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FUNKY MONKEY BABY! My review of this awesome t-shirt!

Funky Monkey T-shirt
I'm loving this t-shirt!  This silk-screen printed unisex T-shirt  is so adorable and comfortable. I had people asking left and right where I got it.  I received it as a product review from

I wore this t-shirt all day in the hot sun and it kept me from a sunburn and I wasn't too hot. I love the design on the front, it's modern and fun.  My 11 year old even asked to have the t-shirt so she could use it as a nightgown.  Of course, I said no way!   I really recommend these t-shirts, they are a great quality and they wash very well. Sizes are from S,M,L and XL. The company makes custom t-shirts and I highly suggest to my friends that they buy these for their swag and contests :D   Awesome quality at great prices!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mimi Valentine: 100 Followers Giveaway!!

Mimi Valentine: 100 Followers Giveaway!!: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I actually reached 100 followers already! The time seems to fly by so quickly. I only started blogging a few mon..."
Check it out!

Toni's Review of Spirit of the Wolf By Vonna Harper ***3.5 Stars***


A cattle rancher with a past he'd rather forget, Matt prefers to be alone. But that all changes the night he meets Cat. Her eyes, her lips, her body—he wants her. He needs her. . .


Unable to resist the attraction he feels for Cat, Matt takes her with a primitive passion he's never felt before. The sex is intense and wildly erotic, yet still he hungers for more. . .


As he struggles to control his fierce desire, Matt begins to experience a strange kinship with the wolves who roam his lands. Like them, he longs to be wild and free—but can he take Cat with him, or must he leave her behind for a fate not even he understands. . .


I’m giving “Spirit of the Wolf” 3.5 Stars.

Set in the high desert of central Oregon, where the land is harsh and the people are tough. Two people come together on a spiritual journey. Matt and Cat’s sexual attraction that is primal and raw. Both of them fear what is happening to them, but are unsure what to do abou…

Toni's Review of Summer Friends By Holly Chamberlin ***3.5 Stars***

In this compelling novel set against the beautiful backdrop of Ogunquit, Maine, the bestselling author of Tuscan Holiday and One Week in December portrays an unexpected friendship, and its consequences for two very different women as time inevitably sweeps them into adulthood. . .

Over the course of one eventful summer, nine-year-old native Mainer Delphine Crandall and Maggie Weldon, a privileged girl "from away," become best friends. Despite the social gulf between them, their bond is strengthened during vacations spent rambling around Ogunquit's beaches and quiet country lanes, and lasts throughout their college years in Boston. It seems nothing can separate them, yet after graduation, Delphine and Maggie slowly drift in different directions. . .

With her MBA, Maggie acquires a lucrative career, and eventually marries. Delphine is drawn back home, her life steeped in family and the Maine community she loves. Twenty years pass, until one summer, Maggie announces she's…

Toni's Review of Wolf Tales 12 By Kate Douglas ***5 Stars***

The Final Chapter
Gifted with exceptional strength and extraordinary sensuality, the shapeshifting Chanku have learned to survive on their own, far away from their one true home in the mountains of Montana. But as the years pass, the packs begin to long for one another, for the incredible passion they enjoy together and for the erotic pleasure they find only with their own kind. . .
It is then they hear Anton's call. He has learned even more about the fascinating past of the Chanku. And the young girl, Lily, has made the most astonishing discovery of all. . .
The time has come for all Chanku to come together as one, to reclaim their primal past and to enter an amazing future that no one ever dreamed. Their epic journey is over, at least for now. . .
Wolf Tales 12 is the conclusion of a wonderful saga. There are 12 full length novels and 9 short stories. It has been an epic journey and I feel sad but elated that the journey is complete.
Kate Douglas has led me …

Toni's Review of Slow Burn By E.B. Walters ***4.5 Stars***

She doesn’t want to deal with the past...

Ten years ago, Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire and blocked the memory. She pretends to have moved on, is a successful artist and photographer, until the morning she opens her door to a stranger she assumes is a model and asks him to strip to his briefs .

He wants to expose the truth....

Wealthy businessman Ron Noble has the body, the jet, the fast cars and the women, but he hides a deadly secret. His father started the fire that killed Ashley’s parents. Now someone is leaving him clues that could exonerate his father and they lead to Ashley’s door. Blindsided by the blazing attraction between them and a merciless killer silencing anyone who was there the night of the fire, Ron dare not tell Ashley the truth. Yet the answer he seeks may very well tear them apart.

While a demented arsonist...SLOW BURN(s)...and plots his ultimate revenge.


A tragic incident from the past brings two people to…
The Magic Bag!!!

MAGIC BAG Neck-to-back (19'' x 12'')MAGIC BAG 

Thermotherapeutic pack (size: 9.5'' X 11'')
I know this isn't my usual style review but I have begun reviewing products besides books.  The Magic Bag is by far one of my favorite products.  
Product DescriptionThe Magic Bag has become staple in many households around the world. Use it once and you won't want to do without it. This all natural hot/cold compress is simple, can be used hot or cold and can be used over and over again. For warm use, simply heat it in the microwave oven and for cold use, freeze it first. If you need heat to relax, heat to help soothe pain or cold to help soothe swelling or inflammation, this is the compress for you. The square format of our compress fits perfectly in the small of the back or comfortably covers the stomach area, where it can reduce muscle tension, soothe cramps and promote relaxation with its penetrating warmth. Keep a compress in the freezer …

Scott Prussing, Author of Breathless

Create Your Own Book Trailer – Easily!
People love book trailers. Having an intriguing trailer is one of the best promotional tools you can have for your book. But hiring someone to create a professional trailer is expensive. Luckily, you can create your own professional looking trailer fairly easily by following a few simple steps. Believe me, I know. I had absolutely no experience with slideshows or overlaying text onto images or any of that stuff before I began making my trailer, and I think it came out pretty darn good. And I enjoyed doing it!

