Chocolate Lovers Beware: Homemade Brownies!

Next to straight-up fudge, is there anything that the chocolate lover’s tastebuds relish more than the fluffy, rich, textured and still-warm taste of a homemade brownie? While fudge (with either mint or peanut-butter) may take the crown for King of Chocolate, brownies are much easier to make. This gives brownies an edge in the debate (if you weren’t aware of this debate, it exists now!).

So, now that the debate between brownies and fudge has been decided in brownie’s favor, how should you go about making a brownie that can back up that claim? All brownie recipes have similar ingredients: eggs, sugar, butter, and so on. The trick to creating a brownie that lives up to its title as Champion Chocolate is to supplement the usual star ingredients with something extra. Think butterscotch chips, brown sugar, and my personal touch, chopping up semi-sweet chocolate into chunks instead of the comparatively blasé Tollhouse chips that everyone assumes Mom loves. Hint: Mom likes Peanut-butter Marbled Brownies and/or Cheesecake Brownies better than your Betty Crocker mix and Toll House chip brownies.

Remember: Baking the best brownies is challenging, but not impossible. Next time you make brownies, do some research and add those extra ingredients to make sure that the Brownie will continue to successfully defend its choco-champion’s title from contenders like Fudge. If you are not up to the challenge, get some hands-on learning at a pastry school.


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