Review for TENDERLOIN by Ty Hutchinson

Life in San Francisco could not be better for FBI Agent Abby Kane and family. With white-collar crimes dominating her work schedule, chasing deranged killers is a thing of the past, until the body of a dead DEA agent pops up in Bogotá.
Ordered to Colombia for answers, Abby’s investigation takes her deep into the Amazon jungle where she discovers evidence of strange experiments at a rundown lab. When she later crosses paths with one of the scientists involved, she learns that a new drug has been invented, and its danger isn’t the addictive high but the terrifying side effects.
Abby believes the cartels are behind the drug, but the locals think it’s one man. They call him The Monster.


First and foremost the cover of this book caught my eye like nothing else.  I love the cover!  The book itself.... I really enjoyed it to!  

As you know mystery with no romance isn't really my genre of books but I really enjoyed this one.  From beginning to end it keeps the brain rolling.  I truly didn't get who the bad guy was until the book itself revealed the person.

This read is highly imaginative and it brings the main character Abby to life.  I had no problem picturing the petite FBI woman.  She's something else.  She lost her husband and took on his 2 children as her own and with the help of her mother-in-law Po-Po she is making things work.

Abby is called away on a job and is out of her element when she is paired with a Colombian investigator.  They are trying to find out who is killing people is such unbelievable manners.

I highly recommend you read this book if your a fan of mystery, thrillers and science experiments gone terribly wrong.

4 STARS!!!!!


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