A Ghost of a Chance!

I'm very proud to say that we have Minnette Meador with us today as a guest author.  I was lucky enough to catch her on her blog tour!  So grab your coffee, tea or even wine and enjoy Minnette's devine characters!


Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with heart intact.

By Minnette Meador

I thought it might be fun to introduce the characters:

Occupation: Graphic Designer
Looks: Handsome, dark hair & eyes, beta male
Attributes: Funny, sardonic, patient, talented, smart
Goal: To get the girl and save the world
Barriers: Ghosts that make him crazy and a succubus who needs his seed to create a living demon. A cop who seems determined to lock Keenan away for good. A demon who seems to be pulling all the strings.

Occupation: HR Director
Looks: Beautiful, Mediterranean, dark hair & eyes
Attributes: Witty, smart, aggressive, strong
Goal: To get Keenan
Barriers: Keenan’s insistence that she is better off without him.


Occupation: Ghost – Former Anthropologist
Role: Keenan’s Best Friend
Origins: Born in England and died in Persia on a dig
Attributes: Brilliant, cocky, English, suave, lady’s man

Occupation: Ghost – Former Housewife
Role: Keenan’s Mentor
Origins: Southern US
Attributes: Daughter of a New Orleans Creole conjurer, motherly, warm, smart, protective


Occupation: Portland Police Sergeant
Role: Tormentor
Origins: Vet. - Fought in Afghanistan & Iraq joined the PPB right after discharge.
Attributes: Smart, strict, cool, fair

So what do you think? This is my wide vision (keeping in mind I’m limited to what stock photos I can find and legally post). I’d love to answer any questions you have, so go ahead and comment.

I am so grateful Leanne made room for me on her wonderful blog. Thanks, girl! M:o)

Now how about a sneak peek!  


“Isabella, isn’t it?” Keenan hadn’t seen a ring on her finger, around her neck, or a Love John Forever tattoo any place noticeable, so he assumed she was available.
“Right. You’re Keenan. We met the other day.”
Usually he didn’t have problems talking to girls, but now it was harder than it had ever been. A hundred witty comebacks crowded his brain for attention, but not one of them could make it past the lump in his throat. His growing cock wasn’t going to be much help either; all it wanted him to do was blurt out, “Ya wanna?”
Bracing himself against possible rejection, and telling his cock to shut the fuck up, Keenan gathered his courage and charged into the fray. “Say listen, if you’re not…”
The elevator jarred to a halt and the doors burst open in front of them. At least fifteen people piled into the box, disregarding the “maximum occupancy” sign.
Keenan hit his back hard against the railing and suddenly found his arms full of warm, healthy girl.
The sounds around him came to a crashing halt when he fixated on those gorgeous almond eyes and full red lips. The urge to devour that mouth was irresistible. He felt like he was home. Her balmy scent marinated his brain, clouding out everything else. The velvet skin of her naked arms made his palms tingle.
A sudden terror seized him when he realized his rod stood at full attention, shouting, “Yippee!” Since the crowd had crushed Isabella against him, she must have felt it jumping like an excited dog against her stomach. To Keenan’s amazement, she didn’t say a word and smiled sweetly up at him. Her expression was almost pleased. It boggled his mind.
“Sorry,” he managed after a few precious seconds.
He let go and fully expected her to scrunch as far away from him as possible, a murmured “pervert” escaping her lips. Instead, she slid up next to him and stayed attached to his shoulder, turning her lovely breasts to the doors.
Keenan had a hard time keeping his eyes off them, noting with interest that both nipples were little rocks against the black fabric. He forced himself to focus on the bald spot on the head of the guy in front of him. He hoped to God the man wasn’t pushed back; in Keenan’s current state, it might be difficult to explain what rested against the man’s ass.

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Resplendence Publishing Books Link

I want to say Thank you Minnette for joining me here on BOOKS READ 'N' MAKEUP DONE!  You are an amazing woman and author, I hope you visit me again sometime.
Also, a thank you to all hope stop by and chat with our author :D


Grace Fonseca said…
I really like the title of this book. Love the trailer. New follower.
Minnette Meador said…
Hi, everyone! Leanne, thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful blog. Feel free to ask me questions or... tell me about your own ghost story. I'm posting a few on FB, so don't be shy. Welcome...
Leanne109 said…
Love to see new faces! Welcome to my blog Grace!
Minnette Meador said…
Hi, Grace... Thanks for joining us. :o)
Deena said…
Minnette, I love your voice, your humor, and I love this book! :D I must get it when I'm by my kindle!
Shadow said…
This is an awesome blog tour. Your book looks and sounds really good. I want to read this! I love books about ghosts. :)
daydrmzzz said…
Each stop you give a little more I'm loving it :) This is a gorgeous blog BTW.
Leanne109 said…
Thank you so much!
Vonnie Alto said…
Hi Minnette,

I love your character descriptions! Providing them explains your book more and entices us to read your story. That's very clever of you!!!