Step 1-- Collect some art.
Before you can start putting a trailer together, you need some nice looking art. The obvious place to begin is with your book’s cover image (and any creative versions of it you might have), but you’ll need more than that. Look everywhere you can think of for images that match the tone of your book (my book Breathless is a paranormal romance, so I collected spooky pictures of the moon and clouds, dark forests, magical …

Toni's Review of Never Cry Wolf By Cynthia Eden - ***4 Stars***

Lucas Simone is not the kind of guy you mess with. He's big, he's strong, and his eyes hint at a wilder side most women can't handle. Of course, that's because his predatory instincts are no metaphor-he's a genuine Grade-A top-quality werewolf, tough enough to fight his way to dominance over the scariest pack on the West Coast. There's only one chink in his armor. Unlike most alpha dogs, Lucas has a reputation for protecting the weak and innocent.

Sarah King is counting on that protective impulse-it's the only thing standing between her and certain death. There are only two problems: one, she's not quite as innocent as she'd like Lucas to believe. And two, if he doesn't stop stoking Sarah's animal lust, it's only a matter of time before her own wild side gets unleashed...


First off, I would like to clear up some confusion. At least I was confused. “Never Cry Wolf” is not part of the Night Watch series, though it …

Toni's Review of Changeling Dream By Dani Harper - ***4 Stars***

In times of stress Jillian Descharme has always found calm in her dream of a great white wolf with haunting blue eyes. But she is startled when the visions return and this time seem so real. Late at night he comes to her, speaks to her, touches her. It’s almost as if he’s alive…

Thirty years ago James Macleod lost his wife and unborn child to a killer bent on destroying the Changelings. Though he longed for death, his animal instinct fought for survival and James has been a wolf ever since. Yet now a woman has reawakened the man in him, taming wild instincts but arousing still wilder needs. With his ancient enemy hunting the legendary white wolf, James must fight for new life, new hope, new love.


“Changeling Dream” is book two, following fast on the heels of book one “Changeling Moon” (see prior review). “Changeling Dream” is set in northern Alberta, Canada, in Dunvegan. The area has been home of a Changeling pack for many decades. This series centers on the Macleod’…

Close ups!!!

I'm so excited! Now everyone can see the makeup I did for the photoshoot last month. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

Her makeup had already been done by Sarah Jane Flemming and she need a small change for this photo, so I   added a bronze shine to her eyes and highlighted her brow a bit more.  Her lipstick had come off so I put a light pink Sally gloss on her.

For this look I used Avon's blue quad and some craft snowflakes and beads.  I started with concealer which I used to cover under her eyes and freckles just a bit.  I then used a mineral foundation to take away any shine. Some blue liner and black mascara.  A natural pink lipgloss to finish the look :)

For this look I started in the same way as the last with concealer and mineral foundation.  I then used   NYX 5 Color Shadow - I Dream Of Aruba (Can be purchase from  I used Loreal's mineral blush and Rimmel's neutral lipgloss.  

For this model I did the same proces…

Aubut Life: Alexa Blog Drop Hop - 7/21

Abduction Book 1 in The Ishadarian Saga By Alexandra O’Hurley
Excerpt….    Besh moved to the front of the room and demanded everyone but the owner leave immediately. The customers and staff quickly exited, fleeing the unknown of what was about to happen in the small cafĂ©, turning to look over their shoulders as they escaped.
Besh then turned to the woman who remained in the doorframe that evidently exited to the kitchens. She was tall for an Earth female and he could sense that she was holding herself up using the support of the doorframe, trying to not show her fear. But she was given away by the slight tremor he witnessed in her knees.As he approached her, he caught a scent of something that stirred his blood and made his heart start to beat loudly in his ears.
He had never smelled something like it before, it was not unpleasant, nor unwelcome, but it was affecting him i…

Please Welcome Author Lisa Beth Darling!

Introducing Lisa Beth Darling and her Character Interview!!! Come and read it! Also it's AWESOME!
We're here today on a secluded Greek Isle with Ares God of War. The brawny 7 foot God before me is leisurely lounging across his Throne of Bones, his long muscular legs draped over one arm. All around us fires burns, the massive hearth behind me is fed by small trees, while in the corners of his dark cave torches burn bringing an eerie glow to the grim surroundings. Everywhere I look there is a weapon of some kind; sword, dagger, arrows, halberds, and of course, guns. The other 'decorations' consist of armor; brightly polished shields, breastplates, and helmets glow in the firelight to remind to be cautious and courteous to the drop-dead gorgeous man staring at me with smoldering onyx eyes.

Lisa: Just wondering, but, why aren't we conducting this interview on Olympus today? 

Ares: Suffice it to say that, my Family and I don't get along. Besides, if you went to Olympus…