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It's been a long time!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time since I've made a blog post. Life got away from me in so many ways.
Last time you heard from me I had started a job and my life got crazy.
I had no time for my blog, book reviews or for product reviews. I hardly had time for my kids because my job made me completely exhausted.
Three years later I got layed off because the company shut down. I took a year off and got married to Claude after being together 10 years. It'll be our 3 year wedding anniversary this July.  Time flies.
After all that I went to work for a shoe store, it was awful and I quickly found another job. I really enjoyed the job but it was physically exhausting for me. I lost about 40lbs between September to Feb.
Along with all that our son was having more and more difficulties with school, behavioral and health wise. It got to the point where the school called almost every day. That and trying to keep a clean home got to be a bit overwhelming for me and I started to get…