Well all, I finally managed to get some makeup done and the best treat o all is that I didn't need to put it on myself lol.  I was at my Sister-in-law's house for her Birthday Celebration and my hubby just happen to need to go home and get something.  I asked him to grab my makeup while he was there so I could do some makeup on the girls.
So, he brought my makeup and I put some on my Sister-in-law and my cousin.  I adore putting makeup on others.  There's nothing like it.  It's like I'm painting a canvas and decorating all in one.  I also love putting a smile on someone' face when they see what you managed to do.  To bring out the beauty of their eyes or make their lips more luscious.  It's such a gift to be able to do that for someone else.
So on my sister-in-law I put Turquoise which was very shimmery but unfortunately it didn't how up that way in the pic.  I also put different color purples and a little bi of green on the inner bottom corners.  On her lips I had jut done a nude lip.
On my Cousin I did Green, blue and purples.  I adore this girls lashes, no need for fakes on her OMG they r so thick and long.

I have to say a huge Thank you to both of them for letting me play with my makeup and I hope they let me do again really soon.  Hugs Ladies!!!  Please tell me what you think and any looks you would like to see.


Chelsea said…
Those colors look amazing hon! Wish you lived in Florida.. would stalk you to do mine ;)
Leanne109 said…
It would be a pleasure :) Maybe someday we'll meet at a reader convention and I can get you all dolled up for the parties :D

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