What Would Cimil Do? GUEST AUTHOR Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

What Would Cimil Do?

For some, writing is a natural talent. Not for me. In fact, I’m known in many circles as the “Typo Queen” (bet you’ll even find plenty here.) I have to work hard at keeping those commas in check. But that’s the reason I love the craft so much. It’s my personal “mental yoga” and allows me to shut off that horrible little chatter-brain and decompress.

I won’t bore you with any further pontification on the subject. (I mean, who really cares why authors write? Just write something frigging awesome that I’m going to love! Make me laugh! Make my cry. Make me fall in love with a really hot, hot man! That’s what truly matters.)
So, instead of discussing the Wonderful World of Me and writing, I thought it would be fun to play a little game with my favorite character. I like to call it “What Would Cimil Do?” For those of you who don’t know her, she is the Mayan Goddess of the Underworld in my Accidentally Yours Series.

What Would Cimil Do?

1. Cimil is driving 100 MPH down the highway, weaving between the fast lane and the shoulder in her pink convertible Caddy during rush hour. The Monkee’s, Daydream Believer is blasting on the radio. She suddenly spots a Garage Sale sign to the right, just off the side access road.

What would Cimil do?
A. Keep driving. (She could care less about a garage sale.)
B. Begin to slow down and carefully make her way to the off ramp where she’ll turn around and safely make her way back to the garage sale. (She really loves a good bargain, but safety comes first.)
C. Make a hard right turn, cutting off a semi and fifteen passenger cars, leaving behind a massive pileup, before she plows through the guardrails and lands on the access road where she’ll follow the garage sale signs and end up planted in the neighbor’s front yard.


Cimil absolutely cannot resist a good bargain! And despite the fact that the gods are hardwired to protect humans and that Cimil has the gift of sight (she can see all possible outcomes of the future), she finds it hard to stay focused on her role.

In this case, there was a late 80s model of an original Suzanne Somers Thigh Master at that garage sale (Cimil has a collection.) Can’t ever have too many Thigh Masters, after all. In addition, the semi that just crashed was loaded with tainted milk, and the horrible man driving was an avid fan of dog fighting. He won’t ever be driving again, but he will be her next punch-boy at the annual Underworld Hoedown. The other drivers walked away with only minor injuries, and the pink Caddy…well, no pain, no gain!

All in a good day’s work! If you ask her.

I invite you to play more rounds of “What Would Cimil Do?” during my Virtual Blog Tour, where Cimil will confront topics such as:
* Blackmailing men for sex…Is it right or wrong?
* Bugs. Why are they so scary?
* Should all colors other than pink be banned?

Happy Garage Sale Hunting!


Editorial Review:

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is hysterical. This is the first in her Accidentally Yours series. Can't wait for more.

You will love Emma and the arrogant god she can't see. She does not dare let people find out she has a relationship with someone she only knows through dialogue in her thoughts. Her friends and family will think she is bonkers.

But when he calls her into the heart of the Mayan jungle to free him from some ancient ruins, with a promise to finally leave her alone after that, she finds that he is not only real, (and gorgeous) but about to further turn her world upside down.

Her desire to have a normal life, without some voice bothering her, may be a futile desire. Because desire is the word. This ruthless warrior-god is the most amazing male she has ever seen or imagined.

Emma is in big trouble. She realizes that her god is as dangerous as the other crazy gods, including my total favorite, wild and crazy Cimil. You are going to love Cimil and laugh out loud at her antics. Is she going to help Emma with the evil that has been unleashed into the world, the terrifying Uchben, or is she only going to make things worse? 


Unknown said…
Thank you for HOSTING ME!! Mimi
Brasil said…
I loved the Emma's spunky attitude, she was no wilting violet. I also loved that she had a shock threshold. She dealt with most things in as best she could and some things she didn't handle so well. She wasn't perfect, but I appreciated that as well. Of course, I loved Guy/Votan- tall, gorgeous god who can kill a man with his pinky? What's not to love. The story was well written, fun, and fast paced. I also apprecieted that while there was plenty of chemistry between Emma and Guy/Votan, that it wasn't the driving force in their relationship or in the book. There is one sex scene, a couple of steamy lead ups, but I appreciated that we weren't stopping the story to drop in sex scenes at every opporutnity (and trust me I do appreciate a good love scene).

I did get a little frustrated with Emma and Guy/Votan at times, but mostly Emma. She was a forceful personality, which I loved, but she had a tendency to fly off the handle now and think later. She didn't always listen very well and had a tendency to think the worst of Guy/Votan, which is a bit understandable given some of his choices. Still, there were times I wished she would shut up and listen. On the other hand, given the situation she found herself in and her understandable difficulty to fully assimilate everything, she was an understandable and extremely likable character, even if I didn't like all of her choices.

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