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Yay!!! Happy 33rd Birhtday to me :D  To celebrate my birthday Kensington was kind enough to give away some awesome books!  WOOT! WOOT!

YIKES !  Where has the time gone.... I can still remember age 15.....

Age 26
and now I'm 33.....


Me AGE 32 and 356 days old lol

Now on with the Book giveaway!!!!

Kensington will be Giving Away....Fever by Joan Swan because I loved it!

and last but not least.... Before She Dies by Mary Burton!


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Need Organization for Recipes??? Cook'n Recipe Organizer can help! Product Review

How cool is this program???  I love it. Already my recipes are getting organized and so is my day to day Menu.  Now that I'm a working mom I sure don't have much time for the grocery shopping or for making menus.  This program has helped me to safe tons of time.

I am now able to save Recipes I find online and capture it in my computer, then I can add the ingrediants to my shopping list!  It's sooo cool!

The Easiest Way to...

  • Find the Best Recipes on the Internet
  • Capture and Save Internet Recipes
  • Enter Your Own Personal Recipes
  • Sync Recipes with iPhone, iPad, & Android
  • Print a Family Cookbook
  • Analyze Nutritional Values
  • Make Menus, Shopping Lists & More!
  • Get Free Cookbook with Purchase
It's already filled with TONS of awesome recipes!!! You really have to check this software out!
http://www.dvo.com/  Check it out for yourself!  It's a great deal and will save you so much time...

I was even able to add my recipes from Books Read N Makeup Done with just a click of a button.  I am so happy I got the opportunity to try this product and to be able to show you all this great find!

DISCLOSURE: Mom Blog Society works hard to bring bloggers these wonderful opportunities therefore, all reviews must have the following disclosure at the bottom of their review. Failure to disclose a backlink to Mom Blog Society will forfeit any future opportunities of being selected for campaigns though Mom Blog Society. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Mom Blog Society. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. (http://momblogsociety.com

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FEVER!!!! by Joan Swan 5 STARS!!!!

When Dr. Alyssa Foster is taken hostage by a prison inmate, she knows she's in deep trouble. Not just because Teague Creek is desperate for freedom. But because the moment his fingers brush against her skin, Alyssa feels a razor-sharp pang of need...A man with a life sentence has nothing to lose. At least Teague doesn't, until his escape plan develops a fatal flaw: Alyssa. On the run from both the law and deadly undercover operatives, he can only give her lies, but every heated kiss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever.


I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! Oh My God it was sooooo good!  I started reading it at work in between calls and it sucked me right in.  I had a hard time to stop reading lol  

So the story starts with Dr, Alyssa walking down the hall and she's contemplating life and that fact that she is fighting to make it to the top of her career.  I usually read through descriptions quickly to get on to the dialogue but they were so well written I read word for word.
When Alyssa gets to the room that is holding a convicted felon in need of an ultrasound she tells him to take off his shirt. I loved this part HAHAHA but don't we all.
The man/felon took off his shirt and he was describe so well I swear I saw him in my mind with no problem. YUM!  From there he manages to escape and takes Alyssa with him and their unbelievable adventure begins.

This book was delicious and I ate it as fast as possible and I plan to read it again because it will need to be savored.  It got my palate in just the right ways.  It was full of intrigue, adventure and it was action packed.  It was well portioned though with passion, sizzling sex appeal and romance.

I can't say enough about this book, to me it was the perfect read and I hope you will check it out!

The book will be out FEB. 28, 2012!!! Be sure to add it to you TBR LIST!!!

5 STARS for Deena Remiel's "RELIC"

Raphael, a Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip to get it back. If he can’t, his tour of eternal duty as Brethren Savior will be revoked. On his journey, he winds up enmeshed in a web of attempted murder and resurrection, all thanks to a woman he’s only seen in a photograph and by chance on an Arizona desert hiking trail.

Serena Sikes is a wanted woman. Desired by “undesirables” for a gift her brother gave her—a stolen relic with suspected healing powers. Hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead, she is found by none other than the angel who cannot heal.

Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart had lived the soul of his long lost wife. Now, it resides inside Serena. Evil lurks around every corner as Raphael tries to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.

Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.


This is Book 2 in Deena Remiel's "Brethren Series".  I thought book 1 was absolutely fabulous and Books 2 "RELIC" does not disappoint it was equally wonderful. 
Raphael is an Angel "Savior" but has lost his great power to heal.  He has no clue why but feels he is being punished for something that happened in his past.  Serena who owns her own guided tours business receives a gift from her brother that changes her life into a nightmare and only "The Brethren Savior" can save her.  

Deena weaved a wonderful web and managed to untangle it beautifully.  Serena is a complicated mix of different personalities and so well described that you are able to discern the personalities from each other, no small feat in writing.  Raphael is the perfect majestic brooding hero,  having lost and loved. He is scared to love again. 

The story was well crafted, keeping you wondering what could possibly happen next.  I adore Deena's sense of humour, her characters really come alive on the page with snappy comebacks.  You'll catch yourself giggling and shaking your head.

I recommend you give this book a read and it's a great stand-alone book, but to really get everything out of the story you must read it as a series.  Your sure to dream of Angels after reading it!


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Beauty and the beast: they were the scandal of the ton. All eyes feasted on the beautiful flame-haired gambler in London’s most infamous club. But Julia Prentisse was interested only in the rake-turned-recluse whom they now called “The Beast.” She lured him out of the crowded club to a deserted warehouse, where she made her scandalous offer: If he married her and protected her from her uncle, she would help him capture the arsonist who had ruined his life.

An act of heroism had left Morgan St. James burned, scarred for life, but Julia’s bold gaze lit other fires he had long suppressed. And now this glorious stranger was his bride. But when he tried to claim his husbandly rights, she demanded three months grace—three months to know a stranger’s mind, to touch a stranger’s soul, to go where no woman had ever gone before. Into his heart…


"Why did you come here?" he asked.
Gathering her courage, she ventured hesitantly, "If you're not too busy, I thought we might do something today. Together. As man and wife."
He released a bored sigh. "What did you have in mind, a waltz? Ordinarily I'd indulge your whim, but as you can see, the orchestra has temporarily abandoned its post."
"I've missed you."
The statement hung in the air between them. Morgan studied her face for a long moment. "There is a term in fencing for toying with one's opponent."
"Are we opponents?"
"Are you toying?"
"I'm not sure what I'm doing."
"Forgive me if I find that difficult to believe. I've never met a more purposeful woman in my life."
A small smile touched her lips. "Is that good or bad?"
"What do you want, Julia?"
She couldn't remember him ever using her name before. The sound of it rolling off his tongue sent an unex-pected rush of pleasure racing through her. Idly wondering if his reaction would be the same if she spoke his name, she said, "I thought it might be nice if we spent a little time together, Morgan."
She saw something flash in his eyes, but the emotion, whatever it was, vanished too quickly for her to properly define. "Ah. So that's it." A small, cynical smile curved his lips. His gaze moved over her body with scorching intensity, as though he were able to see right through to her drawers. He straightened and glanced around the empty room, then back at her. "Interesting timing."
Heat flooded her cheeks. "I didn't mean—"
"Didn't you."
"Certainly not. Must you always be so base?"
"You're the one who came to me."
"With the simple proposition that we attend Lord Attmark's boating party this afternoon," she said, seizing upon the sudden inspiration. "That's all I had in mind."
"Lord Attmark's boating party?"
"I thought it would be quite diverting."
"Floating along a river that smells like rancid sewage in this sweltering heat. That's what you came to see me about."
A knowing smile curved his lips. "Liar."
"I don't know what—"
"Liar," he repeated softy.

