As Liv follows him across the rugged Texas landscape and into Mexico, she’ll begin to find the answers she needs—as Brody finds a passion he didn’t know he wanted…


Hold on to your britches, this is one rip roaring ride!

Olivia will not take no for an answer.  If Brody has the answer to where her brother is, she will do whatever it takes to wring it out of him.  Even put herself into dangerous situations.  As the oldest girl in the family, she has had to be strong.  But her heart broke when Benjy was taken from them.  She was like his second mother to him and he held a special place in heart.  So now that she knows that Brody is hot on the trail to finding him, she is going to help.  Olivia is smart, resourceful and cunning and she will use her body, mind and tenacity to find her baby brother.

Brody is a singular man.  He is alone in the world and he prefers it that way.  After witnessing the death of his two brothers, the experience has hardened him and has made him a tougher man.  Since he has started working the case of robberies and kidnappings in this Texas community, he has known Olivia Graham was a pain in the ass, but he had no clue.  She has stuck herself to him like a burr and he can’t seem to get rid of her.  Luckily she has surprised him time and time again and she has proven herself useful in more ways than one.  Maybe this partner business is something he should reconsider.

From the Circle Eight Ranch to deep into hostile Mexico territories, they have worked side by side.  Danger is lurking everywhere, but between the two of them, they will survive.  This partnership may not be made in heaven, but it sure does make for some hot steamy desert nights.

When I read Matthew, I was intrigued by both Olivia and Brody.  Olivia was such an unpleasant character, but she still showed a heart and Brody was a determined and strong Texas Ranger.  I was very excited that their story would be next in the series.  Let me just say….Ms. Lang did not disappoint!

Olivia was amazing.  She showed heart, spine and spirit.  I was shocked by her actions.  Considering this is a historical romance novel and I am so very pleased by her.  She stole the whole novel for me.  Yes, Brody showed a presence but really it was all Olivia in my book. 

These two are made for each other and wow do they burn up the pages.  Ms. Lang doesn’t waste any time bringing these two together and boy howdy is it hot.  Their relationship is rocky yet sexy, their banter is spunky and entertaining and the plot is adventurous and thrilling.

I’m not really sure if all the siblings will get their story told, but I’m here for the long haul.  The ongoing plot is rather ordinary, but I’m here 100% for the family.  My heart goes out to them and I cheer their happiness because life does go on after death and loss.  I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for a resolution.  The thought of Benjy being out in the world alone, just breaks my heart.  The Graham’s are a fascinating family and I can’t wait until they have their justice. 

Brody is a sexy, exciting ride.  Ms. Lang has penned a refreshingly exhilarating adventure that will keep you seated in your saddle and sweating bullets!

Here is my review for Matthew - book one in the Circle Eight series:  

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"Spark" The Elemental Series 5 STARS!

Gabriel Merrick plays with fire. Literally.

Sometimes he can even control it. And sometimes he can’t. Like the fire that killed his parents.

Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on, especially his twin, Nick. But when an arsonist starts wreaking havoc on their town, all the signs point to Gabriel. Only he’s not doing it.

More than Gabriel’s pride is at stake -- this could cost him his family, maybe his life. And no one seems to hear him. Except a shy sophomore named Layne, a brainiac who dresses in turtlenecks and jeans and keeps him totally off balance. Layne understands family problems, and she understands secrets. She has a few of her own.

Gabriel can’t let her guess about his brothers, about his abilities, about the danger that’s right at his heels. But there are some risks he can’t help taking.


This is Book 2 in the Elemental Series, Book 1 was "Storm".  This is a great series.  I was lucky enough to be able to review book 1 and now the second book.  I am loving it and cannot wait for the next book.  

In this book Gabriel who controls fire is going through a rough time.  After his parents died he got his twin brother Nick to do most of his work in school and because of it he's fallen behind.  A situation comes up that forces him to have to step up to the plate and learn all that he has been missing and while trying to do that he needs to hone his fire skills.

