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Toni's Review for Kiss Me Crazy by E.B. Walters ***5 Stars***

She's used to putting everyone first—her sister, her friends, her boss. It’s now her turn... 

Art conservator, Kara Michaels has decided it’s time to chase her dream—start her own business restoring and framing works of art. She has the skills, the nose for business, and the pent-up frustration from being invisible to the man she wants but can’t have—her boss.

He’s a meticulous planner whose rule book is about to be tossed out the window... 

Baron Fitzgerald, a successful art dealer and Kara’s boss, believes in having a strategy and following it without deviation. So when Kara tenders her resignation, he sets out to convince her to stay.Baron soon realizes that falling in love cannot be planned, but the insight comes a little too late for him and Kara.


There is something special about this family. The Fitzgerald’s are vibrant, fun loving and loyal. I would be more than happy to call any one of them my friend, well maybe not Aunt Viv. Kiss Me Crazy is book three in The Fitzgerald Family series and it is a winner!! 

Kara’s friend Renee does a great job explaining the appeal of Baron: “Sweetie, that man with his sculptured body, brooding blue eyes, and sinfully silky voice is every woman’s type.” He just seems to ooze sex appeal right from the start. In fact, I was feeling it from the very first moment when he was introduced in prior books. And all that appeal has been a problem for Kara. She has been attracted to Baron from the beginning and this attraction is getting in the way of her future plan and dreams. It’s time to head out on her own and she resigns from Baron’s company to start her own business.

Baron is shell shocked! His plans of wooing Kara have just been derailed. She is leaving him. Fine, see if he cares. Problem is he does care, a lot. He needs to come up with a plan to win her heart and to keep her by his side. They have something real together and he is not going to let that go to waste. With only one month to change her mind, he needs to work fast, very fast.

Baron’s plan works perfectly. He has Kara right where he wants her, then tragedy strikes. They are pulled into two different directions and it will take a little Fitzgerald family interference to get these two fools back on track.

For me, Kiss Me Crazy was a nice change of pace. The last two books have been high suspense and action. This book was all heart and heartbreak. Some readers may have a problem with Ms. Walters’ changing from her normal suspenseful storytelling to this calmer format, but I loved it! She is keeping it fresh and new. I enjoyed Baron and Kara’s journey to find each other; their ups and downs, their tragic loss and then their eventual happiness. The pacing was great, plot was refreshing, and their passion burned up the pages. I also fell more in love with this family. Which trust me is not hard to do.

Kiss Me Crazy is a fantastic story. It can be read alone or as part of the series, but I highly recommend reading the whole series. I loved this story from the first paragraph; “I quit! Now kiss me and beg me to stay.” to the last; “Your intentions are duly noted. Now, come to me.” Grinning, he joined her. I hope you will too.

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

Toni's Review of Fever by Joan Swan ***4.5 Stars***

When Dr. Alyssa Foster is taken hostage by a prison inmate, she knows she's in deep trouble. Not just because Teague Creek is desperate for freedom, but because the moment his fingers brush against her skin, Alyssa feels a razor-sharp pang of need...

A man with a life sentence has nothing to lose. At least Teague doesn't, until his escape plan develops a fatal flaw: Alyssa. On the run from both the law and deadly undercover operatives, he can only give her lies, but every heated kiss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever...

Read an excerpt


I’m going to start this review a bit differently. A lot of people don’t give this book a chance because of racial slurs and downright ugly language. Yes, this book has those factors in it, but it is not the book. The individual who talks like that doesn’t last long. This is NOT his story. It’s an unpleasant reality that there are people out there that still think and talk like this, but like I said…It is a reality. I have to give kudos to the author for not sugar coating the truth no matter how objectionable it is.

Teague had it all once upon a time. A loving wife, a beautiful child and a career he enjoyed immensely. One tragic event changed his life forever, unbeknown to him. From that moment on, his life took a downhill plummet. He has lost nearly everything and now he has nothing left to lose. Determined to take back the one thing that is most precious in his life; he takes a chance and breaks out of prison. Now all he has to do is reach his final goal and to hell with everyone in his way.

Dr. Alyssa Foster is having a really tough day. Exhausted and beat, she has no idea she just entered a storm. Now she is being held captive by two men; one who does nothing but hate her for living and the other that confuses her all the way down to her toes. No matter what, she must survive. She has too much to live for and she has worked too hard to let these men ruin her life.

Things don’t look promising for these escapees. If they are not fighting among themselves, they have gangs, the police and an unknown entity after them. They are running out of time and things are not looking better but worse.

This is one high octane ride! Fever is sexy, dark, mysterious and kick-butt. I loved the chemistry between Teague and Alyssa. She is one smart cookie and she doesn’t take any crap. Their adventure is definitely a roller coaster ride from start to finish.

