5 STARS for Lisa Jackson's "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW"

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson comes a gripping novel of suspense where a mother’s worst fear is only the beginning of a terrifying nightmare…

In Ava’s dreams, her son, Noah, looks just the way she remembers him: a sweet two-year-old in rolled-up jeans and a red sweatshirt. When Ava wakes, the agonizing truth hits her all over again. Noah went missing two years ago, and has never been found. Almost everyone, including Ava’s semi-estranged husband, assumes the boy drowned after falling off the dock near their Church Island home.

Ava has spent most of the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, shattered by grief and unable to recall the details of Noah’s disappearance. Now she’s back at Neptune’s Gate, the family estate, her strength slowly returning. But as Ava’s mind comes back into focus, she can’t shake the feeling that her family, and her psychologist, know more than they’re saying. Are they worried for her well-being—or anxious about what she might discover?

Ava secretly visits a hypnotist, hoping to restore her memories. But the strange visions and night terrors keep getting worse. She is sure she’s heard Noah crying in the nursery, and glimpsed him walking near the dock. Is she losing her mind, or is Noah still alive? Ava won’t stop until she gets answers, but the truth is more dangerous than she can imagine. And the price may be more than she ever thought to pay…


This story story starts off quite slow and is a little hard to follow but once you get into the gist of the book your hooked line and sinker.  

The story begins with a mother who has totally lost her marbles after losing her baby.  She's having dreams or rather nightmares of him and swears she hears him crying for her.  After jumping in the near by lake Ava begins to get her wits about her and weans herself off the medication she has been given daily.
This is when she finally begins to wonder if her roaming mind might be caused by others trying to make her think she's crazy.  From then on she slowly begins to take her life back and truly become the woman she use to be.  Ava slowly unravels conspiracy after conspiracy while trying to keep herself from succumbing to the feeling that she really might be insane. 

 This book has very well rounded characters and though there are many of them it's quite easy to differentiate each one from the other.  I cannot stand reading a book where you can't figure out which character is which.  Lisa Jackson writes her characters wonderfully.  Each has their own personality and traits.  Her characters are imaginative and wonderfully written.  The main character is Ava, she's the mother who lost her baby and has been through so much.  The emotions and frustration she feels truly comes out in in the way Lisa tells this character's story.  Each character has a strong role in this book but they never truly outshine Ava.

The Book started a little slow for me because there was no big action scenes or mind grabbing dialogue but I continued through a few chapters and the book finally grabbed me and I could not put it down.  The plot became intriguing with it's twists and turns.  I just had to know what would happen next or what clue would be revealed.  There was a mystery or two to be solved and I wanted to solve it.

In all honesty I usually get a book like this completely solved before half the book is read, but not in this case.  I had no clue "who done it" until the very end.  It was great!  I highly recommend you read this book if your looking for something that will keep you guessing.  It was a outstanding read and a perfect way to spend my weekend!

5 STARS!!! 

 HERE IS THE LINK TO THIS BOOK:  http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/finditem.cfm?itemid=20824

On Sale Date: August 7, 2012


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