Review For Dianna Love's "Honeymoon To Die For" 5 STARS!

She’s convinced he’s guilty. He knows he’s not.
Can they survive long enough to prove who’s right?

Former Slye Temp agent Ryder Van Dyke is stuck in an Atlanta penitentiary facing the death penalty after being framed for murder. When his last hope for freedom disintegrates, Ryder is offered a commuted sentence – if he helps the FBI nail a deadly criminal ... his father. But Ryder has his own plan to use this opportunity to prove his innocence, or tap his Special Forces skills to disappear because he is not going back in that cage.

FBI analyst Bianca Brady spent two long years substantiating that the head of Van Dyke Enterprises is guilty of funneling weapons to terrorists. Now all she needs is the proof. When her research leads to a potential murder conviction for Ryder Van Dyke, Bianca sees a clear path to take down Ryder’s father and to gain justice for her best friend who died at the hands of a terrorist.

Bianca’s the last person Ryder will trust after she led the charge to put him in prison, but when Ryder accepts the FBI offer there’s only one way to get an agent inside his father’s high-security family compound – as Ryder’s legal wife. The unlikely pair must navigate a minefield of deadly secrets, threats to national security, and a killer with a vendetta, to stay alive until they uncover the truth. But when Bianca becomes the killer’s next target, Ryder is forced to make a choice - give up his freedom or risk the life of the woman who’s stolen his heart. 


I have to start off with "This was such a great book!"
I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to finish, it sucked me in right away and never let go.  Another reason why I liked it so much is because there was at no point in this book a time when I got uninterested.

It's often that I read books that I have to push myself to read through until the next good part, with this book I didn't have that problem.  It was good all the way through.

Ryder Van Dyke is a well rounded character and yummy to boot.  Bad boy image but with a heart of gold.  I could see myself going gaga for this guy.

Bianca Brady is another character with a tough exterior but inside she needs compassion and passion to make her come alive.

Dianna Love wove a great story that played out with twist and turns that could rival any multimillion dollar movie out there.  I feel very lucky to have had it play out in my head ;)

If your looking for a great suspenseful, action packed thriller be sure to read this book!



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