Layne is a kind-hearted sophomore who's secretly crushing on Gabriel.  She near him in class, when they have to exchange work she learns of his secret and offers to help.  

The characters are awesome in this book, all are well developed and are in no way "FAKE" teenagers like you find in some books.  I like Layne, you slowly get to know her through this book along with Gabriel and you learn through their ups and downs.
This book is also filled with great action and suspense, you never know what is going to happen next.

I recommend you read this series, it's got enough intrigue and action to keep you interested and enough suspense to keep the pages turning quickly.  I got sucked in so quick that I read it every spare moment I had.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Worth a Thousand Words

 Or worth 95,000 words, in the case of my book, Giving It Up. 

 Oh, imagery. Writing is about painting pictures with words. There’s a certain magic to that; the way an author’s writes what they see and a reader uses their imagination to bring it to life. There’s also a certain mystique, because we never really know how close readers get. 

 For that matter, I never really know how close I get to the real world. I’m not one of those writers who starts from a picture or a celebrity as inspiration. My characters come fully formed, both their stories and their appearances, in my head. So it’s not necessarily a simple matter to find someone who looks like them.

 The first and possibly most important piece of imagery for my book is the cover. I described my characters and setting to my cover artist. Allie, the girl next door who’s all dolled up like a slut. Colin, a little mean, a little cold. And both of them against a dark urban backdrop. 

 I think she nailed it, and I particularly love the colors in the cover!

 The second piece of imagery was the book trailer. For that, I selected the image and footage myself, including the woman getting dressed up, the club scene with strobing lights, the sex… well. I’ll let you take a look yourself:


And lastly I have a Pinterest board for Giving It Up here

Take a look, as I will continue adding pictures as I find them, but here are a few highlights.

 Again we have Allie. She has a troubled past and has learned not to trust anyone, least of all men. Like any woman she longs for male companionship and touch, but she doesn’t know how to go about it an healthy way. Instead, she trolls the club looking for a rough one night stand. 

Pinned Image Instead she finds Colin, who refuses to use her that way.
Despite his tough demeanor, he treats her gently. Colin wants more from her, to see her again. Allie is too wary, too afraid, and so she refuses.

Colin from Giving It Up But danger lurks in the city. Enemies from Allies past encroach on her present. She turns to Colin for help and they grow closer. Together, they are stronger. But it’s the secrets that Colin keeps buried that may destroy them both.

 Giving It Up is set in Chicago Take a look at the Pinterest board to see all the pics I have on there. Or better yet, check out the book itself so that you can draw them in your own mind. When you see inspiration pictures or book boards, how do they match up with what’s in your head?

Giving it Up
by Amber Lin
Allie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then ditch her. Hey, it's not rape if she wants it. Instead she finds Colin, who looks tough but treats her tenderly, despite her protests.
He tempts her, but kindness and a few mindblowing orgasms aren't enough to put her back together again. Allie has no hope for a real relationship. Two years ago her best friend betrayed her in the worst possible way – she’d be stupid to trust a man again. Besides, she has her daughter to think of, the only good thing to have come from that dark night.
But when her rapist returns, threatening her sanity and custody of her daughter, Allie turns to Colin. Under his protection and patient touch, Allie begins to heal and learns to hope. Colin’s no saint, though, and his criminal past draws danger of its own. Allie must fight to protect her child and the man she loves, hoping her newfound power will be enough to save them all.
"A ballsy departure from romantic conventions. At once gritty and tender, stark and hopeful." —Cara McKenna, author of Willing Victim
"Giving It Up is an erotic, compelling story that takes us to the shadowy, lonely places but doesn't leave us there. Amber Lin shows us that romance isn't just for the rich and shiny. Love can find its way even into the dark corners of the most damaged hearts." —Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
 Amber Lin loves to read angsty romance with plenty of sex, so it was no surprise that her debut book turned out to be erotic romance set against a dark urban landscape. She writes with one rule in mind: it has to get worse before it can get better. She lives with her husband, son and passel of puppy dogs in the great state of Texas. 

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