Toni's Review of Hunting JC by Dominique Eastwick ***5 Stars***

What JC wants, JC gets and what she wants is Hunter, no matter what. 


Hunter Brooks has been busy. When last he saw the Sherman family, he was still working his way up the corporate ladder. Now, he's at the top. Yet one thing that eludes Hunter-FAMILY. Hunter is under attack from all angles. Someone is out for blood, putting his business at risk and J.C. is after something far more personal and that could come at a higher price. 


Jacinda Sherman has spent too much of her time letting everyone tell her what she can and cannot have. That includes Hunter. Now she's grown up and what J.C. wants J.C. gets. She wants Hunter anyway she can have him. This time, Hunter won't be leaving without J.C. getting what she desires. 

Can Hunter pay J.C.'s price and still come out on top?


Sweet heaven that was good.  I was up late into the night because I couldn’t put it down.  Hunting JC is the first in the Sherman Family Series.  They are a family of four brothers and one baby sister.  I’m not sure where this series is going, but I’ll be along for the ride!

Jacinda is a new woman.  Mostly her changes aren’t what she desired, but what’s done is done and now that she is divorced, she is going to go after the man she has always wanted – Hunter Brooks.  With her new looks, new body and new attitude, Hunter doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s been awhile since he has visited his adopted family, the Sherman’s.  He may not be an actual part of the family, but they have never made him feel left out or unloved.  Now that his career is soaring and Jacinda is married, he feels it’s safe to return to the fold.  Hunter is in for more than one shock.

Back and forth and up and down, that is the course of this relationship.  These two have always had feelings for each other and now is the time to figure out if they can make it work.  The problem is their pasts and the Sherman family members keep getting in the way.  It is a long road, filled with many potholes, but it is a journey well worth it.

The matters of the heart are profoundly written and the whole direction of Hunting JC is fresh.  No normal templates are followed here.  Ms. Eastwick has mixed things up and I loved every bit of it.  The characters seemed so very real.  They have a down home feeling to them and they make you forget that they are obscenely rich but people with real feelings and real issues.  The love they have for each other jumps off the page and it made me all gooey inside.  Ms. Eastwick made them genuine and relatable.

While this may be considered an erotic romance, the timid need not be overly nervous.  The love making scenes are in context and they are not filled with graphic rough language, that tends to turn some people off (not me BTW).  They felt organic, heart pounding, amazing, and stole my breath away. 

Hunting JC was amazingly constructed, with romance that could be savored and easily fantasized, characters that you wanted to know and a plot that had a touch of mystery and tons of emotion.  I loved it and I can’t wait to read the next in the series Tony’s Haven!!

Thanks for reading - Toni


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