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Toni's Review of Shifter's Song by Vanessa North ***5 Stars***

Edouard Bonsaint has a bear-sized problem. He hasn't shifted in ten years, and isn't sure he even can anymore. Chaperoned by his youngest brother, Bruno, he heads to the Wiccan Haus to ask Rekkus for help. But when Bruno doesn't show up on the other side of the portal, Edouard's inability to shift is no longer his biggest problem.
Lincoln Tucker has it all: money, fame, and a golden voice. But he's in the closet twice over--few people know he's gay, and even fewer know he can shift into a songbird at will. Downtime at the Wiccan Haus between tours allows him to be himself. Throw a big toppy bear-shifter into the mix, and Lincoln might just have all he's ever wanted--if he can trust himself to hold on to Edouard.
With passions and tempers burning hot, can Lincoln help Edouard bring forth the bear and save his brother?
If I had the ability, I’d be doing back flips.
When I finished Shifter’s Dance earlier in the week I was hoping, praying an…

Toni's Review of Unveil My Heart by Nya Rayne ***5 Stars***

Death is a glorious thing when one can find a reason to live in spite of it.

I have roamed the earth for over three millennia alone, secretly hoping to one day find the other half of my soul. The one woman who would make my deadened heart beat once more. I never imagined I’d find her in a bloodied heap beneath the claws of a despicable Yazaron, the bane of my existence. I saved her and as a reward was given three days to make her love me or I would cease to be.

She spent those three days in ICU fighting for her life.
Fate, what a cruel bitch.

I think Nya has forged new ground for me.  What are the Anubi?  Got it! – Check.  And who or what are Yazaron?  Now I have an idea – Check.   Ms. Rayne actually made Wiccan Haus seem even more refreshing and new.  Now that is an amazing feat, because it is already pretty darn great.
Blaine could likely be the most unlucky person.  She is so unlucky that she believes that if anything ever good happens, something even wor…

Toni's Review of Shifter's Dance by Vanessa North ***5 Stars***

Romy Lewis, a ballet dancer at the peak of her career, loses everything when she is blinded by a mean prank. Her agent suggests a visit to the Wiccan Haus resort to sort out what she wants to do with her life now that both her career and her eyesight have been taken from her.
Stephen Bonsaint, bear shifter, computer programmer, and sometime spy, always figured he’d meet a sturdy mama bear someday and have a couple of cubs with her. A tiny human ballet dancer who can’t even see is not at all who he imagined as a mate.
Together they dance around their feelings for each other as Romy learns how to navigate her new life, and Stephen learns that sometimes, strength isn’t something you can see from the outside.
Truthfully after several hundred books, I still have not wrapped my head around what makes a short story a short story or a short novel a novella.  All I do know is that it is really darn hard to tell a complete story with character development, intrig…
Callie has secrets, too many to count.
For twenty years she’s been living a lie as Callie Worthington, hiding from the monsters who brutally murdered her parents for possession of the Elixxir of Life. Unsuccessful before, their killers have found her and will stop at nothing to acquire the Elixxir. And see her dead.

Nathanael has a couple of secrets, too. A nasty one in particular blurs the line separating Good from Evil. As an immortal Brethren Warrior, though, he must retrieve the Elixxir before it falls into the wrong hands. Just how he’s going to get it out of Callie’s is the big question.

Tempers flare as Callie and Nathanael reach out to each other with their own hidden agendas. She needs his protection. He needs the Elixxir. Will their fiery passion lead to lasting love, or will their web of intrigue ultimately destroy them both?

Secrets, lies, and love’s loyalties tested. What price for immortality? What price for love?

This is another great…

Toni's Review of Psychic Lies by Sara Daniel ***5 Stars***

Fiona must keep her ability to read minds during sex a secret from those determined to exploit her, especially a sexy truth-finding investigator who needs her psychic power to save his job.
Fiona has spent her life hiding her sexual mind-reading power at the risk of being exploited by the government. Instead, she pretends to have lifebond vetting powers like the rest of her family. When her fake power results in the death of an innocent woman, her life of lies unravels and she retreats to the Wiccan Haus.
Armando is the head of the Department of Truth-Finding for the Syndicate. To prove his unit’s worth to the government, he follows Fiona to the Wiccan Haus to expose her as an infiltrator of an enemy faction. The truth about Fiona is even more valuable to his people and his career.
Fiona uses her power to seduce Armando and stop his plans to betray her. But nothing is strong enough to keep her from falling in love with this man whose power threatens to destroy her. Now she must trust him…

REVIEW- Night Visions by Elena Gray

Overview: Plagued by visions and voices, Samantha Cade must be losing her mind. Until she realizes there's a hidden message waiting to be revealed. Just how, she'll have to figure out.
When Ian Behr reappears in her life, after six long years, dormant longing awakens. To survive this turmoil, she'll need to guard her heart.
Will Ian be her doom...or her salvation?

Elena Gray writes an intriguing paranormal story with wonderful descriptions that make each scene come alive for you.
The Heroine in this book is Sam Cade (short for Samantha).  She is a career writer who is quite naive.  For what she lacks in street smarts she makes up for it in courage.  Sam has been having disturbing nightmares which has been making her question her own sanity.
Though Sam's life has been filled with a wonderful career and friends she longs for her first-love Ian Behr.  He left her without a good-bye and no closure.  Sam is unable to let go of the past…

Toni's Review of Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas ***4 Stars***

Sebastian Xenakis is still coming into his power as a wizard. He can shapeshift by magical means and runs as a wolf using the power he draws from the elements. But young women are dying—raped by a human and then slaughtered by a wolf. Suspicion falls on the shapeshifting Chanku, but Sebastian wonders if he might somehow be guilty of the crimes.
Then he meets Lily Cheval, the uncrowned princess of the powerful Chanku, and realizes he will do whatever it takes to clear his name and win her love. But evil walks where Sebastian goes, and there are mysteries neither Lily nor her father, the powerful wizard, Anton Cheval, cannot unravel. Is Sebastian the perfect mate for Lily, or is he instead, one she should fear?

I’m sitting here reading some reviews for Dark Wolf.  Normally I don’t do that, but I was wondering what other people thought.  I’m actually glad I did.
First off, I think many reviewers read the beginning of the memo that stated that this is a new ser…

Toni's Review for Killing Lucas by Dominique Eastwick ***5 Stars***

What doesn't kill us makes you stronger. But is their love strong enough? Lucas Sherman wanted one thing in life. Never to set eyes on his ex-fiancĂ© Kiloran O’Connor again. But no one said life was fair. Now with a stalker hunting both of them Lucas is forced to put his distrust and hatred to the side to keep them both alive. Kiloran only ever wanted to keep Lucas safe. But no matter how hard she tries danger seems to be a step behind them. Now creating a public front can she break through the wall Lucas has erected around his heart? Those same walls she helped cement. Can true love conquer and forgive all or will it kill them both? *******************************************
Killing Lucas is a book of discovery, understanding and a burning passion that even unforgivable betrayal  cannot extinguish.
Lucas has been unhappy from the very beginning of the Sherman Family series.  Now it is our chance to understand the who, what, where and why that shaped Lucas into the man he is today.  C…