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Synopsis: Talon (Release date April 7, 2012)

Vampires only fear one name -- Talon. The elven prince and his mate, Kailani, have made it their mission to hunt down the violent vampire covens that have been destroying hundreds of innocent lives in their pursuit of selfish and depraved entertainment. Their strategy would have been fool-proof, except for one problem: Talon and Kailani are vampires too.

But when they enter a castle overrun, they realize they are out of their league. The vampire leader has stolen elven magic, something Talon takes personally and can’t fight alone. This sets them on a path of redemption, destruction and closure. Along the way, they pair up with two humans who are destined to become the family Talon craves.

Is this your typical vampire story?

NO! I don’t do anything in my writing that is ‘typical’ and love to stretch my mind beyond the norm. Talon is a uniquely blended novel that has an equal balance of Fantasy and Paranormal – the best of both worlds really. It’s also got a heavy dose of spice, something that I used to either further define the characters. So you see, I just couldn’t leave my elves and magic at home. Instead, I brought them along on this journey and I like how the merging worked out. I just wanted to give you a different spin on vampires J

Where’s the romance?

Oh boy. I totally did not just write a gory vampire story or one that is purely erotic. It’s really a heated romance with many steamy scenes peppered throughout to support the plot. The sensuality with my ‘good’ characters is spicy highlighting the love shared between those characters. They are enough to get your blood moving, I promise. But with the ‘bad’ characters, well, their moments are written in such a way they augment their demented view on the world around them. I had fun with writing each one and really cut loose with the one character Deandra, so you’ll have to tell me if you like it!

You are the best judge of all, so pick up a copy on April 7, 2012 from Eternal Press and tell me what you thought. I’ve included the link to their New Releases to make it easier to remember, so bookmark Eternal’s page and check back on April 7.

About Alice:

I graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology. I am a Marketing Professional by day, writer by night and have devoted myself to using the written word to motivate emotional responses. With my writing, I’ve proven that anything is possible if you just try, as evident by the accomplishments to date. I have written a total of nine novels, three of which are being published with Eternal Press. Talon (April 2012) is a Paranormal Romance and will be the first to release. This is followed by two books in the Flame Thrower Saga: Flame Thrower (May 2012) and A Jewel of the Kingdom (TBD), both books are Romantic Fantasy. I’ve also got one more novel (Gem) in the works and the chapters can be found on my website. I live in California with my two step daughters, two boxer dogs and a very supportive husband.

I can be reached (and please do stop by to say hello) at: 
 Twitter: @AliceWadexx!/AliceWadexx
 Facebook: Alice Wade

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Jaz said…
I am so looking forward to Talon being released. I have been lucky to read the first draft of this story and am so looking forward to reading the published works which I can only imagine will be even more amazing that the first draft.

Flame Thrower is also a joy to read and I'm eagerly awaiting that too as well as new chapters of Gem.

I have been a follower of Alice for years and am so super excited to see her dreams come true with the release of her novels. If you haven't read her work yet you're missing a treat.

Best of luck with all you do Alice. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting more :)

Shanon Grey said…
Great post. I know that a Psychology major can have a lot of fun writing...I do! Sounds terrific.
April Taylor said…
I am so excited about Talon being released in just a few weeks!! ;)
Alice Wade is an amazing author and I just get lost in the worlds she creates.

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