Easter Makeup

As promised I did 2 makeup looks.  The 1st is a soft pastel look, I wanted it to look wearable and romantic.

The Second look I did is more of a Glamour or High Fashion type.  I was trying to make my eye look like an Easter Egg lol  Not sure if it does or not but I think the colours blend well together.


Talina Perkins said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I love each sample! How did you apply the colors? That would be so interesting to see. I love make-up, but I am not so talented at applying different hues as you have, Leanne. The golden color around your inner eye is beautiful, but the hardest part for me to get right. BTW, your teal eyes are stunning! I just had to point that out!;-)

Leanne109 said…
Thank you Talina, I'll try and do that next time for sure :) The most important part of applying eyeshadow is putting on a Primer so the colours pop, it's just like a painter, u have to prime the canvas :) then I applied each colour from left to right on the top and then left to right on the bottom. I then put on my eyeliner and last curled my eyelashes and out on mascara.
Renae said…
What gorgeous eyes. I wish I could do that...mine looks pretty much the same everyday. Thanks for sharing!
Leanne109 said…
Thank you Renae :D I'd be happy to give you tips on how to change up your look anytime :)

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