April 13, 2011

I received my Jimmy Thomas calendar today that I won from Delilah Devlin on Wild&Wicked Cowboys Blog.  I adore that blog not just because it's about cowboys but because it's full of amazing authors and they get great guests.
I have been reading but mostly just short stories and since the titles have not stuck in my head or made me think, "oh wow I need to blog about that"  I figured they weren't worth the time.
Today we went to get our kids their Easter gifts, I'd tell you what we got but I can't guarentee my daughter won't check out my blog lol
I'm glad she can read but I miss the days hubby and I could exchange notes to keep things a secret.  Soon our son will be able to read just as well and we'll have to become really creative lol.
Now since Easter is coming I was thinking that sometime this week or on the weekend I'm going to try an Easter makeup look... Not gonna draw an egg or bunny on my face but try to use pastel colors and come up with either a glam or everyday look that can be done, maybe I'll do both.

Som, check back for my next post :)  Also, I have added some of my older makeup looks to this page, look way down at the bottom for some pictures of my older looks.
Hope you Enjoy!


Toni said…
Oh yes, he is lovely!!
Leanne109 said…
You should see the other pics! WOW!

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