 BUY LINKS:  Amazon (Kindle Edition): http://www.amazon.com/With-This-Kiss-ebook/dp/product-description/B003UV98E0 Amazon (Paperback): http://www.amazon.com/this-Kiss-Victoria-Lynne/dp/0440223342 Barnes & Noble (Paperback): http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/with-this-kiss-victoria-lynne/1103540410 Smashwords (All Formats): http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/68828 


With This Kiss — A Romantic Times ‘Top Pick’!
“Ms. Lynne weaves her magic to bring the reader a bit of poignancy along with a sexually charged romance in this very satisfying historical romantic suspense. Find a place for this one on your special shelf.” —Romantic Times

Nominated for Romantic Times “Best Historical Romance”
“A smoldering Victorian era romance.” —Booklist
“The unexpected twists in Ms. Lynne’s newest historical entertain and satisfy.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“…Trust me: A fun read for lovers of romance, and CERTAINLY for lovers of the Beauty/Beast type story (which I am). This is the only book of Ms. Lynne’s that I’ve read, but based on my enjoyment, I shall surely seek more.”

“An excellent read—I loved it! I have never read Victoria Lynne before this book. You can bet I will from now on. This book was excellent and I couldn’t put it down… If you like Jude Deveraux or Kathleen Woodiwiss, pick up this book!”

“This book is as great as the reviews! I am happy to say that it was a pleasure to read a romance that fulfills everything I look for in a novel…This was my first book by this author but I will by all means be looking for more.”

“Surprisingly good! I received this book from my sister and thought it would prove to be just another trite formula romance. She said it was “really good,” so I gave it a chance. She was right. It does have all of those necessary facets that make it a romance novel, but the writing is crisp and talented, the characters sizzle with a never flagging sexual tension, and the plot never sinks to feeling contrived or phoney. I enjoyed every page!”

“I loved this. I could write a long review of this book, but I won’t. I will sum it up in as few words as possible. This story contained two extremely likeable characters. The dialogue between them was so entertaining and well-worded. I loved every encounter between them. Everything about this novel was real. I loved it, and I can truly say it is one of my favorite novels.”

“Fabulous! With This Kiss had everything I look for in a romance—a tender hero, touching love scenes, a strong heroine, and even a mystery to solve. I will be hunting down this author’s backlist.”

“Fresh and rewarding…definitely get you hands on this book.”
“This was an extremely well-written book, with believable characters and an interesting plot…” ABOUT 


Victoria Lynne is the author of five historical romance novels. She’s received two RITA Award nominations, and has consistently earned Romantic Times’ “Top Pick” award. Called “A Fabulous Storyteller!” by Rendezvous Magazine, her work consistently draws rave reviews and continues to attract new readers. Her books have been translated into German, Italian, and Spanish, and are currently available online through Kindle and Nook.

Ms. Lynne lives in Vermont with her husband and two children. When she’s not plotting her next novel, she loves to get away from her keyboard to ski and hike.

Visit Victoria on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Victoria-Lynne/343823838961510?sk=wall

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Seven Years To Sin by Sylvia Day 5 STARS!!!

Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed Alistair Caulfield in a scandalous scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she'd held her silence. But through years of serene, unremarkable marriage, Caulfield's image remained burned into her imagination, fuelling illicit dreams... 

As a successful merchant, Alistair has little in common with the rakehell youth she knew. But when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years' worth of denied pleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers of silk - and the certainty that surrender will consume them both...


This story began with a very unexpected blast of carnal heat.  Jessica was running after her beloved pet dog and was stopped in her tracks by the sight of Alistair having a very hot romp in the woods.  Instead of running from the scene Jessica stood there and stared, Alistair stared back at her as he continued on.
Engaged to be married.... Did Jessica bring the passion she experienced while watching the affair in the woods or did she bring the passion she felt to her marriage bed?  Mayhap she pined for the scintillating Alistair?
You'll have to read this great book to find out!