In her blurb about herself, Ms. Swan mentions that she writes romance suspense with a paranormal twist. I would agree. While this story is NOT a paranormal romance, it does have a different element/feel to it. I would have to compare it to Spiderman, if you will. Parker got bit by the radioactive spider and now he has these amazing abilities. I know it’s kind of geekish of me to compare it like that, but that is the best comparison that I could come up with. So there is no supernatural in this book, just the unnatural. This is romance with a little extra edge. It works - trust me!

Heck, if you don’t pick up the book for the cover alone, I would have to question your sanity, just kidding. Fever really is a great read. Full of suspense and action, but tender loving moments that steamed up my glasses. If Ms. Swan is making this a series, I’m on board and will be in line for the next installment. I loved her voice and she knows how to write hot sexy romance with clever dialog. These are all bonuses in my view. Great job and well done!!

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

Toni's Review of My Lord Vampire by Alexandra Ivy ***3.5 Stars***


In the first of a mesmerizing trilogy, Alexandra Ivy, author of the Guardians of Eternity series, introduces the Immortal Rogues—three vampires duty-bound to protect their own kind even as they fall prey to mortal desires. . .

Centuries have passed since Gideon Ravel dwelled among humans. Now he must infiltrate the cream of London society to earn the trust of one woman. Simone, Lady Gilbert, possesses an amulet of unimaginable power, and no concept of the threat that surrounds her. The ton's gossip prepared him for her beauty and wit. But he is blindsided by her barely disguised sensuality and his growing need to possess her. . . 

None of the idle aristocrats who vie for Simone's attentions know about her past. To them, she is the sophisticated, worldly widow known as the "Wicked Temptress." The truth would ruin her, and she has never been tempted to reveal it until now. Yet beneath Gideon's bold, black-eyed stare is a hunger that demands satisfaction and complete surrender. . .and a secret far more dangerous than her own. . .


This is a sweet story with a little bite.

Vampires left the human realm almost two hundred years ago for the Veil. The Veil is a place where vampires can live in peace. In the Veil, they have no fear of being hunted and they are no longer slaves to their primal hungers. Now traitors are threatening their calm existence. Gideon must cross back over to the human realm to find a maiden who has unknowingly been entrusted with a portion of the medallion that protects the Veil. He must not let the medallion fall into their hands, at all costs.

Gideon is an ideal vampire; confident, arrogant and sexy. He starts his quest with a conceit that gets blown out of the water. Vampires believe they are more intellectual and have a sense of superiority. Gideon brings that persona with him when he returns to the human realm. While he continues with his supremacy view of himself throughout most of the novel you can see Simone chipping away at his perceptions.

Simone, Simone, Simone…What to say about her? She had a quiet strength, but there were many times I wished she would grow a spine and stand up for herself. I will concede though, that considering the period that the novel takes place in, she was much stronger than most. Ms. Ivy didn’t fall into the trap of making her a woman of that era, stronger than they really were. But like I said my modern self had troubles with that simply because of my makeup and had nothing really to do with the book.

Gideon and Simone’s romance is hot, but in a sweet way. This book does not have explicit sex scenes, but their attraction is well described. I found myself pleasantly surprised. While the plot was not “grab your britches” enthralling, it was a nice change of pace. It had moments of greatness and I can’t wait for Lucien and Sebastian’s tales.

If you are trying to figure out what the hype is all about, in regards to paranormal novels, My Lord Vampire might be a good starter book for you. It had more of a historical feeling to it, so you are not inundated with alternate realities and monsters. Ms. Ivy didn’t saturate the novel with vampire lore, but I do have to say that I wish she would have explained her vision of vampires more. She has developed a unique universe and I hope to learn a bit more about it in the next book.

The next novel: My Lord Eternity is scheduled to be release late 2012 and I can’t wait to see what is in store next for these Immortal Rogues.

Thanks for reading!  - Toni

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Toni's Review of Curses! A F**ked Up Fairy Tale by JA Kazimer ***5 Stars***

I’m no hero. In fact, up until a couple of days ago, I was the villain. Kidnapped maidens, scared kids, stole magic tchotchkes—until I got into a little scrape with the union. Now I’m cursed with the worst fate in New Never City—no matter what I do, I gotta be nice.

So when a head-case princess named Asia barges into my apartment and asks me to find out who whacked her stepsister, Cinderella, I have no choice but to help her. And I’m more than willing to head back to her parents’ castle and do some investigating if it means I can get into her black leather cat suit. Except this twisted sister has a family nutty enough to send the Biggest Baddest Wolf running for the hills—and a freaky little curse of her own...


First off you really need to watch this skit from Saturday Night Live - The Real Housewives of Disney.  I got this clip off Kazimer's website and let me just say that it really sums up this tale and what you can look forward to with this series.

