BOOK GIVEAWAY & Toni's Review of Phantom Shadows by Dianne Duvall - ***4.5 Stars***

Dr. Melanie Lipton is no stranger to the supernatural. She knows immortals better than they know themselves, right down to their stubborn little genes. So although a handsome rogue immortal seems suspicious to her colleagues, Sebastien Newcombe intrigues Melanie. His history is checkered, his scars are impressive, and his ideas are daring. But it's not his ideas that have Melanie fighting off surges of desire . . . 

Bastien is used to being the bad guy. In fact, he can't remember the last time he had an ally he could trust. But Melanie is different — and under her calm, professional exterior he senses a passion beyond anything in his centuries of experience. Giving in to temptation is out of the question — he can't put her in danger. But she isn't asking him . . .


Phantom Shadows in the third book in the Immortal Guardians series.  Ms. Duvall’s vampire world is action packed and filled with deliciously sexy immortals.  Need I say more?

Bastien could be a poster child for bad boys; gorgeous, angry, misunderstood and tortured.  Man you gotta love them bad boys!  For the last two years, he has been working with the Immortal Guardians.  All of his existence has been trying to destroy them, so it’s understandable that they are leery of him and would rather see him die a painful violent death.  His view on the situation…bring it on boys!

Melanie has watched how the immortals have treated Bastien and she is confused.  While she has seen the bad side of him, she has also seen the good.  She might not understand why everyone hates him, but she is more curious with how much she desires him.  Following her feelings, she needs to figure out how to convince him that he is worthy of her attention.  Their blossoming romance may be the last thing they should be developing right now, but it is exactly what they both need.

The battle Bastien started years ago is escalating and needs to be stopped before all hell breaks loose.  The immortals need to let the past go and Bastien needs to look towards the future and Melanie just needs to survive.  Can these three sides find a way to bring it all together and save all they know and cherish?

I’m always game for a great vampire story and Ms. Duvall doesn’t disappoint.  Her vampires have humor and brawn and for me that is a perfect combination.  In this third novel, we get to see the other side of the resident black sheep, Bastien.  I could tell from earlier books in the series that he was not what he seemed and I couldn’t wait to read more about him.  I really enjoyed the development of Bastien and the view that he really is “human” and cares deeply and will likely love even deeper.

I’m not sure if I would consider Phantom Shadows a standalone book.  Both the prior novels are referenced often and when I went back to reread a scene that I forgot, I realized how intertwined the novels are.  Ms. Duvall has done a great job with continuity and storytelling and I believe this series should be read in order. 

Phantom Shadows is a fantastic addition to a richly developed series.  The action is exhilarating and the love scenes are heart pounding.  This is top notch reading and high quality paranormal world building.  So grab the Immortal Guardians series with both hands and hold on tight.  These guys really know how to take you on a ride of your life!

My reviews of the first two in the series!!

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Maureen said…
I like watching them find their match in a heroine.
Leanne Gagnon said…
Great Review as always Toni!

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