Talk about a sizzling book being hidden behind a mild mannered bookcover! To look at it it seems unassuming and pretty but behind that cover is a sinfully delicious read!
Jessica is a refreshing character for the era, she's  opinionated but a lady through and through. She's also passionate verging on wanton, LOVE IT!  
Alistair seems to be a magnificent specimen of a man.  Merchant and Romeo all rolled into one great package. Mmmmmmm.
The characters embark on an adventure you must read about!
Passion, sensuality, thrilling... This book is truly worth reading!

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Revenge is a dish best served hot!

Phaedra, a fury, is bound to make Lieutenant Luke Lazaros atone for his supposed crime, but her usual method of inflicting pain doesn’t work very well on a phoenix with the power to be reborn every time he dies. However, each rebirth leaves him with an overwhelming need for sex. Phaedra’s new plan: to drive Luke mad with desire.

But Phaedra has never touched anyone—even herself—except to cause pain. She’s an innocent when it comes to pleasure…but Luke isn’t. His touch is a revelation, arousing a passion in Phaedra that is as delicious as it is terrifying. For no matter how much she wants Luke, giving herself to a man risks awakening her goddess’s wrath.

A multi-published award-nominated author of paranormal romance. Stephanie’s critically acclaimed Mythica series asks: What if the monsters of ancient mythology still walked the earth...and what if you found out that you were one of them? Currently a denizen of Baltimore, Stephanie lives with her favorite nocturnal creatures–three scheming cats and a deliciously wicked husband. And when she is not busy with dark domestic rituals, she writes her books.

She'd already killed him twice this week.
Monday, the harpy bitch grabbed the wheel just as he was making a tight turn on a cliff-side highway. The car jumped the barrier and exploded in a fiery crash of glass and twisted metal at the bottom of Moraca Canyon.
On Wednesday morning, he'd chanced taking a shower and she dropped a hair dryer in with him, sending a deadly shock through his wet body.
It wasn't even the weekend and she was already trying to kill him a third time.
Luke had awakened to the sinuous slide of her body atop his and, for one groggy moment, he'd enjoyed the carnal sensation of a woman in bed with him.
Then her knee came crushing down on his windpipe.
Now Luke thrashed upon the mattress, grabbing at her supple thighs, trying to throw her off. The curve of her breast brushed his arm, her moist lips parted and she clutched at his face as if she were going to draw him into an intimate embrace…just before fingernails like talons cut his flesh to bloody ribbons.
Or at least that's what it felt like.
With the lightest touch, she could put an ordinary mortal man in complete agony. But he wasn't an ordinary mortal man and she should have known better than to touch him.
"Atone," the fury demanded, her voice driving needles of agony into his spine. “Atone!”
Luke was desperate enough to consider it. Anything to get rid of her. Anything to make the pain stop. Anything that might relieve him of the memories that haunted him. The blood in the sand and all the lies…
Take the money, Luke. There'll be more where that came from.
His traitorous lips parted in surrender, ready to tell the fury whatever she wanted to hear, but then he felt his square jaw clench tight in stubborn refusal.
No. Screw atonement and regret. Luke would rather die again.
Her lithe legs wrapped around his waist like a vise. They were locked together as tightly as lovers and in blind suffering he banged the back of his skull on the headboard. It started like a fever, a sexual rush of heat that seared its way through his veins, pulsing through his hammering heart, racing to his groin.
Damn it. He liked this villa, but he'd burn the place down to get free of her if he had to. Sparks leaped from his fingertips to the bedsheets and the scent of scorched linen rose to his nostrils. The fire would
obey him—it was the one goddamned thing in his life he still had any control over—so Luke made the fire rise higher, engulfing them both in a flash of flames and searing pain.
His bones went white-hot, molten beneath his skin, and he screamed. He was turning to ash. He was burning her too, burning her alive. He could have held onto her. He could have forced her to share his torment to the bitter end, but he flung her away. And her tumbling body was the last thing he saw before he died….