Also there is a great blog about what is going on in the kingdom, check out:  The New Never News

This has been one of the best stories that I have read in a long time.  If you like your fairytales with butterflies and charming princes this story is not for you.  Welcome to the dark side of fairytales!

Cinderella has just been murdered and her ugly stepsister, Asia, wants to know why.  Things are not what they appear though and she hires RJ to find out what really happened to Cinderella.  To start things off, Asia doesn’t know that RJ is not who she thinks he is.  He is a villain on medical leave.  But what is a villain to do when he is broke and a hot sexy woman asks for your help and all he wants to do is help her get out of her skintight outfit? Help the poor girl, of course.  Their investigation takes them from one end of the kingdom to the other.  No one can be trusted, because everyone is a suspect.

I was snorting and laughing so hard while I was reading that I may have actually had an accident.  This story is so demented and twisted that only the truly sick of minds will appreciate it.  Well that is not true; anyone with a solid sense of humor will devour it, but be prepared to be shocked and awestruck.

Kazimer is a brilliant writer who took a simple sweet tale and made it her own.  Her sense of humor is almost scary at times and you wonder if she was sober when she wrote Curses.  Someone asked me what I was reading and I told them it was a story about fairytales on crack or a really bad acid trip.  They laughed and of course asked for the title. 

Curses is definitely an adult read and I’m so excited that she is continuing with the F**ked Up Fairytale series.  She has dumped my views of classic fairytales on their collective butts and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me.  There are countless characters that you loved as a child, but told in such an innovative light that you soon forget how they once were and embrace the new, and in some cases improved characters. 

Curses! A F**ked Up Fairytale is a breath of fresh air; well not really, it is more like a hallucinogenic haze, but if you want the trip of your life – take a really deep breathe because trust me this is one trippy ride.

Thanks for reading! - Toni

Toni's Review of Blood and Bullets by James R. Tuck ***3.5 Stars***

He lives to kill monsters. He keeps his city safe. And his silver hollow-points and back-from-the-dead abilities help him take out any kind of supernatural threat. But now an immortal evil has this bad-ass bounty hunter dead in its sights…

Ever since a monster murdered his family, Deacon Chalk hunts any creature that preys on the innocent. So when a pretty vampire girl “hires” him to eliminate a fellow slayer, Deacon goes to warn him—and barely escapes a vampire ambush. Now he’s got a way-inexperienced newbie hunter to protect and everything from bloodsuckers to cursed immortals on his trail. There’s also a malevolent force controlling the living and the undead, hellbent on turning Deacon’s greatest loss into the one weapon that could destroy him…


Monsters need not apply!  Deacon Chalk lost everything the night his entire family was killed by your kind.  Now with nothing left to lose, he lives to hunt you.  He is a bounty hunter with a little extra, and that little extra is going to take you down.

Deacon is one big strong scary looking man.  Humans and monsters alike fear him.  He is a no nonsense man that protects the innocent.  After losing his family, he changed completely.  He closed his tattoo parlor and opened a strip club.  It’s not your normal strip club either.  All employees have been touched by the evil of monsters and now they are a family.  Brought together by circumstances that was out of their control.  Deacon may be the head of this ragtag group, but he works alone.  

Now there is a new force in town; one that even has the monsters looking over their shoulders.  From the first strike to the last, Deacon will not stop until it has been destroyed.  Even if it the last thing he ever does.

This is urban fantasy that takes no prisoners.  The monsters are evil and must be stopped, PERIOD, and Deacon is the perfect hero to do it.  Blood and Bullets is a story told in Deacon’s point of view.  He has a very strong personality and voice, but you can feel his pain and commitment coming through.  This is a man with a mission and you best stay the heck out of his way.  My favorite line in the book is; “And vampires never sparkle unless they just ate a stripper.”  I literally cracked up.  It was just perfect.

I enjoyed reading about Deacon and his kick-butt crew.  These characters live in an ugly world, but they have each other and will die to protect it.  The action is intense and messy.  I like to get down and dirty and Blood and Bullets is just the book to take me there. 

I liked the gritty and dark feeling to the story and the razor sharp edge.  While Mr. Tuck was repetitive at times in regards to explanations of guns, cars and such; I still found the overall story well written and exciting.  Now that the world building is done, he can blow us away with his dark take of the underworld.

Blood and Bullets is a great start to a new series.  I can see great potential in this series and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Thanks for reading! - Toni

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One Leg In and One Leg Out... Guest Author Christine Warner!!!

Please Welcome Author Christine Warner!!!

One Leg In and One Leg Out

I believe every writer has their own pattern or set of ‘writing rules’ they follow as they create.
Some are Plotters. In the beginning process this type of writer will plot detailed outlines. They’ll make charts with sticky notes, a dry erase board or recipe cards they can rearrange as they write and their story characters, actions or motivations change. Very detailed, they not only know their characters inside and out, they know each scene and have it planned to the most minor detail.

