Make up Recommendations and how to use!

 This is a Primer for your eyelids, it is used to ready your eyelids for eye-shadow. Just like a painter it's best to prime your canvas so that the colours stay on well, are bright and so the colour doesn't crease.  To apply you just take out the wand and apply a little to your eyelid and then take your finger and spread the lotion across the bottom and top of your eyelid until it is all covered.  Then your ready for some eye-shadow!

Here is a great eye-shadow palette.  It has lots of beautiful colours that you can mix and match.  It's pretty much a do all-in-one.  For most this one palette would be enough to make your whole eye-shadow collection.  There are so many looks that can be done with eye=shadow.  Just try anything!  Experiment! Don't be scared to make a mistake because it can be washed off!  In makeup there are no rules!

I'd like to recommend this Cheek highlighter to those ladies who like a nice shine that makes you look Dewey.  It gives a great highlight and makes your skin look refreshed and healthy.  You apply this to the apples of your cheeks and sweeping it up towards the temple and hairline... A little goes a long way with this...

So these are my recommendations for today!  Hope you enjoy them!


Talina Perkins said…
Once hitting Stateside I am ordering ALL OF THESE!!! I love them all. I want the primer and the eye shadow kit so bad I can already feel them in my hot little hands! :-)

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