Phaedra was accustomed to inflicting pain, not suffering it. But now every cell in her body screamed in protest as her burned skin rose up in blisters. She was immortal. She could never die. That didn't mean she couldn't feel pain, and making this man miserable had somehow become her own personal torment.
She lay dazed in agony on the floor, smoke filling her lungs while Lieutenant Luke Lazaros burned alive before her very eyes. Gods of Olympus, he was stubborn. He should have broken by now, but he was only getting more unmanageable. None of the men she'd been sent to torture had ever been so obstinate. Then again, she'd never been unleashed upon a phoenix before.
In the light of the crackling blaze, Phaedra's blistered body healed, new pink flesh knitting over the old with miraculous speed, and it occurred to her that the fire alarm wasn't shrieking. A quick glance up at the scorched ceiling told her that he'd disabled it. That he'd planned for this exact circumstance. He was handy that way. Good with modern gadgets. And a born strategist. He'd started anticipating her. Adapting…
All at once, the conflagration on the bed extinguished itself and a burst of air dusted her with Luke's charred human remains. A bit of stagecraft on his part.
Of course, she'd seen him do this before—rise from the ashes as a new man, his dark curly hair cut in sharp military style, his name and blood type displayed upon frayed patches on his desert fatigues. A backpack full of cash in his right hand.
This was how he looked the moment he was war-forged. The instant he stopped being an ordinary mortal man and became a monster. But as many times as she watched him die, she couldn't enjoy it. Watching him now, she took no satisfaction in his shudder of revulsion at the feel of a new body that wasn't his own. Nor did it encourage her to see the half hostile, half haunted look in his eyes as he tried to remember himself. Shaking his head as if to fasten upon his old memories, he caught her look of dismay and gave a dark smile-that-was-not-a-smile.
"What's the matter?” Luke asked. “Didn't expect me to be so hot in bed?"
Given that she was clutching the burned and blackened remains of her clothing against her body, Phaedra didn't appreciate the sexual innuendo. It didn't surprise her though. Every time the lieutenant was reborn, he battled overwhelming hunger. He'd be ravenous now, for food, drink…sex.
Still, he grabbed one of his white dress shirts from a drawer and tossed it to her. "Here. You can wear this."
The gallant gesture was starkly out of place considering their situation. Phaedra eyed her nemesis as she fastened the buttons, disconcerted by his scent on the shirt and how it mingled with the perfume of her newly healed skin. "Does this mean you're ready to be redeemed, Luke Lazaros?"
"Just means I was brought up right," Luke said through his teeth. "And that an officer falls back on his training in a crisis. Or maybe I've just always fantasized about a leggy woman wearing nothing but my shirt. Until I get rid of you, I might as well improve the scenery."
"How many times must we go through this?" Phaedra asked, ignoring the predatory glare in his eyes. She rose to her feet. She was tall, but he was taller. She was hard-bodied and imposing; even before they felt the torture of her touch, most men had the sense to cower. But not this man. "There is no getting rid of me, Lieutenant. Once a fury is unleashed upon a criminal, she's unbreakably bound to him until he atones or is driven to insanity."
"I'm not a criminal," Luke snapped. "And I will find a way to be rid of you."
I hope you do find a way, Phaedra thought. Because she was every bit as stuck with him as he was with her.

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Please Welcome Author Shadonna Richards!!! Her Favourite Hero!!!


Hi, everyone!

I’m Shadonna, author of An Unexpected Bride, a romantic comedy about Emma Wiggins who is about to marry her heart-stopping, gorgeous boss, CEO Evan Fletcher in seven days. Only he doesn’t know about it yet!

Since An Unexpected Bride centers around the theme of love, companionship and a sexy hero, I thought I’d share my list of traits that I love in a hero—much like Evan Fletcher in An Unexpected Bride. Check this list out (it’s in no particular order):

1. He can’t stop thinking about you and he’s talking about you all the time to his friends.

2. He speaks what’s on his mind (when it’s appropriate in the work environment, of course)

3. He’s a passionate and highly skilled lover

4. He’s got a huge heart underneath that muscular chest. He’s very caring and not just to his love interest but to his family. For instance, Evan refused to let his elderly confused father go into a “nursing home”. He preferred to provide and pay for 24-hour care with a trusted nurse—even though his father tore the house down.