Others just sit down and write. These are the Pantsers. They have a basic concept, but prefer to have the story come to them as they write. The story takes the lead and they follow with the click of their keyboard. They write and write and write without stopping, getting as many words on paper—or electronic paper—as possible. Then, when they feel the story is complete, they go back over it and tweak it. Deepen the POV, fill in description and scene, maybe weave in another subplot. Basically fill in the blanks and give it a fine tune until it sparkles and shines.

Still others will write out of order. I’ve never heard of a label attached to this style of writing, but I call it the Hairpuller (lol…that’s just because it frustrates me). First they might work on chapter one to introduce the main characters and get a better feel for them. Then they might move to chapter five for a huge action scene. From there they jump ahead further to the last chapter to finish the story and see how it works before moving back to fill in the blanks with chapter two. Aaahh…you must write linear…lol (at least I must).

There are probably more styles out there, but these are the main ones I hear other writers talk about. On occasion I like to shake things up on myself and see if I’m missing something. If I try another way of getting my story written, will it improve my writing, keep my motivation high or help me work faster?
Nope… :). I have tried these methods and they aren’t for me. But hats off to the writers who can follow them. That’s the wonderful thing about writing, you can do it your own way. :)

For me, the authors that write out of order amaze me. I just can’t wrap my mind around that one. Lol. I must have order and direction. I have to follow from the beginning, starting with point A and ending with point Z.
Then comes the Pantser. To write without having an idea where your story is going…an incredible concept I can’t fathom. I have tried to just sit in front of my laptop and start with one idea and go. And I can actually do it for awhile, but then I notice I start writing scenes or allowing my characters to have dialogue that really doesn’t advance the story. Or worse yet, I’ll write my characters into a corner and will have to backtrack to get them out and moving in another direction and I end up with a lot of detail I really don’t want or need.

But I’m also not a total Plotter. I think that would take to much organization on my part…lol…and I’d feel like I was wasting to much time mapping everything out when I should be writing.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a totally different writer. Something I’ve termed as One Leg in and One Leg Out—which is basically the way it sounds. I have one leg in my pant and one leg out…so part of me is a pantser with plotter tendancies. lol! And I definitely keep my hands away from my hair, so hairpulling is totally out :).

If you’re wondering what I mean by having one leg in and one leg out, let me clarify.

Basically I plot my stories by making a GMC (goal, motivation and conflict) chart for each character. I know some authors will even do this scene by scene, but I don’t go that deep in the plotting process. Then I write a small bio for each main character and if I have a villain they also get the GMC and bio too. From there I basically write a quickie outline with the major plot points, which also acts as my rough draft for a synopsis. My chart/outline doesn’t include the fluff stuff of the story, but the big points that move the story along. I find if I go into to much detail, I feel frustrated when my story veers in another direction…and I have to say my stories always veer in another direction. I like that I know where my story is going on the major points, but on the other hand I like the fact that something about a character or a scene can pop up and change a detail, adding a new level and depth to a character I hadn’t considered. Thus making my story deeper and more real. (I hope).

This works for me because it keeps me excited about the story. I don’t know every minor detail and I’ll still have some surprises thrown at me, but it also keeps me on track because I know just enough to have direction.

It’s funny how being a pantser or a plotter really fits into everyone’s world, even non-writers.
Some of us like to have lists and schedules and know what we are doing every minute of everyday. Then others fly by the seat of their pants. Jump from bed each morning and go with the flow. Still others (like me), have a general idea, certain things planned and plotted, but let other things come and go as they will.
What about you, writer or not, are you a plotter, pantser or do you hop around when you are putting your pants on with one leg in and one leg out?
I’d like to borrow a bit more of your time and share my debut release with you. Some Like it in Handcuffs was written with one leg in and one leg out…lol

Here’s my blurb for Some Like it in Handcuffs:

Sunny Kennedy, the only female in a family of blue blood male detectives, is determined to prove testosterone isn’t the only qualification required to solve a cold case. Handcuffed while undercover then taken to the precinct by an attractive detective, her domineering family demands she work with Detective Judson Blackwolf, or she’s off the case.

Judson Blackwolf thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. He only agrees in hopes of solving the murder of his one time mentor’s daughter. Once the case is over, he’s moving to Montana to heal his wounds from the loss of his last partner.

But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Sunny and Jud soon realize their feelings for each other cannot be denied.