By the way, did you pay for the stock photos? How did you go about getting them? They seem to capture the essence of your characters.
SiNn said…
I love the sound of this book really i have to have it the cover wow just awesome
SiNn said…
got enterhappy lol I lovethe character descriptions and man oh man more u tease more i want
Anonymous said…
Minnette, I love the character descriptions ! Your making it so hard for me ...I want to stop reading this book and start yours ;)

Ghost story...Well, My grandpa and I were really close. He gave me an alarm clock/radio shortly before he passed away. It would turn on randomly and scare the heck out of my husband.SOO much so he made me box it up and put it in the attic. I use to just say "Grandpa is saying hello" :)

I look forward to reading 'A Ghost of a Chance' and the rest of your blog hop :)

Leanne, love your blog and YOU ROCK for supporting L.A. Banks Auction..hope everyone will go and support her, also :)

S.K. Whiteside said…
That picture of "Constance" is wrong on so many levels...lmao
Jean P said…
Love your character descriptions, laughed when I saw the pic of Constance.
I like your blog Leanne, signed up as a new follower.
Minnette Meador said…
Good morning!

You are so kind, Deena - Thank you!

Thanks, Shadow!

I agree, daydmzzz... Leanne's blog is gorgeous just like her :o)

SiNn - Thank you... I love to tease people! LOL

Thanks, Kym - Now that's weird... My grandmother gave me an alarm clock that did the same thing for about the first two weeks I had it, then it stopped. Spooky! Can you give us a link for the LA Banks Auction?

Hi, SK - Agreed... It was the closest I could find with what I had. It is shameful how few stock photos there are of African Americans! I'll see else I can come up with later... :o)
Hi, Vonnie - Yes, I bought them from 123RoyaltyFree - They cost about a $1 each and this site has a huge selection. I didn't like the one for Constance, but it was the closest they could get me.
Leanne109 said…
Minnette The link to LA Banks Auction is the Green picture on the right side near the top. The 2nd :D

Thanks all for the compliments, I really really appreciate it :)

Christine Young said…
Cute idea, a first hand look at all of the character.
Minnette Meador said…
Thanks, Christine - I think I'm blogging somewhere in the next couple of weeks naming what actors I would have play the parts... That's going to be lots of fun. I hope people who have read the book with post; it would be very interesting to see how different people perceive the characters! :o)
Minnette Meador said…
...WILL POST... dumb keyboard can't splel :o)
Christiana said…
Following this tour is definitely keeping me on my toes. I love getting this insight into a few of the other characters, and it's interesting to see a beta hero, and a more alpha heroine. I can't wait, this is just going to be too good.

p.s. Leanne, I just might have to come back here regularly. :)
*pokes* read this last night but was up too late *yawns* :) I like the characters ;) I think they are good so far.. though I don't know about the secondary characters so I"ll have to read to find out *grins*

*squishes Leanne*
Minnette Meador said…
Hi, Christina - I went outside the box on this one; a beta hero, an alpha heroine, written in 3rd Person singular (which means you only see the story through the hero's eyes (in this case) but he is not narrating), comedy paranormal, etc. I love messing with the standard formulas... I think it makes the work a little more interesting, though I think people have to get used to it.

Hi, Chelsea - You'll find out about that fellow Reggie... He's really something! M:o)
Minnette Meador said…
Oh, I keep forgetting to mention this, but Ghost is actually a very fast read (70K words), so if you wanted to put down that other book for a day, you could easily read this in a day of concentrated reading (my speed - I read a lot, but I like to take my time). :o)
Ohhh Awesome Minnette, he does seem like he'd be an interesting character (Reggie that is :D) maybe you could do a story about him? An English/cocky/brilliant ghost man sounds pretty interesting to me :D
Na said…
Great post. I like how you put the cover so big and clear. It just catches you attention. It's a beautiful cover by the way. It sounds like a fun ghost story, not scary but full of charaters who have...well character! Funny and quirky.