5. He doesn’t look at other women when he’s out with you. He won’t even turn his head an inch to glance at an attractive woman walking by because he’s so into you.

6. He has principals and high morals. He plays hard in competition but fair.

7. He’s thick skinned.

8. Observant. Pays close attention to the little things about his love interest and makes her feel appreciated.

9. He’s well built and takes great care of his body and mind--maybe to a fault. He won’t allow his heart to be taken in again and tends to emotionally block at times.

10. He’s adventurous and innovative. He’s at the top of his game.

Hope you enjoyed the list as much as I enjoyed compiling it. I thought I’d also leave you with a synopsis of An Unexpected Bride. Enjoy.

Desperate to fulfill her ailing grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down and get married, Emma Wiggins, a 30-year-old, career-focused executive tells him a little white lie on his deathbed that she is in fact engaged--to her boss, deliciously handsome and emotionally unavailable, Evan Fletcher. The situation takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather's condition improves slightly and to her shock, he goes ahead and arranges a wedding ceremony at his hospital bedside before he passes on. Now, all Emma has to do is convince unsuspecting, commitment-phobic Evan to tie the knot with her in seven days. Can love blossom in the most unlikely situation?

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Beneath The Starry Sky by Jessica E. Subject

Left at the altar with bald patches on her head and her self-confidence stripped away, Tamara Johnson must pick up the pieces of her life and face her Alopecia Areata, the autoimmune disease causing her hair to fall out. She is convinced no man will date a bald woman and arranges a one-night stand through Madame Evangeline’s popular service, 1Night Stand. With her new wig held firmly in place, Tamara arrives at the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas for a night of passion and pleasure. Anything more than one night would mean exposing her bald head, and she will never do that to any man again.

Running into the Castillo Hotel, away from the paparazzi constantly at his heels, Josh Summers wants to spend his next few days locked away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. When he finds an incredibly sexy woman lying on his hotel room bed in nothing but lingerie, he thinks management has made a mistake. Leaving her behind, he heads for the lobby to get the situation rectified. But an unexpected text from Madame Evangeline sends him back to his room. Though unsure whether the woman on the bed is really his perfect match or just another fan believing him to be like his character on television, he knows he must find out, even if it means he must risk telling her his own secrets. If Tamara can handle his imperfections, she just might be his ideal woman.

To learn more about Alopecia Areata and to help find a cure, visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation http://www.naaf.org and the CanadianAlopecia Areata Foundation http://canaaf.org/

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.


Shit! I can’t go anywhere without someone getting out their camera. He raced with Tamara in tow, trying to keep her from the intrusive life he lived. He wasn’t ready to bring anyone into the spotlight with him yet.
But he had to get out of the hotel first. He unlocked his car and held the door open for her. Even when trying to beat the paparazzi, he still believed in chivalry. After shoving her inside a bit too roughly, he muttered an apology, closed her door then rushed around to the driver’s side. Throwing the car in reverse, he squealed the tires in a rush to get out of the parking garage. How much time did he have? He didn’t know, but if the paparazzi followed him, he’d have to pull some fancy maneuvers to lose them before driving to his destination.
They made it to the street before he was temporarily blinded by the first flashes. Tamara shrieked when someone knocked on her window, right before another flash of light.
Fuck! I have to get away from this, get her away from this.
Pulling onto the Strip, he expected them to stop, leave him alone. But another photographer jumped onto the hood. Josh closed his eyes so the upcoming flash wouldn’t leave him sightless and slammed on the brakes. The man flew off. He made sure the crazy paparazzo was out of the way before taking off. The last thing he needed was to be sued by some maniac with a camera.
When he’d finally made it off the Strip and onto darker streets, he released the breath he’d held.
“Who the hell are you?”
Her words were mixed with fear and anger. With a glassy stare, she waited for his answer. Would the truth ruin what could have been? If he didn’t tell her, she could Google his name anyway.
“I told you I’m an actor, or at least I was, and a former model. The show I’d been on for two years was recently canceled.”
Her eyes softened. “But why are people following you? Are you really that famous?”
He laughed. “Obviously not if you’ve never heard of me. But when you’re an underwear model, you get obsessive fans, and then I was on Searching For Earth on the sci-fi channel. Don’t you follow the tabloids?”
“No, I have better things to do, but I may have to start watching the sci-fi channel if all the actors are as hot as you.”
All tension from the encounter with the paparazzi diminished when he saw her smile. He reached over and squeezed her thigh. “Maybe you shouldn’t. They’re all known to be players.”
She placed her hand on his, making him want to touch even more of her. “Yourself included?”
He heard the playful tone of her voice, but he wouldn’t make her think he had a big ego. “Maybe at one time, but things changed after the accident. I’m sure you understand.”