Judson soaked in her appearance, but controlled
his grin. A pair of baggy sweatpants and a stretched
out blue sweatshirt which matched the color of her
eyes looked sexy as hell on Sunny. She’d pulled her
hair into a pony tail and her small feet were hidden
in a pair of girlish, fluffy, pink slippers.
With her tomboyish ways, he never considered
she’d own anything girly, fluffy, and especially pink.
The black framed glasses perched on the tip of her
nose almost caused him to come undone. He didn’t
usually go for the brainy look, but the whole effect
had him rethink his prejudice. Nerdy looked great
from this view.
He looked around her small, homey apartment.
Antique wooden tables accented the array of bright
colored leather furniture. Neon red, green, yellow
and blue leather filled the room. Somehow the
quirky furnishings matched her personality, and the
way she’d arranged the old and new pieces brought
the room together nicely. Pictures of her family were
visible on every available surface, and unexpected
piles of romance novels covered a corner of the floor
to his right. He smiled at the discovery. He’d have
guessed she’d be more interested in true crime or
He cleared his throat. “Nice place.”
“I like it.”
The way she slid her heart shaped pendant back
and forth along the chain of her necklace betrayed
her agitation. She hid her gaze beneath the fluttery
fan of her lashes.
“Surprised to see me?”
He waited until she’d taken a seat on the yellow
sofa before he claimed a spot on the red chair across
from her.
“You could say that. I hoped you’d drop it and
leave me to work alone.” The smile on her lips didn’t
reach her eyes. “Your tough skin must’ve deflected
the message I sent through my powers of mental
He laughed outright before he could stop
himself. Her outspoken sense of humor and girl-next-
door-look were a lethal combination since she
was off limits. Only an idiot would mess with the
boss’s daughter.

Some Like it in Handcuffs is available in print and digital format at: 

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I love to hear from readers and other authors J

And a HUGE thank you Leanne for having me guest blog here today!

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3 1/2 STARS Melt into You by Lisa Plumley

A sexy chocolatier and his under-appreciated assistant discover you can't have too much of a good thing in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley’s delectable new novel. Because with a little chocolate in the mix, life is sweeter than ever… 

After ten years of saving her boss's (admittedly gorgeous) butt, stifling her crush, and being endlessly inconvenienced, administrative assistant Natasha Jennings has had enough. True, chocolatier Damon Torrance is every bit as irresistible as the confections created by Torrance Chocolates. The man is sex on a stick dipped in 70% Tanzanian Cacao. But for the sake of her career, her sanity, and possibly her heart, Natasha has to go. 

Money, success, women…everything comes easily to Damon. Until Natasha hands in her notice. He needs to get her, and his mojo, back—fast. But from the moment Damon rings Natasha's doorbell and steps into her personal life, he starts feeling things he never has before. For once, the notorious playboy wants to be good. Which makes it extra inconvenient that Natasha is suddenly tempted to try being a little wicked. And the results may be sweeter than either ever anticipated… 


This book was a little far fetched but it really is just a good time read.  It doesn't take much to read through this book and if your looking for smiles this a great book to do that.  It will keep you smiling with Damon's wild antics and Natasha's easy manner.  She's a bad girl in a librarians clothing.  

I don't really have much to say about this book because it wasn't the kind of book that you ponder or for hours after, it's what I call a feel good read, you read it and it gives you something fun and crazy to imagine .  The characters are funny, passionate and sweet.  The Hero in this book sounds so delicious, I wouldn't mind meeting him in real life.... 


Here's to great Heroes!!!

5 STARS For Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle

Adams Grove is mourning the loss of Pearl Clemmons, known for her award-winning chocolate pecan pie and the best unsolicited advice in the county.

When Jill returns to settle her grandmother's estate, she's greeted by a Clydesdale-sized guardian dog who doesn't seem to be earning his stripes (although he drools on them pretty well), and Garrett Malloy, the ex-fiance she left behind a year ago.

Jill insists on staying at Pearl's amidst a string of break-ins that have sleepy Adams Grove wide awake and locking its doors. Jill's past with Garrett becomes the least of her worries when she learns that their lives are in danger. She is the only person standing between a desperate conman and a secret from Pearl's past.

Will Pearl's past kill any chance of Jill and Garrett's future together? 


This was a thoroughly enjoyable read.  The book begins with Jill driving to Adams Grove to celebrate her beloved Grandmother's Birthday.  At the Birthday we learn a little back story and from there the real story begins.  Jill gets a call while at a Gala that she organised.  Her Grandmother Pearl is dead.
  It was a horrible blow to Jill.  She rushes back to her home town to see her grandmother buried but ends up in a mystery.  The thing is she doesn't know she is part of a grand mystery until it sneaks up on her and bites her in the.... 
This book had a great flow to it, it was easy to follow and easy to read.  The cover however made me think twice about reading this book because I thought it would be a boring old lady story.  Thank god it was so far from that.  Though there is an old lady in the story she was anything but timid lol She was full of life and it was great reading about her escapades and ideals.  The part of the book that truly sucked me in and got me to keep reading though was the little happenings that got me to wondering hmmm "that doesn't seem right, there's got to be more to the story"  as the story unfolded it sure did have more to it and it boggled my mind.
I adored these characters, I felt their emotions, the ups and downs.  I even shed a tear here and there.  I also laughed out loud and get some crazy looks from family and co-workers while I was reading .
I highly recommend you give this book a read, I would have been missing out big time had I let the cover keep me away from this delectable read.

