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Truth and Fairy Tales GUEST POST AUTHOR Miriam Kobras

Truth And Fairy Tales
Let me tell you a bit more about Naomi, the female protagonist in Under the Same Sun.
Imagine that, after years and years of living a lonely, quiet life, after having lost the one person you loved more than all others, your dream comes true, and he walks in your door.   Nothing else matters—the love, the heady passion, the desire are back, as alive and strong as they ever were.   Nothing will keep you from making this work; you want him back, you want him forever. Obstacles and misgivings are nothing more than motes of dust, easily wiped away. This is how it went for Naomi in The Distant Shore, and she got what she wanted: she is the wife of famous rock star Jon Stone, his beloved, his only love. But she paid a high price for it. After having been shot down at the Academy Awards by one of Jon’s former lovers, her health is impaired, her spirit broken. 
Under the Same Sun isn’t just another love story. I wanted to show how Naomi had grown from a woman who had hidden he…