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Toni's Review of Matthew: The Circle Eight by Emma Lang ***4.5 Stars***

Scheduled for release January 31, 2012

A man learns to hold what is his

It is a vast spread in the eastern wilds of the newly independent Republic of Texas, the ranch their parents fought for … and died for. To the eight Graham siblings, no matter how much hard work or hard love it takes, life is unthinkable without family…

In the wake of his parents’ murder, Matthew Graham must take the reins at the Circle Eight. He also needs to find a wife in just thirty days, or risk losing it all. Plain but practical, Hannah Foley seems the perfect bride for him . . . until after the wedding night.

Their marriage may make all the sense in the world, but neither one anticipates the jealousies that will result, the treacherous danger they’re walking into, or the wildfire of attraction that will sweep over them, changing their lives forever.


Matthew just painted himself into a corner and needs a wife in thirty days.  It’s time to get busy on the Circle Eight.

Matthew is the eldest of the eight Graham children, and after the murder of his parents and his youngest brother going missing, he is in no way ready for a wife.  But life goes on.  He has six other siblings he needs to take care of and that includes expanding their holdings for the future.  Problem is, when he went to sign papers on a land grant his father was securing before his death, Matthew ended up lying and stating he had a wife.  One would think, “Oh, no problem”, but it was…Matthew actually named his wife Hannah.  Now his time is ticking to find a woman named Hannah, or lose out on the land grant. 

At twenty-three, Hannah Foley feels like her life is slipping away.  In her small town, being “sturdy” and plain was not a selling point.  Though in her heart, she desired something she would never have, a large family.  She knew that it was always going to be just a daydream.  But fate has a funny way of screwing up one’s life.  Forgotten turnips and a touch, change her life forever.  She may have found her large family, but will she ever find love?

A marriage of convenience is all either of them expected, but in their hearts they desired more.  Matthew marrying Hannah for her name only and Hannah marrying Matthew because she felt it was her only chance for a husband and a family.  Things change for both of them after their wedding night.  Both feel the attraction, but they don’t know how to get past the obstacles that keep getting in their way.

I fell in love with the whole Graham family.  My heart went out to them when they lost their parents and youngest brother.  I was also right there with them during all their troubles and tribulations.  Ms. Lang had a way of drawing me in, never giving me the chance to step away from this engaging family.  I felt their joys and frustrations and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’m not sure how far this series will go, considering the age gaps between all the children, but I do know I’m extremely excited about the next story, Olivia’s.

Matthew was a perfectly flawed cowboy and Hannah, was a delightfully strong woman.  I have never read Ms. Lang’s stories, but I do believe I’ll be checking out her other novels.  If her other books have even a smidgen of the quality of writing that I experienced in Matthew: The Circle Eight, then I will be enamored by them too.

So if you like your cowboys hot and your women spunky, pick up Matthew: The Circle Eight.  Filled with second chances, high emotions, and suspense; it is a wonderful story and shouldn’t be missed.  

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

Friday, January 13, 2012

Toni's Review of Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight ***4.5 Stars***

Scheduled Release Date:  January 31, 2012.