I give it 5 STARS!

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Make up Look, Purple! Making any Eye Colour POP!

Hey all!  I decided to do another makeup look, yes I know it's been a long time since my last one.
I have been super busy with life, but decided to take a time out today and do some makeup.

Here's a look that will make any eye colour pop.  It's a Smoky Purple and Grey.  On the inner corner of the eye I used white, middle it a shiny grape colour and on the outer corner blended up is a shiny black turned grey.  I then lined my eyes with a shimmery purple pencil (waterline and all)  then on top I lined it with some black shadow (not the waterline).  I then added some blue black mascara to finish it off.
My cheeks and lips just have a bit of pink :D

Of course the colours on camera never turn out the same because of the lighting and I'm no professional photographer lol.  Hope you like my latest makeup look!  If you ever have questions.... Don't hesitate to ask!


My Review of Trinity by Deena Remiel, Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to Trinity!
Please be sure to visit 

One way or another, terror will reign tonight...

School teacher and single mom, Emma Livingston, has been through hell—and back so she thinks. While dealing with the night terrors and active imagination of her five-year old daughter, Hannah, she attempts to lead a normal life. That is, until the demon from those nightmares pays her a visit, too, and threatens both of their lives. Desperate, she reaches out for help—and finds Michael waiting.

Michael D’Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet’s Point, Arizona, as their loving elementary school principal. But to The Brethren, he is the most powerful Protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he’s without doubts or fears, as protecting Emma and Hannah from Evil tests his ability to fight his tortured past.

As the Trinity is formed, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, Hannah becomes the main target and Emma wonders if a normal life will ever be possible again. Hope is like an anchor, but can a mother, her daughter, and an angel overcome the evil determined to annihilate the world?

Hannah a 6 year old girl is being harassed in her dreams.  Emma who is Hannah's mother is a her wits end on what to do for her daughter.  Lack of sleep and the stress about Hannah's nightmares are taking it's toll on Emma.  When she begins to think she's seeing things she turns to her friend Michael.  After telling Michael all that has been happened to her daughter Michael decides to help them.  Michael is part of a group of Angels that are sworn to protect the good and innocent from Evil. They are called The Brethren.... Michael, Emma and Hannah will be fighting evil with the help of some friends... The war ensues and keeps you on your toes with spine tingling action and wonderment. What will happen? Will Good triumph over evil?  Read and find out!
I really enjoyed this book because it makes you want to know what is going to happen next. It's a real page turner. From page one it grabs you and holds on.  There's mystery, magic, action and divine inspiration.
  Michael makes me want to believe in Angels and Hannah is such a delightful child that is believable.  Emma is the protective mother who makes the story sweet with her protectiveness and endearing qualities. The book is easy to follow along with and makes for a great read.
I would recommend this book to any readers out there.  It sucks you in and keeps you reading late into the night like any fantastic book should do!  This Book is now in my KEEP pile!

AS I said before be sure to visit Deena's!  She's got some surprises!!!

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The World of Alice Wade, be the one to explore it!

Please Welcome Alice Wade, Eternal Press Author to 
Books Read 'N' Makeup Done

Synopsis: Talon (Release date April 7, 2012)

Vampires only fear one name -- Talon. The elven prince and his mate, Kailani, have made it their mission to hunt down the violent vampire covens that have been destroying hundreds of innocent lives in their pursuit of selfish and depraved entertainment. Their strategy would have been fool-proof, except for one problem: Talon and Kailani are vampires too.

But when they enter a castle overrun, they realize they are out of their league. The vampire leader has stolen elven magic, something Talon takes personally and can’t fight alone. This sets them on a path of redemption, destruction and closure. Along the way, they pair up with two humans who are destined to become the family Talon craves.

Is this your typical vampire story?

NO! I don’t do anything in my writing that is ‘typical’ and love to stretch my mind beyond the norm. Talon is a uniquely blended novel that has an equal balance of Fantasy and Paranormal – the best of both worlds really. It’s also got a heavy dose of spice, something that I used to either further define the characters. So you see, I just couldn’t leave my elves and magic at home. Instead, I brought them along on this journey and I like how the merging worked out. I just wanted to give you a different spin on vampires J

Where’s the romance?

Oh boy. I totally did not just write a gory vampire story or one that is purely erotic. It’s really a heated romance with many steamy scenes peppered throughout to support the plot. The sensuality with my ‘good’ characters is spicy highlighting the love shared between those characters. They are enough to get your blood moving, I promise. But with the ‘bad’ characters, well, their moments are written in such a way they augment their demented view on the world around them. I had fun with writing each one and really cut loose with the one character Deandra, so you’ll have to tell me if you like it!

