BOOK GIVEAWAY & Toni's Review of His Bonnie Bride by Hannah Howell - 5 Stars

Hannah Howell traverses the embattled border between England and Scotland, where two warring families prolong centuries of discord...

Storm Eldon was first caught up in the war between England and Scotland as a young girl, when she and her family were held hostage by their sworn enemies, the MacLagans. Years later, Storm finds herself trapped in the clutches of her Scottish adversaries once again. Now she must fight to preserve her loyalties, guard her virtue, and resist the charms of Tavis MacLagan, her handsome Highland captor...


There is something very special about this story.  I loved the characters, the plot, well everything.  It was a real treat.  I’m having a heck of a time pinpointing the exact thing that made it special.  It’s a complete package of history, love and action with amazing characters, exciting times and a titillating plot.  If you enjoy this genre, you really should pick up a copy of His Bonnie Bride.

Storm Eldon captured my heart from the very beginning.  She was a woman born out of her time and with all of the trouble she caused, stirred and instigated; she should have been beat more.  I know you are thinking, WHAT - BEAT MORE?  It is a running joke in His Bonnie Bride. To find out what I mean, you’ll just have to read it.  But trust me, if I had an ounce of her tenacity and spunk I would have been beat too.  Storm seems to have an internal light that when it emerges, it shines brightly.  She is blessed with more than beauty, but also with a strong sense of worth and the importance of treating people fairly.  She is also a person not to be crossed.  I love how she handled her adversaries.  She is funny, smart and a person you would be proud to know.

From the moment Storm blew into Tavis MacLagan life, it was changed forever.  She is a force of nature and at their first meeting, when she was a young girl; Tavis and his whole clan knew they were witnessing something special.  Years later when another opportunity came around for him to claim her as a woman, he jumps at the chance.  Now she is his prisoner and he will possess her body, but nothing more.

Storm has an amazing ability to weave magic and capture the whole MacLagan clan with her mere presence.  I enjoyed the progression of Tavis and Storm’s relationship, life in the clan and the intricacies that it entailed.  I also appreciated the glimpse of these turbulent times and to witness how love could cure generations of fighting and change the future.  I found the storyline strong and well-paced; excellence all around.

One spoiler...BRIDE?  The title of His Bonnie Bride is a misleading title and in my opinion, a very bad choice.  The blessed event doesn’t materialize until page 309/346.  Yes, it happens after you have read almost 90% of the book.  This book doesn’t have much to do about marriage or brides.  Yes, you get to enjoy the hurdles they had to overcome to become a couple, but I feel it had to do more with how the people, as a whole, were able to get past their cultural differences and the preconceived misconceptions of labeling a person a bloody Scot or a Sassenach.

Despite the title, I utterly enjoyed His Bonnie Bride.  This is the first novel in the Highland Brides series.  But I also must mention that this is a rerelease of the previously titled novel, Amber Flame (better title IMHO).  Ms. Howell is a well-known author in this genre and I can see why.  When I get my next craving for some Scottish lovin’, I’ll be sure to check out her other releases.  Ms. Howell is very talented in her ability to draw me into the story and to become absorbed into her amazing world building.  His Bonnie Bride is a treasure and I can see myself enjoying it over and over for years to come.

Thanks for reading - Toni


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Renee G said…
I would pick Scottish --- Wouldn't you like to find out what they wear under their kilts?
Nancy Bristow said…
That's an easy question since I 'loves' kilts;)

Toni...Thank you for the heads-up, about this being a re-release since I do happen to have Amber Flame in my TBR pile. It makes me really angry when I buy a book I already have because of a title change. Seriously.

I've read Hannah Howell off and on since 2007. Highland Captive rated high on my list.
Maureen said…
I would pick Scottish because of their lovely accents.
June M. said…
Definitely a Scottish man! They have a lovely accent and KILTS ;) YUMMY!

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