Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review of "Dirty Magic" by Jaye Wells


The Magical Enforcement Agency keeps dirty magic off the streets, but there's a new blend out there that's as deadly as it is elusive. When patrol cop Kate Prospero shoots the lead snitch in this crucial case, she's brought in to explain herself. But the more she learns about the investigation, the more she realizes she must secure a spot on the MEA task force.
Especially when she discovers that their lead suspect is the man she walked away from ten years earlier - on the same day she swore she'd given up dirty magic for good. Kate Prospero's about to learn the hard way that crossing a wizard will always get you burned, and that when it comes to magic, you should never say never.

This was another interesting read and a new to me author.  I enjoyed this book, it was imaginative and had some good action to it.  I liked learning the world of this book since it's quite different from any of the other books I've read.  Magic is the norm in this world but magical people are considered second class.

Kate is the main character and she my fave kind of heroine, she's a hard ass that has a smart mouth and tough as nails.  Kate has magic but refuses to use it, she feels that it's more dangerous than is useful.  Bad things happen even when it's good magic.  How do you fight against the bag guy when your willing to fight magic with magic, Kate does just that and kicks ass while doing it.

This is a great paranormal/sci-fi book and worth reading as it's action packed and filled with mystery.  I plan to have this author in my TO KEEP PILE.

5 STARS!!!!! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review for "Ashes" by Sarah Gilman

Accidents happen for a reason...

Journalist Ambrosia Pellerin accepts an assignment involving the legendary phoenix, expecting, if nothing else, a little entertainment. Instead, she winds up pregnant—by a surprisingly human-looking firebird, Reece Bennu.
As the Phoenix prince, Reece is next in line to the throne and expected to marry a purebred royal. A common human such as Ambrosia is not in the cards. He swears, though, he’ll never be an absentee father.
As Ambrosia’s due date grows closer, so do the soon-to-be parents. But will their tentative love survive the prejudice of Reece’s grandmother, who will stop at nothing to tear the two apart?


This was a good book but pretty much predictable.  There's a guy with secret and a journalist who wants to know them.

A-typical romance ensues, kind of Romeao and Juliette type of thing.  I recommend this book to people who enjoy paranormal romances that are easy to read.  I don't have much to say about this book because it was so average.

3 Stars

Friday, February 14, 2014

Review for "Earth Fall" by Mark Walden

Sam wakes to see strange vessels gathered in the skies around London. As he stares up, people stream past, walking silently towards the enormous ships which emit a persistent noise. Only Sam seems immune to the signal.

Six months later, Sam is absolutely alone. Injured by one of the flying drones which now populate London, Sam realizes that without medical supplies he will die. Venturing above ground he is attacked again, but this time the drone is shot down in a hail of machine gun fire. In five minutes Sam learns two things: he is not alone; the drone injury should have killed him instantly – yet he is still alive. The battle for Earth is about to begin.


Another great book and new to me Author worth reading.  I'm so glad I got the chance to read this book.  It was excellent.  Lots of action and suspense infused into this read. As a side not; I love the book-cover.

This poor kid called Sam wakes up to strange lights (just like in the alien movies) then sees his family in a trance walking like zombies.  He tries his best to wake them out of the trance and is unable to so he follows them to see what exactly is happening.  Poor Sam has to grow up real quick to stay alive.

Alone for half a year, yeah that could make a simple person crazy but luckily there's something special about Sam.  He gets hurt and thinks he may be dieing, he has no choice but to get himself the antibiotics needed to survive.  It's extremely dangerous but he has no choice.  While trying to stay alive he finally finds others who were not captured by the aliens.  They work together to bring earth back under human control.

This book was thrilling and different.  I read tons and recently I have been having a hard time finding books that are different and imaginative.  This one was and I recommend you give it a try.  I pretty sure you'll enjoy it to.

5 STARS!!!!!!


It's an end of the world book with a twist. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review for "Blood Burn" by J.E. Fletcher 5 STARS!!!!

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a werewolf in the vampire/zombie apocalypse?
When Layne Yow finds herself smack in the middle of a full fledged zombie apocalypse she does what any werewolf would do...she calls bullshit on the universe. Sure, there are vampires, werewolves, and other assorted paranormal creatures in the world, but zombies? No freakin' way.
Layne is a young werewolf on the run from her recent past as an elite vampire killer. She quickly finds out that you can't outrun life or absurdity. Layne's big mouth and desire to rescue everyone puts her (and her new friends) into harm's way more than once.