You are the best judge of all, so pick up a copy on April 7, 2012 from Eternal Press and tell me what you thought. I’ve included the link to their New Releases to make it easier to remember, so bookmark Eternal’s page and check back on April 7.

About Alice:

I graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology. I am a Marketing Professional by day, writer by night and have devoted myself to using the written word to motivate emotional responses. With my writing, I’ve proven that anything is possible if you just try, as evident by the accomplishments to date. I have written a total of nine novels, three of which are being published with Eternal Press. Talon (April 2012) is a Paranormal Romance and will be the first to release. This is followed by two books in the Flame Thrower Saga: Flame Thrower (May 2012) and A Jewel of the Kingdom (TBD), both books are Romantic Fantasy. I’ve also got one more novel (Gem) in the works and the chapters can be found on my website. I live in California with my two step daughters, two boxer dogs and a very supportive husband.

I can be reached (and please do stop by to say hello) at: 
 Twitter: @AliceWadexx!/AliceWadexx
 Facebook: Alice Wade

Come explore my world!

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Toni's Review of Night Games by Crystal Jordan ***4.5 Stars***

Over time, the Magickals have learned to live in the company of humans and keep their extraordinary abilities a secret. But despite their vigilance, one lurks among them who will stop at nothing to obtain his dark desire. . .

A cop with the Seattle P.D., Selina Grayson is committed to both her job and her privacy. Few know that she's a centuries' old elf with a tragic past that continues to haunt her. Yet her body still craves the exquisite ecstasy of sex that is her birthright--and a night of complete sensual abandon is just what she needs. . .

A Special Agent with the FBI Magickal Crimes Unit, Jack Laramie is one of the few Normals who know Magickals exist. He's wary of their power, but one touch from Selina ignites a fire within his blood. Hot with desire, he's ready to succumb to her erotic spell. But working a serial killer case together isn't quite as pleasurable--especially when the killer has a taste for humans like Jack. Now one wrong move could put out their heat for eternity. . .

Read an excerpt from Night Games.


Selina Grayson is an elf and she is over four hundred years old.  She has done everything she has ever wanted to do in her long life.  She has been married, widowed, had several careers and has seen the world.  For a year now, she has known that her death is impending.  All Magickals have a life span of approximately five hundred years, but that is not why her time is up. Selina’s ex partner, Merek, has seen her death in a premonition.  It is really too bad she has finally started to live again.

From the moment Selina agreed to have a one night stand with Jack Laramie, her very existence started to change.  He is a human in the same boat as Selina; neither of them wants to form a bond with the other.  Their attitude to keep it “friends with benefits” goes well beyond them being partners to solve a crime.  They both have tragic pasts that are painful and better left buried.

Someone is killing Magickals and Normals.  Selina and Jack are in a race to find the killer before he/she strikes again.  As the case they are working on heats up so does their passion.  The secrets they have kept buried begin to surface and they must work through their problems to solve the crime and their inevitable infatuation with each other.  Can they change fate or is Selina’s death going to ruin their future?

First off let me say Night Games can be read as a standalone but is also considered book two in the Night series.  You will find the first “couple” of the series mentioned in this story.  If you are interested in Chloe and Merek’s story, be sure to pick up book one, Embrace the Night.

I have warm and fuzzy feelings about Night Games.  I had the same outlook when I read Embrace the Night.  There is just something about the series that was delightfully natural.  I know it’s an odd word to use for an erotic romance novel, but it just works.  The writing is smooth and easy to follow.  The story is well told and the characters are fun to interact with.  Ms. Jordan wrote a captivating novel that is relaxing, sexy, and engaging.  She did a remarkable job not revealing any of the plot secrets.  I was on pins and needles and had some suspicions about the identity of the killer, but I was wrong.  Perfect execution!

Though Night Games is considered an Erotic Romance, I didn’t find it too erotic.  It is a very hot romance with well placed and steamy scenes, but not overly explicit.  If you are looking for blush worthy scenes I think you may be disappointed, but I do have to say this couple sizzled and burned up the pages.

Night Games has it all; an amazing plot, enjoyable characters, a bewildering mystery, a touch of action and scorching sex scenes.  Her world building is believable and very consistent.  She makes you wish you were a part of their universe.  So grab this great effortless read and take a breather from the craziness of life.

Don't forget to check out my review of the first book in the series.

Thanks for reading!! - Toni 

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5 Stars for Storm (The Elemental Series) by Brigid Kemmerer

Ever since her ex-boyfriend spread those lies about her, Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys—all the ones she doesn't want. Then she saves Chris Merrick from a beating in the school parking lot. Chris is different. Way different: he can control water—just like his brothers can control fire, wind, and earth. They’re powerful. Dangerous. Marked for death. 

And now that she knows the truth, so is Becca. 

