HONOR by Janet Dailey 5 STARS!

  With relentless suspense and a deft feel for creating men of power and character, Janet Dailey introduces three unforgettable brothers: RJ, Linc, and Deke Bannon. Rugged. Tall. Built to last. Linc Bannon has it all - and he's there every time Kenzie needs him. They share a mission: to serve their country stateside, Linc in high-level intelligence and Kenzie as an expert trainer of combat dogs. 

Independent and sexy, Kenzie is definitely one of a kind - and the only one he wants. But if you ask her, she doesn't need a hero in her life. Until two of her friends, thousands of miles apart, are suddenly struck down. One, a soldier, is dead; the other, a civilian, is barely alive. Linc goes into action and uncovers a lethal web connecting the tragic events. A killer is at large, unhinged and with unfinished business. Kenzie has no choice but to join forces with the one man who can get past her defences...

As a hidden conspiracy threatens to explode with devastating consequences, Linc is honour-bound to protect Kenzie. With all his heart, he vows to risk his life for hers...


This was a great read.  From the characters to the plot it was an all around winner.

Janet Dailey did a wonderful job creating complex characters who truly come alive.  Kenzie with her very tough exterior and Linc Bannon who is tough but sweet, all at the same time.

With a killer who is running gambit on Kenzie's nerves, Linc helps her to unravel the mystery of who has tried to kill her friend, though all may not be as it seems.

I suggest you give this book a chance, the mystery and romance are highly entertaining. My friend's would also agree since they have been bugging me to borrow my book but they cannot, it must go in my keep pile...


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