Awesome book and great start to a new series!

I truly enjoyed this book as it is different then most books I have read about Zombie apocalypses.  It was a breath of fresh air and was an absolute ball to read.

The main character Layne is a werewolf and a kickass lady with a smart mouth and crazy sense of humor.  This character will make you laugh out loud throughout the book.  You never know what she'll think of next.  

Layne finds out the hard way that Zombies have risen and no one including the paranormal community is safe from them.  She gets her ass kickers on and kiss ass with the help of some new friends.  These new friends are some that she would never have believed she'd make a connection with. 

 No shiny vamps, no fast moving friendly zombies and no hint of a dull moment.  This is the perfect zombie book for my MUST KEEP PILE.

5 STARS!!!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review for the Frankenstorm Series" by Ray Garton

Women And Children FirstIn the fourth shattering installment of Ray Garton's six-part "Frankenstorm," an outbreak of madness, mayhem, and murder has every man, woman and child running for shelter. But home is where the horror is...

Andy is more than a little worried when his ex-wife-a former drug addict who has custody of their son-is seen hanging around with her old crowd. But when he learns that her dealer has moved in with them, Andy has no choice but to take action. He finds an unlikely ally in Police Deputy Ram von Pohle-a local bully who tormented Andy in school. Ram swears he wants to make up for those years of abuse. He convinces Andy that the raging storm is the perfect opportunity to break in to his ex-wife's home and save Andy's boy. But when the weather reaches a fever pitch, their simple plan backfires. The night quickly escalates into a bloodbath. Ram explodes with rage, bodies are torn apart by bullets, and Andy and his son find themselves trapped inside a nightmare...with a deranged sadist.

When the storm hits this close to home, no one is safe. "And no one gets out alive..."

Praise For Ray Garton

"Scary...involving...mature and thoughtful." -Stephen King on "Dark Channel"

"Gripping, original, and sly." -Dean Koontz on "Live Girls"

"Ray Garton is, and always has been, one of horror fiction's great innovators."-F. Paul Wilson

"Garton never fails to go for the throat!" -Richard Laymon

"Garton has a flair for taking veteran horror themes and twisting them to evocative or entertaining effect." -"Publishers Weekly"

"Razor-sharp and gut-punch brutal, Garton will scare you." -Mark Kidwell, "Fangoria "magazine

"Garton does not even know that there is top to go over." -Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

"Ray Garton has consistently created some of the best horror ever set to print." -"Cemetery Dance " magazine


I have read half the books in this series, it's one that is worth more then the small amount that is being asked for each of the books.  They are each quite lengthy and the story flows well from book to book.

I don't have much to say about each book individually but as a whole the series are worth reading.  I enjoyed the Armageddon like feeling they instill in you while your reading and the suspense is well written.  However, when all is said and done they were not any more memorable then any other book I have read.  A year down the road I most likely won't remember them or their title.

They could have used a little action, thrills, mystery or suspense to make them more memorable.

3 STARS!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Review of "Supercell" by H.W. Buzz Bernard

They’ll pay him a fortune to find a killer tornado for their movie.
He knows the risks all too well, but he never imagined just how dangerous the perfect storm could be.

Chuck Rittenburg was one of the most intrepid storm chasers in the country until a bad decision resulted in the death of a young couple who’d paid to ride along. A decade later—broke, divorced, and estranged from his college-age children—he’s got nothing left to lose. When a film producer offers Chuck one-million dollars to help find and photograph a deadly tornado in Oklahoma, Chuck sees a chance to earn his kids’ respect again—and maybe his own.
The situation quickly becomes about more than tracking a monster tornado for Hollywood. FBI Agent Gabi Medeiros insists on riding along. A burglary ring is targeting tornado-ravaged neighborhoods, and their tactics now include murder.
With the stage set for a major heist, a deadly supercell, and a confrontation between Man and Nature on an epic scale, Chuck and his crew will be lucky to escape in one piece. 


This book is "Twister" meets "Minority Report" it's full of action and suspense with some mystery added in.
If you enjoy action packed stories then this book is for you. 

Chuck is an Ex-Storm Chaser who is strung out and just trying to make it through each day.  He approached with a deal of a life time and after a bit of thinking he decides to take it.  He calls his estranged son and offers him part of the deal to make amends.  From then on it's one suspenseful moment after another.

I enjoyed this book a lot because I find natural disaster books highly entertaining and I enjoy a good thriller once and awhile as well.  This books combines them all together.  

4 STARS!!!!