In this quirky, sexy novel set against the lively, music-filled backdrop of Austin, Texas, a young woman learns that romance can wreak havoc with even the best laid plans. . .

It started innocently enough. While browsing in one of Austin's funky little shops, Nicola James is intrigued by a blank vintage journal she finds hidden among a set of Jane Austen novels. Even though Nic is a straight-laced engineer, she's still a sucker for anything Austen-esque. But her enthusiasm quickly turns to disbelief once she starts writing in the journal--because somehow, it's writing her back. . .

Miss Nicola James will be sensible and indulge in a little romance. Those twelve tiny words hit Nic like a thunderbolt, as if her diary was channeling Austen herself! Itching for a bit of excitement, Nic decides to follow her "Fairy Jane's" advice. The result: a red-hot romance with a sexy Scottish musician who charms his way into Nic's heart in about five seconds flat.

Sean MacInnes is warm, funny, and happens to think Nic is the most desirable woman he's ever met. But a guy like Sean doesn't exactly fit into her Life Plan. With no one but Fairy Jane to guide her, Nic must choose between the life she thought she wanted--and the kind of happy ending she never saw coming. . ..

I will have to say that Austentatious absolutely captured my heart and wouldn’t let go and I couldn’t be happier!

Nicola James is a woman with a plan.  This plan is well laid out and pretty much written in stone.  She has her life mapped out and by golly she is going to make it happen.  All that changed the moment she purchased a vintage journal for her cousin.  When a cup of chai tea latte met the journal, all things changed.  With the gift ruined and now owned by Nicola by default, she can’t help but be drawn to it.  She writes one entry and all her well laid out plans are changing and she can’t seem to stop it.

Toni's Review of To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore ***4 Stars***

Even a vampire has to face her inner demons…

Kat Redding is the very thing she hunts: a vampire, thirsting for blood, capable of killing any creature unlucky enough to get in her path. The difference is, Kat kills her own kind in order to protect human Purebloods. She’s good at what she does. Good enough to earn the nickname Lady Death—and the enmity of every bloodthirsty being around. But now a vampire Count is intent on merging his House with a werewolf cult to create a force of terrifying power.

Kat can’t allow that to happen. Even if it means taking on a den of weres and a vampire more ruthless than any she’s encountered before. She has the weapons, the skill, and a few allies. But that may not be enough to eliminate the Count before her own dark nature rises to the surface—and costs her whatever is left of her humanity…


I can see the future and it says that this new series will be a hit!

OK, I really can’t see the future, but I sure do have high hopes for this great new series!  Pulse pounding and new, To Walk the Night is action packed!  I will say though the foundation work was a bit slow, but once that was built and the action started - POW - what a kicker.  Now Mr. Moore can hit the ground running, propelling us into a unique universe where the outlook might be dismal, but there is still hope for the future.

Kat Redding was born after the Uprising; when the vampires and werewolves rose up against humans to take over the night.  Since then the monsters of legends rule the night while the purebloods, humans that have not been tainted, live in the day. 

Kat and her brother Thomas once fought against the stuff of nightmares until they became tainted.  Now she fights her own kind to protect the purebloods, even while the darkest engulfs her.

This story had a “Blade” feeling to it.  I am so used to romance paranormal books, To Walk the Night, was a refreshing change.  While this series may lack romance, the action more then makes of for it.  Both guys and gals are going to enjoy Kat and her kick-butt ways.  She is a no nonsense girl and the vampires and werewolves better watch out.

E.S. Moore has envisioned a new take on supernaturals that is invigorating.  He has intertwining new ideas about vampires and werewolves, while still holding fast to some the old standards.  The possibility of adventures, battles and action seems endless and I’m looking forward to this journey.  I am on the edge of my seat waiting for to the next installment, Tainted Night, Tainted Blood, coming out in July.  Keep them coming E.S, because this fan can’t wait for more! 

Thanks for reading!! - Toni

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