I'm a SALOON GAL!!! Costume Review!!!

Plus Sized Costume

I got the opportunity to review a costume for myself and since I'm a bigger lady I went to the Plus Sized Costume section on WholeSale Costume Club.  I loved the process of picking a costume because I had so many awesome choices.  After a lot of searching and indecision I finally picked a Saloon Girl Costume.  It's a little sexy but not too revealing.
Once my decision was made I ordered it and it came in very quickly, considering that I'm in Canada it usually takes anything shipped 4 to 6 weeks to come in but the costume only took 2 weeks!
It was brought right to my door and when I opened it the costume was perfectly packed.

I took all the pieces out of the package and looked it over.  Every piece was in perfect condition, there was no loose threads, the crinoline was nice a puffy and no loose ribbons.  The material was exactly as described on the site.  Not only was the costume in perfect condition it was a perfect fit to.
I'm all set come Halloween!  See for yourself!

So....On a Scale of 1 to 10 how would I rate this costume???

A 10!!!!  I love it and I think I look like I'm suppose to LOL

I highly recommend that you visit their site, just click the links above or "LIKE" their Facebook Page:


Hubba Hubba~Sexy saloon girl you are!! I give it a 10+
Love ya
Kymberlee xoxo
Lisa said…
Yes great costume!!
Toni said…
Great choice! You look fabulous!!
Amanda Gray said…
8D What's up hot mama?!?!

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