GIVEAWAY & Toni's Review of Babycakes by Donna Kauffman ***4 Stars***

Molten Chocolate…Cinnamon Spice…Gingerbread…Old-Fashioned Vanilla…You can’t stop at just one.

And the women of the Cupcake Club love to indulge…

Kit Bellamy was raised on pie. Mamie Sue’s Peanut Pies, to be exact, the family company her scheming brother-in-law sold out from under her. Now Kit needs a new recipe for her life—and sleepy Sugarberry Island is the first ingredient. Running mail-order cupcake business Babycakes is a chance to get her baking on again—until she meets tall, dark, and adorable lawyer Morgan Westlake. New to the island to raise his goddaughter, he’s as mouthwatering as any of Kit’s creations. It’s just her luck that he’s the spawn of the very law firm that helped crush her dreams…

Fortunately, Kit’s new friends can assure her that Morgan is no typical Westlake—and that even lawyers, not to mention single dads, need romance. If Kit can just be persuaded to follow her appetite—and set another place at her holiday table—her sweetest dreams just might come true…


The Cupcake Club makes me want to pack my bags and head to southern Georgia.  Where the water is warm and the men are hot.

Kit has lost everything, so she takes a chance on a position that a friend thinks she will be perfect for.  Turns out she is.  Kit jumps at the chance for a huge change in her life, but she really has nothing else to lose.  The only reservation she has is the other new person in town, Morgan Westlake.  He just happens to be related to the very people who helped ruin her life.  Can they live together in the same small community?  Morgan seems to think so.

Morgan is interested in the mystery of Kit from the first faded smile on her lovely face.  There is just something that fascinates him about her and he will get past every brick wall she seems to be building.  Unknown to him though, the whole town is rooting for these two and will be helping him along.

Sugarberry is the place to go for fresh starts and happiness.  With its eclectic townsfolk and their ability to pull you in, you can’t help but open your heart.  

I get to meet two new people in the third installment of Babycakes.  Each have come to town for different reasons, but have many things in common.  Ms. Kauffman did a wonderful job helping me connect with both of them and also helped me reconnect with this great little town.  It maybe fictional, but I would visit Sugarberry in a flash.  The buildup of their relationship was well paced and how the town embraced and helped heal them both made it all the more special.

I have enjoyed the Cupcake Club series from the very beginning.  It is a feel good series, with sexy romance, true friendships and heart healing love.  It will make you smile, your heart beat and laugh out load.  You can’t beat a book that will wrap around your soul and snuggle you tight.  Tasty reading at its best!

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Dannyfiredragon said…
I absolutely love chocolate cupcakes
Maureen said…
Cheesecake is my favorite.
Krystal Dunlap said…
I like chocolate covered strawberries.
Anonymous said…
Key Lime Pie

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