Requiem for Humanity by Joseph Sweet 4 Stars!

Book One follows groups of survivors trying to make it in the new world against increasingly overwhelming odds.

But things are changing.

The zombies are evolving, becoming smarter, and regaining their former sentience.

Humans, just barely managing to scrape by as it is - struggling to hold on to hope where there may no longer be any - will soon have to face a more horrifying and disheartening realization.

This world belongs to the dead now.

And there may soon be no place for the last remnants of the human race in the sprawling graveyard that the earth has become.


Requiem for Humanity was a great book! 

 I'm pretty new to reading zombie books but this one is one of the best in the bunch I've read.  

The only thing I disliked was the beginning.  I felt there was not enough of a back story for the beginning, I felt I was thrown into a story instead of slowly entering the tale. 

 Other than that this was a phenomenal read and I'd recommend it to any of my fellow readers!


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