Toni's Review of Sugar Rush by Donna Kauffman ***4.5 Stars***

When baker extraordinaire Leilani Trusdale leaves New York City for Georgia's sleepy Sugarberry Island, her past follows in the form of her former boss, Baxter Dunne. Baxter, otherwise known as Chef Hot Cakes, wants to film his hit cooking show in her tiny cupcakery. 

Last time they worked together, Baxter's molten chocolate brown eyes and sexy British accent made Lani's mouth water and her cheeks blush the colour of raspberry filling...

Lani's friends are convinced that this time around, Baxter is the missing ingredient in her recipe for happiness. But convincing Lani will be a job for Baxter himself. And he'll need more than black velvet frosting to sweeten the deal...


I will try not to add too many food comments and antidotes to my review, but be warned it might happen, because this is one SWEET story.  Darn, it already happened!

Leilani “Lani” Trusdale had it all in New York.  She had a wonderful career as Executive Chef at Gateau and amazing friends.  She gave it all up the moment her father had a health scare.  Now she can’t be happier.  She is living the American dream of bring her own boss.  Her life has calmed down and relaxed, but that is all going to change.  Lani’s ex boss is coming to town and things are going to get a bit hot in the kitchen.

Baxter Dunne is a mega star.  He has the golden touch and always gets what he wants and he wants Lani.  He knew all along that she special, but didn’t realize how much until she left him and his restaurant ten months ago.  Now he is on a mission.  He wants her back in his life, any way he can have her.

Lani is a new woman and she is someone that Baxter doesn’t recognize but is still unwilling to give up.  She is strong willed and resolute to not allow him back in her life.  Lani has had feelings for Baxter pretty much from the moment she met him.  Now that she has a life and career away from him, she believes he has no place in hers.  Baxter is just as determined to change her mind. 

What a wonderful roller coast Lani and Baxter has taken me on.  While I was reading I couldn’t see how they were ever going to be together.  Ms. Kauffman did a fabulous job keeping me on my toes and kept me clueless until the very end.  Their love story was entertaining and enchanting at the same time.

Lani was one tough cookie to crack.  She wasn’t about to give Baxter a single inch and I enjoyed it when she blew his condescending views out of the water.  I loved him all the more for his hard work and determination to win her heart.  At times I wanted to dislike him, but then he would open up and I could see his reasoning behind his past and present actions.

I also really enjoyed the addition of the recipes in the back of the book and that a blog for this series has been developed.  What a fun way to continue the joy of cupcakes.

So to wrap it up…I truly loved this book.  It was well written and executed.  A superb plot line that was entertaining and delish.  Yes, I know I slipped in a few food references, but once you read this delectable tidbit of sweet romance you will wonder how I refrained so well. 

Sugar Rush is not to be missed, just like Ms. Kauffman’s Gingerbread Cupcakes in the back of the book.  Hurry - rush out and get this book.  Don’t forget to stop at the grocery store for your baking supplies, because this book and these two characters are going to make you want to do some cooking both inside the kitchen and out.  Cupcakes have never been this sexy!

Thanks for reading!! - Toni


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