Hi ALL! 



We'll be taking a 24 Hour Cruise in the Mediterranean to celebrate and if that's not enough for a good time there's tons of prizes to be given away!  Thanks to our many friends here at BRNMD.

Our friends have each brought something for us all to enjoy, for instance Lisa Beth Darling has brought lots of Rum to drink.
Deena Remiel brought us some great music to dance to!

How about we start our tour of the Cruise Ship and I'll let you know what else our friends have brought to the party.

Here is the Main Lobby, on the wall next to the staircase you'll find the maps.  I'm sure they'll come in handy because this place is huge!

The next place that we are sure to enjoy fully is the pools and the surfing waves, lots of eye candy!

Amanda Gray wasn't sure what she wanted to bring so I thought maybe I'd ask her to bring the boogey boards and surfers ;)

How about we visit the Spa to?  A great place to relax, unwind and gossip.  While there we can enjoy some of the delicious chocolate treats Authors Kallysten and JL Oiler brought for us to all share. From the Spa we'll go for some lunch at one of the many restaurants.  How about we stop at the buffet that has been set up by some more of our friends.  You can have a chance to taste Mysterious's Mysteries Potato Salad or Kat Deacon's delicous Tropical Rum Cakes.   Or we could all dress up and go to a dinning room that very fancy.

Gray Toast brought the perfect thing for us to dress up for this dinning experience.  "Enchanted Rings that shoot fireworks and enchanting spells"  how fabulous! 
If your not hungry we could all head to one of the many bars or dance clubs.  One of them is featuring the band "Train"  kindly provided by Author Lauren Hunter.

While we get our groove on we'll enjoy some of the Tequila that Erika Hayden provided along with her sparkling personality and wit.  Hehehehe at least that's what she told me she was bringing, bet she thought I wouldn't actually post it :D  There's lots of streamers, balloons, noise makers and glow sticks around the bar thanks to E.H. James for bringing them along.  Our servers here at the bar are actually Fallen ANGELS in hiding and guess you provided them....
Kat Deacon did ;)  @mamaboo7907 has also brought swag book goodies to pass around and mango mai tais for all.

Your all welcome to go play shuffle board or max and relax pool side. There's so many great things to see and do.  You could also go visit Shanon Grey's Magic Shop or J.L. Spelbring's Cupcake Emporium. 

If at any time you feel a little sea sick your welcome to go visit Marilyn Baron's room because she brought Ginger snacks to help with that and also there are some male nurses around in case you need some TLC.  
As our Party comes to an end after 24 hours of partying hardy we'll be giving away some prizes.  Listed below are what each person is up to on the ship and the prizes they have provided.

Thank you all so much for the support and for being part of this milestone for BOOKS READ 'N' MAKEUP DONE.  I also want to say thank you to someone who is extremely important to this site, she provides a lot of reviews and giveaways on this site and it would be nothing without her.  Thank you so much TONI!!! 
Now without further ado here is what our friends are up to and what they are giving away to you.

Deena Remiel is swimming with the dolphins and will be giving away:  Winner's choice of one of her Ebooks.

Mysterious's Mysteries is being mysterious and hiding around any corner, they'll be giving away:  A Short Story called "The Christmas Flower"

Lisa Beth Darling is doing absolutely nothing! LOL She said: "I want to sit in the sun and have little rum drinks brought to me on demand by a really hot waiter."  She will be giving away:  1 Ebook of "OBSESSION" 

Shanon Grey has set up her laptop way above everyone so she can write and watch dolphin and people below having fun. She says "I'll sip wine and eat lobster and have people available if I need anything.  In other words, I'll be spoiled rotten."  She will be giving away:  3 Digital versions of her book "The Shoppe of Spells".

Amanda Gray will be showing everyone how to make "Hurricane's" at the bar.  She will be giving away:  A $5 Amazon.com Gift Card.

Gray Toast will be performing Super awesome pyrotechnics and fighting stunts for your entertainment.  Gray will be giving away:  A $5 Amazon.com Gift Card.

Marilyn Baron will be sitting on the deck, looking at the ocean and reading.  She plans to start with her own new humorous women's fiction, "The Edger".  Then she'll move on to some other Kindle books.   She'll be giving away:  A Free PDF copy of "The Edger" her new humorous women's fiction book.

Kat Deacon wants you all to join her in dancing the "Conga"!  She has a few sexy angels that want to dance the night away!  She will be giving away:  A copy of her Ebook "The Gift"

Lauren Hunter is also laying around and soaking up the sun.  She will be giving away:  1 Ebook copy of her paranormal romance "The Coffee Shop"

E.H.James will be eating and then eating more lol!  E.H. is giving away:  1 Ebook copy of her paranormal short "Laura"  and 1Ebook   paranormal short story  "The Visitor's Room"

@mamaboo7907 is off eating everything she can, checking out hot guys, getting tipsy and dancing since she is tipsy and doesn't care who sees her. LOL Then she'll shop and try not to get sun poisoning while swimming or reading by the pool.  She will be giving away:  Assorted book swag and a couple of signed books. 
(US and Canada ONLY)

Kallysten wants to meet everybody, dance, snorkel, swim, lounge in the sun, try new cocktails and new food.   Then she'll write about it all...  She'll be giving away:  5 Swag Bundles (bookmarks, postcards, romance trading cards, magnets, ect.) 

