5 Stars for Marilyn Baron's "A Choir of Angels"

A Choir of Angels

A heartwarming supernatural tale of a family’s tragedy and a wedding promise unfulfilled. How far will a mother go to sing at her daughter’s wedding? Nothing, not even a little thing like death, is going to cheat Rhonda Paver out of celebrating the happiest day of her daughter’s life. Even if she has to cross over to the other side to do it.

This story warms the heart and make you laugh, though it is short it's worth reading.  A wonderful mother who will do anything for her child, Rhonda makes sure to be there to help her daughter choose a wedding dress and sing at her daughter's wedding.  There is the perfect amount of humour and sadness.  One minute you are smiling and the next your heart is heavy.  For such a short story the emotions it incites is amazing.  "A Choir of Angels" is truly worth reading, all components of a great read are there and it will leave you smiling.


Nice review. I totally agree. A Choir of Angels is a feel-good read.
Linsey Lanier said…
"A Choir of Angels" certainly is worth reading. I laughed out loud and cried at the end. Marilyn is a talented writer.

Tami Brothers said…
Very nice review! I loved this story. I could really connect with Rhonda wanting to be there for her girl.

Great story.


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