"How to Date A Werewolf" Review

"How to Date A Werewolf"
Rose Pressey

Riley is a werewolf who owns Mate Dating Service and she is more than happy to step in and lend a hand to lonely lycanthropic hearts all over town.  Riley is a no nonsense girl with a pension for disaster.  Rylie is convinced she is out of luck for love herself due to a family curse that affects only her but when she meets Jack Chandler she is really hoping this curse will end.
There is an instant attraction between Riley and Jack, you can feel the sparks fly when they look into each others eyes.
I loved how Riley seemed to stay pretty well unconcerned by the disasters that kept happening to her. The messes that happen are pretty funny and the fact that she cries a purse filled with razors and shaving cream well the book will keep you giggling throughout. It will also keep you guessing about who is responsible for all the craziness. 
Riley has a best friend and roomate called Lily and she is very funny and adds alot of spice to the book and makes things a little harder for Riley to handle but it's all because she cares and is trying to help.  I know if I had such a helpful roomate I'd move. LOL
If I could have changed just one thing in this book I would have put just one hot and heavy makeout scene ;) But that's just me and the gutter brain talking. :D
If you want a FUN, Adventurous, Laugh Riot of a Book!  Then this is the book for you.
I Honestly enjoyed it from beginning to end and I recommend it whole heartedly if your in need of a uplifting and fun read.


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