4 Stars for Breathless by Scott Prussing!

College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old. That’s when her mom started acting weird, refusing to go outside during the day and insisting the sunlight hurt her skin because she had been bitten by a one-fanged vampire… 

But fascinated doesn’t mean Leesa believes—any more than she believes in blue fire, people who live for centuries, and kisses that can kill. When her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, she is forced to confront all these and more. 


I really enjoyed this book, it had quite the twist on what we understand vampires to be and the way they live. I like also like the hunters and how the Author made them different from any others I've read about.
I found the story to be intriguing enough to keep me interested to the very end.  I'm not a big reader of YA Novels because I find them a little tame for my tastes. However, in this book there is a normal amount of teenage lust.  I can't stand when author's leave that out and try to make characters that have none of those feelings and ideas.  I know at that age my mind was constantly in the gutter and so was my friends.  Luckily the author did not forget that when writing this books.
I enjoyed the characters and their ups and downs.  I do recommend you give this book a try, I think it's be a great series!



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