Make up Look, Purple! Making any Eye Colour POP!

Hey all!  I decided to do another makeup look, yes I know it's been a long time since my last one.
I have been super busy with life, but decided to take a time out today and do some makeup.

Here's a look that will make any eye colour pop.  It's a Smoky Purple and Grey.  On the inner corner of the eye I used white, middle it a shiny grape colour and on the outer corner blended up is a shiny black turned grey.  I then lined my eyes with a shimmery purple pencil (waterline and all)  then on top I lined it with some black shadow (not the waterline).  I then added some blue black mascara to finish it off.
My cheeks and lips just have a bit of pink :D

Of course the colours on camera never turn out the same because of the lighting and I'm no professional photographer lol.  Hope you like my latest makeup look!  If you ever have questions.... Don't hesitate to ask!



beautiful! Hugs and happy weekend wishes! P.S> I'm a linky follower now
Shanon Grey said…
I love it! Think I'll practice. Don't think I'll take a picture of me close up though.... HUGS!

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