Back to the 80's then brought it back to 2011

I have decided to start working on Halloween makeup looks and the first look I did was an 80's Pop Star look.  Now, this is what my daughter is going to be for Halloween and I will most likely do the same look for her but add a lightening bolt to her cheek.
Here it is on paper.

For the look I did I did a full foundation and primer all over, darkened my eyebrows because they are naturally blonde.  I also contoured my face to make my cheeks more prominent.  For most of my makeup I used Mae Minerals.
Here are some pictures of me in my 80's look for Halloween minus the lightening bolt.

When I was done doing this look I wondered to myself if it would be possible to take this 80's look back to 2011.  I cleaned off a little bit of the colour and blended the blue (Peace from Mae Minerals) and I'm good for the day.  I managed to make an old look new :)

Well that's my first Halloween look for the season, the rest will be a lot more intricate be sure keep an eye out for it!



Candice said…
Love the look! I'm your newest GFC follower and would love for you to follow back :)
Heaven Liegh said…
I love the make-up!!! You did an wickedly awesome job!
Jennifer said…
Gorgeous eyes! Except of course in the 80's we put makeup on with a trowel - the idea was to completely erase your face and start again.
Leanne109 said…
Thanks to the camera your not able to see it but believe me there was lots of it on lol I'm lucky that the products I use do not show on the camera, it's suppose to look flawless :)
Thank you for the great compliments all, it's very much appreciated. I'm going to try something a little harder next.
Julie Jansen said…
Love the look, Leanne!
Carol Kilgore said…
I need you to do my makeup. I'm like slap it on in five minutes with my eyes closed.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today!

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