Author Debra Webbs and her New Start "DIRTY"

The author of this book Debra Webb is such a special lady and author. Last July Debra was in an accident and was very hurt. She lost the use of her Right arm and hand.  You can imagine how devastating that had to be for her because it was her writing hand.  With courage and determination she has forged through her disability and has written this book.  To Quote Brenda Webbs "This feels like a new beginning with all kinds of potential!"

Dirty by Debra Webb

Mystery/Thriller Romance

Jackie Mercer is a 45 year old Knock-out Private investigator/Bondsman.  She's Sassy and Sexed up.
She has taken over her Uncle's business "Mercer Detective Agency". She's in need of a partner since her uncle has retired.  In comes Ex-cop and heart throb Mr. Derrick Dawson.  A mystery turns up for them to investigate and it stirs up lots of trouble.  Will they find out the truth before it's too late?  Well you're going to have to read it to find out!

Though Jackie knows she's hot she has some self-esteem issues and at her age she enjoys a good romp like any other woman.  I feel many of us can relate to this character.  She smart and not scared to say what needs to be said.  Jackie is a woman after my own heart.
My Favourite quote from the book is "I'm a Private Investigator who does a little bounty hunting on the side. And your ass is mine, Darling".  That sass added to the class she has, well it made for a great read.
The action continues throughout the book with barely a boring moment. The book kept me guessing all the way through and I was happily surprised by the ending.  If your looking for a great read then this is a perfect book for you!


Debra is an inspiration to me. At times I've let medical problems discourage me from writing, but she's overcome something much more daunting for a writer.

The story sounds fun and sassy! Congratulations and good luck!
Amanda said…
There is nothing better than getting up dusting yourself off and taking what you want out of life. Great review Leanne. The place looks nice

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