One woman's campaign to win the hearts of the two men she loves. Jasmine left the Sweetwater Ranch and the Morgan brothers, no longer able to bear the painful dilemma of loving them both. After a year away, in which she gains new perspective, she returns home with one goal. To make Seth and Zane Morgan hers. Jaz may have left an innocent girl, but shes returned a beautiful, sensual woman. Seth and Zane aren't prepared for the full on assault she launches and each battle an attraction they've fought for years. She wants them both, but Seth has no intention of sharing his woman. Its up to her to change his mind because she cant and wont choose between two men she loves with equal passion. For her, its all or nothing.

This Book was steamy and heart warming all at the same time.  Jaz comes up with some pretty crazy ideas to get her men. Bikinis, handcuffs..... Need I say more?  lol  The character Seth made me grit my teeth a few times while reading this book but in the end I liked him all the more for his stubbornness.
 I guess it wouldn't be much of a book if they all gave in and there was no conflict.  SO, I'm giving this book a 3 1/2 of of 5.  The book could have been longer. 
It was a quick steamy read.  Hope y'all take the time to enjoy it as I did :D


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