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The Book Waitress Serves Up Evil With A Side of Real Gooooood…

Deena Remiel here with my latest series release, The Book Waitress! Thanks to Leanne for offering up her blog today, and to all of you for sharing in the wicked fun. So I thought I’d share with you my journey to the dark side. Haha!

I started my writing career steeped in romance. I love all the facets involved in such an intricate relationship as love. But as I created my first paranormal romance series, The Brethren, I began to feel something else pulling me in. The DARK SIDE. I had a blast writing as Agremon and Namirha. Evil and snark go very well together. I felt so satisfied after writing those harrowing scenes with Emma enduring Namirha’s torture.

Now, don’t worry! It’s not because I’m sadistic or have turned evil myself. I found these scenes to actually be the hardest, the most challenging, and the most exhausting to write. And I loved it. And I love exploring the theme of Good versus Evil. If you’ve read…


Please Welcome Author Lacey Wolfe!!!

Thank you so much for having me today. It wasn’t too long ago that I released an erotic romance novella titled, Tempting The Manny. Yum. And in my head, the manny is very similar looking to Mario Lopez. *Fans herself.*
So, what was my inspiration for this story? The story really began as something fun. As a writer, I always hit this spot in a story where I sit back and think. What’s next? Do I like what I just wrote? I would then take a step back and write something else. Tempting The Manny started as just something to help me keep my creative energy going.  But then, all of a sudden, my heroine Olivia, demanded attention. Out of nowhere, she was weaving all these lies and really making a mess of things. And I had to stop all other stories and get this all taken care of. A tale that was meant to be a little fantasy about a single mom hiring a sexy manny, suddenly got a lot more plot. And when the story came to an end, I sat back and thought, I like th…

Gaming Reviews at The Green Room

Just wanted to post a quick plug for my brother Devon and his new blog "The Green Room", a place to find all his latest game reviews written for various publications, as well as random musings and thoughts.

He's fairly new to writing, but has already been embraced by as a talented and valuable writer under the pen name T.Monkey.  Since his modest start he's already published a couple reviews, and hopes to put out a lot more this year.
Check out a couple of his reviews below, all on for the publication above.
Hybrid (XBLA) - Review
Prototype 2 (PC) - Review
Endless Space (PC) - Review

You can also keep up to date on his list of latest reviews directly on his blog here: TMonkey's Reviews
If you're into games and you want his latest impressions, make sure to check him out! :D 
Twitter - @tokingmonkey Canadian Online Gamers - T.Monkey


Hey all!  Here's a few tips for you summer skin woes! Your skin's likely going through a lot this summer. Between the sunshine, chlorine, saltwater, sweat and heat, it can be tough to get your glow on. Try these simple tricks and your skin will thank you.
Count to 60 before you rinse off cleanser.
That's how long it takes to work, says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York.

Touch your face.
Derms say that massaging while you moisturize ups circulation for a healthy radiance.

Wear lipbalm in the shower.
Apply a thick coat, hop in; let the steam do its thing. Then gently wipe off dead loosened skin cells with a washcloth for seriously silky lips.