J.L. Spelbring wants to relax under the sun with a drink complete with a skewer of fruit and umbrella.  J.L. will be giving away:  Bookmarks of "PERFECTION" which is only out in May 2013!

JL Oiler will be found dancing and drinking with her buddies! JL will be giving away:  A $5 Amazon.com Gift Card

Erika Hayden will be enjoying her "little time away from kids" and she'll be shopping away with the company of her friends.  She'll be giving away:  Winner's choice of 2 BOOK BUDDIES

WOW!!!!!! Talk about some awesome prizes!  Thank you so much all!  Now the way to win these great prizes is to POST POST POST!
The more you chat and post the more chances you have to win!  Not too hard I hope :D
Well, I hope everyone has an awesome time, let your imaginations flow and begin the party!




Leanne Gagnon said…
Yami Neko said…
Wow LE! You got some awesome things going on.. And Rum! Umm this makes me think we should hide the rum in case we get hi-jacked by some pirates ;)
slappylilly said…
Awesome cruise! You out did yourself!
Leanne Gagnon said…
Only thanks to the sponsors, they r all so amazing and thanks so much for coming! Grab some drinks and explore :D
Amanda Gray said…
I wanted to drop in and say Hello! I am working this weekend so my attendance will be spotty but I will be here!
Leanne Gagnon said…
So glad you came to Amanda :D
Tiana Dawn said…
I thought I'd peek in and say Hi Leanne. I'm sure to be around again later.

Deena said…
Came out of the water and swimming with the dolphins to tell ya, "Happy Anniversary!" MWuaaaH!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. Everything on the ship looks wonderful. I never get seasick but I've got plenty of ginger cookies in case any one else does.

Marilyn Baron
Anonymous said…
Thought I'd stop in and say hello to everyone. Hope you enjoy the party. I'll check in from time to time to see how the party's going. ;)

Lauren Hunter
June M. said…
Happy Anniversary! Great guests, I just hope I don't get sea sick, lol.
Oh WOW! My bags are packed. Can I sneak in on the cruise also? It looks awesome. Happy One Year Anniversary!!!
Anonymous said…
Hope your anniversary is going swimmingly.
Marilyn Baron
Leanne Gagnon said…
Good Morning everyone!!! I hope you'll all enjoy the wonderful breakfast that's been set up by the pool just for us :D
Bama said…
am I late?! :(
MichelleMB said…
Congrats Leanne on the 1 year anniversary of your wonderful blog! Party hard everyone :D As for me - going to take something and lay down and try to breathe. Bleh - I hate being sick
Tiana Dawn said…
Aw Michelle, take care. Leanne Over the past year, I have learned to love the Blogs of Readers and Writers alike for finding new and interesting books, your's is one of my favorites, although usually I lurk, I'm thankful that you take the time to do it. :)

Toni said…
Hey Babe!!

Sounds like a great time. Thank you for giving me a place to share the love of books. You're the best!

Let's get this party hoppin'!!
April London said…
Congrats on your first anniversary!!!!!! Woo woo!!!!
ShanonGrey said…
Just what I needed after a hard day! I will sip my wine cooler and nosh on steamed shrimp, while editing Meadow's Keep. :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on 1yr!! Great party!! I'm going to grab a little bite and then find a hottie to nibble on!! <3

Erika Hayden
ShanonGrey said…
I forgot to say congratulations. CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary! I know you helped get me going! And have been such a great friend. LOVE AND HUGS>
slappylilly said…
May you have many more wonderful years. HUGS and Kisses
Chrisbails said…
Happy blogaversary. Congrats on the 1 year and many more to come. Love this blog, love the great book and author recommendations. What a great giveaway, lots of awesome authors.
Leanne, I just wanted to swing by and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on the blog! :) It's amazing its been a year already. I concur with the blog comment without Toni! My blog would be nothing without her as well! She's completely amazing.. she does both our blogs and reviews for like 3 different places! I'm lucky she was willing to help me too LOL :)

I see lots of awesome authors *hugs* And this looks like a fun bash! I would kill for one of those Mai Tais! I'm so sorry I'm late to your party.. we had a all day concert thing and then my friend/neighbors bday was today and I'm just NOW at almost 10pm sitting down to relax... I think I'll take my mai tai into the spa room.. a massage would be most welcome :)
ShanonGrey said…
I'm so beat! After a great performance, I found my cabin all ready for my retiring, rose and chocolate on the pillow, a small flute of champagne, and a novel. Enjoy the night!
Bobbie B said…
I'm sorry I am late to the dance floor.. I kinda got tied up with some pool boys... =)

Leann, Congrats sweetheart!!!

*waves* Hi everyone!! Have fun and don't fall off the boat... LOL

BobbieB aka mamaboo7907
Leanne Gagnon said…
Thank you all so much for your support!!! It's been such a wonderful day! I adore being your friend and thanks soooo much for making this party all that and more!
Anonymous said…
Hope everyone had a great time!

Lauren Hunter
Anonymous said…
Congrats Leanne on your anniversary!

E. H. James
Just stopping by again to say Happy Anniversary again and hope it was a good one. I think I'll visit the spa now. Had alot of people over today and need to de-stress.

pefrw at yahoo dot com

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