Minnette Meador said…
We'll have to see, Chelsea... M:o)

Na - Thanks about the cover... it was done by an amazing artist named Kendra Egert ( - She is amazing. And no, it's not scary at all... I hope. It's supposed to be a comedy... LOL M:o)
Sheila Deeth said…
Fun to see those pictures and read the characters--makes me even more eager to read the book... And a fast read sounds just what I need for a change of pace.
Vanetta Q said…
Hello, Minnette, found your blog today... Didn't have much time on the computer today but I knew I had to stop by and say hi... and your still going strong on your blog hop! :)

See ya tomorrow! Love reading another blog! :)
Minnette Meador said…
Thanks, Sheila!

Thank, Vanetta - Sorry you didn't get much time on the computer but glad to see you now! More tomorrow. :o)
Chelsea B. said…
I enjoyed getting to know your characters, Minnette! I'm looking forward to reading the book!

I loved this post, it was fun to read all the character descriptions.
Leanne109 said…
Minnette it's so great to see so many people! Thank you for being my guest!!! I appreciate it very much and I hope you will come visit my blog again :D
Kristi Knight said…
Hi, it's Kristi Blagrave Knight again. I started reading last night and was up til 1am because I couldn't put it down.
Toni said…
Every blog makes me want it more. I'm so excited about the story. I can't wait to read it.
AnnaM. said…
Loved your trailer! Your cover is nice and spooky too. This sounds like a really good book.

doxisrcool at aol dot com
Amanda said…
Wow I want to read more !!! Have ghost stories but something strange that started recently. I list my father in December and he had a deaf dog that he left behind. After his death she has started staring at the ceiling intently and getting excited barking and sometimes running in circles never taking her eyes off the ceiling. Her name is Shadow because she followed my dad everywhere. But now we are starting to call her Shadowchaser
Minnette Meador said…
Wow! so many comments... I LOVE it!

Thanks, Chelsea, Aanchal, Kristi, Toni, Anna and Amanda!

Kristi - I'm so glad you're enjoying the book.

Amanda - I'm so sorry you lost your dad. That's always tough, but Shadow is definitely telling you he's still around. Make sure to tell him yourself that it's ok to move on; that's important.

Leanne - OMG what a great blog party here! You did a fantastic job of putting this together and I can't tell you how much fun this was. Anytime you want me to come over, you just let me know.

Don't forget, everyone: I'm continue on the blog journey until July 22nd so lots of opportunities to comment. See my schedule at: -

Thank you all so much!!!!! :o) XXXOOO
SusieQTpies said…
WOW love all the comments and this sounds great.
Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog and entering the Blog Bash 2011 Giveaways! Good Luck to you. I'm also following you back.
Have a super weekend.
xoxo SusieQTpies
Minnette Meador said…
Hi, Susie! You're welcome... (fingers crossed) - Let me know if you have any questions. It's great to meet you! M:o)
Carol L. said…
Wow, Minnettee. These characters sound like Keenan's world is going to be filled with some good times :) Love the description of everyone. Sounds very interesting.
Carol L
Lucky4750 at aol dot com
Miss Lauren said…
This book sounds amazing! I added it to my wishlist!! :)

Miss Lauren
misslaurenwilk at gmail dot com
Minnette Meador said…
Thanks, Carol - Hope you get a chance to read it.

Hi, Lauren! I'm so glad... Thanks so much for stopping by... M:o)
Robin said…
I love the premise!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com
latishajean said…
I love everything I read about this book I have added it to my wishlist! thank you so much for sharing great post!
Minnette Meador said…
Thanks so much, Robin!

Thank you, Latisha - I really hope you enjoy the book! :o)
Kanya said…
Hi Minnette! Loved the introduction to your characters!
Kanya :)

Minnette Meador said…
Hi, Kanya! Glad you came over... :o)
Bookwyrm369 said…
What a great way to intro this book! Makes me want to get it right now and read it :-)

smaccall AT
Minnette Meador said…
Thanks, Bookwyrm, I hope you do! LOL I LOVE your moniker! :o)
Cynthia Garcia said…
Holy Cow! Keneen is hot!
Minnette Meador said…
I think so too, Cynthia! Welcome to the tour! :o)

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