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Falling In Love With Books

 Deep in the heart of America’s Midwest, where fields of corn and bean surround every small town and the distant smell of cows and pigs hangs ever present in the air, there lay a 16-year-old girl. On her stomach propped up on her elbows she reads furiously. The book she finished that mornings sits to her left and the next book to come sits to her right. She is lost to all, her mind consumed by the words she reads. All would be perfect if she didn’t have to stop every once in a while to go to the bathroom. If she could, she wouldn’t even eat until the book was finished, but her mother’s insistence. 

That girl is me six years ago reading the Twilight Saga. She was obsessed with those books for a good year. I’ve heard all the gripe about the series since the movies came out. None of that changes the fact that, for one year this girl read and reread those books like crazy, getting every friend to read it as well. As the movies came out, she made a point of going to the midnight premiers.

Fast forward three years and we find that girl nearing the end of her freshman year of college. She has met a dashing man with a brilliant smile and a nerdy nature. (Can you recount the entire DragonBall Z storyline? Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game?) The two start dating, taking the relationship very slow. The young freshmen has distrust in men from past experience and the man no intention of repeating past heartache.

The two start flirting, doing what they can to woe the other. The girl often sits listening as the boys talks about the inner working of planes and jets. She even watches the YouTube videos. All the while she constantly reassures that she is very interested. (That’s not a lie really. I like planes, I just don’t care to understand how they work.) What the girl finds particularly entertain is how the boy’s face lights up with excitement. She is attracted to his passion and drive.

The boy, seeing the girls obsession with books picks up the Twilight series. Floored, the girl doesn’t know if he’s just doing this for her or if he really enjoys what he is reading. Nonetheless, the boy races through all four books and plans to attend the midnight premier of New Moon with her. The girl decides to believe he actually enjoyed the books. (That’s not weird, right, a boy reading Twilight?)

As time rolls on, the girl discovers her boyfriend has become a bigger fan of the books than she. She is delighted and their fandom brings them closer together. Once upon a time, the girl stayed up late with friends discussing various books, not she can do the same with the boy she has come to love.

A year later, the boy becomes disastrously ill. Sitting in the hospital quickly becomes lonely and boring. He asks for another book to which the girl happily complies. She brings him Vampire Academy. The book still has a love story, but it is more involved, creating a whole new dark world. He consumes the book within days. He is not in the hospital for long. Returning home, he is more than ready for the second book. Again, the girl feels the joy of introducing the boy to a new and exciting world. She loves talking about the story and sharing ideas about what may happen next.

Adult life is busy and often rarely lends time to leisure and reading. This girl will forever be happy for the joy of books in her life. In grade school, books gave her an escape from the tyranny of bullies. In high
school, friendships were strengthened as she and her friends read many of the same books. In college and beyond, books have brought her that much closer to the boy she loves.
There is no joy like the joy of bibliophiles reading.

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