Secrets are hard to keep when your life’s at stake. When Hunter, the mysterious new kid around school, turns up with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time, Becca thinks she can trust him. But then Hunter goes head-to-head with Chris, and Becca wonders who’s hiding the most dangerous truth of all. 

The storm is coming . . . 


Becca is a typical teenager and is being bullied at school  but she's a strong girl and shows a strong front at school and then there is Chris.  Chris is one of the schools heart throbs.  One night after school activities are done Becca sees Chris being beaten to a pulp.  She could not just stand by and watch it happen so she manned up and went to help.  
Bet she never thought being a good Samaritan would bring the craziness that would be this book.
Be sure to read it!

This book is delicious from beginning to end.  It starts off in a manner that will make you want to read on.  The first page got me into the book and I never hesitated on whether or not to continue on. It's not often I find a book that does that for me.

Though there's a lot of characters in this book to remember and follow it's easy to do because each one has it's own personality which separates them very well from each other.  The main characters in this story are very easy to like and real.
The book has people with fantastical powers but they are believable because they are very well explained and you can tell the author put a lot of research into the book in order to be able to explain the events of the book.
There was lots of great action, dialogue and enough twists and turns to keep you interested through every chapter.

I highly recommend you add this book to your new series reading list!


4 Stars for Breathless by Scott Prussing!

College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old. That’s when her mom started acting weird, refusing to go outside during the day and insisting the sunlight hurt her skin because she had been bitten by a one-fanged vampire… 

But fascinated doesn’t mean Leesa believes—any more than she believes in blue fire, people who live for centuries, and kisses that can kill. When her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, she is forced to confront all these and more. 


I really enjoyed this book, it had quite the twist on what we understand vampires to be and the way they live. I like also like the hunters and how the Author made them different from any others I've read about.
I found the story to be intriguing enough to keep me interested to the very end.  I'm not a big reader of YA Novels because I find them a little tame for my tastes. However, in this book there is a normal amount of teenage lust.  I can't stand when author's leave that out and try to make characters that have none of those feelings and ideas.  I know at that age my mind was constantly in the gutter and so was my friends.  Luckily the author did not forget that when writing this books.
I enjoyed the characters and their ups and downs.  I do recommend you give this book a try, I think it's be a great series!


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Emily Cale's Guest Post When Characters Misbehave!

When Characters Misbehave

Characters always drive my writing. It's usually a specific character that sticks out in mind when I start thinking about a story. It's a certain piece of them that inspires me to actually sit down and work on writing a book. Typically, I'm what we call a pantser, meaning I have no idea what's going to happen in the story, but I start writing and eventually find out. My experience writing Getting Ahead was completely different.

For months, I'd been thinking about the plot in my head, but I'd been wrapped up in other projects and unable to start on it. When I finally got the time, I realized I had a story, but no characters. Of course, I started writing anyway. I wrote, rewrote, and rewrote some more, but couldn't quite figure out how to get beyond the first chapter, even though I already knew everything that happened in the book. On probably the eighth version of the first chapter, it came to me. Or rather, Amber came to me. She wasn't my typical heroine. She wasn't looking for love or hoping to find someone. Instead, she was perfectly happy being on her own—or at least thought she was. She also had a bad attitude and was quite a smart-ass. At first, I thought maybe she'd shown up at the wrong time in the wrong book. Then I realized she had the exact elements that I needed to make the story work.

Amber is probably one of my favorite characters that I've written. She annoys Colton until he can't stand it, but something about her keeps him coming back for more. Personally, I think it's that he can see that underneath her hard exterior is something more, something softer. He knows the pain that she's been through better than anyone else and wants to help her. I'd tell you more, but then you'd have no reason to read the book.

Getting Ahead Blurb:

Colton is exactly the kind of distraction Amber doesn't want, but he might be exactly what she needs to get back on track.
Recovering from a bad fall during competition, Amber McDonald decides to spend her last week of training before her next rodeo at a Colorado ranch, away from any and all distractions. It'd be the perfect arrangement—if only her fear wasn't stopping her from getting back on her horse.
Then Colt Riley steps in. He's sexy and seems to have incredible insight into her situation, but he's everything she's been trying to stay away from.
Colt knows exactly what Amber is going through...because he's been there before. Forced to give up his riding career after an accident, he sets his mind to helping her get back on track. All that's
easier said than done, especially when she discovers his hidden past. Will his efforts be enough to help her get ahead?

Buy Links:

Author Bio:
Emily Cale spent the majority of her childhood as a visitor to the worlds of her favorite authors. With encouragement from her English teachers, she put pen to paper and began imagining her own stories. Preferring the fascinating lives of her characters, she majored in creative writing. When not lost in a manuscript or a good book, she enjoys crocheting, rock climbing, and playing board games. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and a very spoiled cat. 

You can find Emily online on her blog ( or on Twitter (

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