Toni's Review of Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain ***3.5 Stars***

Scheduled for an October 4th release.

Two Sisters...

Julia Herington is overjoyed when her stepsister, Louisa, becomes engaged--to a viscount, no less. Louisa's only hesitation is living a life under the ton's critical gaze. But with his wry wit and unconventional ideas, Julia feels James is perfect for Louisa. She can only hope to find a man like him for herself. Exactly like him, in fact...

One Choice...

As the new Viscount Matheson, James wished to marry quickly and secure his title. Kind, intelligent Louisa seemed a suitable bride... until he met her stepsister. Julia is impetuous--and irresistible. Pledged to one sister, yet captivated by another, what is he to do? As Christmas and the whirl of the London season approach, James may be caught in a most scandalous conundrum, one that only true love, a bit of spiritous punch--and a twist of fate--will solve...


Lord Matheson needs a wife posthaste and he asking the first lovely lady that piqued his interest and that was his first mistake!

James has a few problems. First, he is engaged to an eloquent, intelligent, and enchanting woman that he doesn’t love. Second, he has to get married quickly to defuse the scandal that has befallen his sister and her daughters. Third, and the worst yet, he is in love with his fiancĂ©’s sister. What is a Viscount to do?

When you envision a proper lady you see Louisa Oliver. Demure, proper and lovely, she was a perfect choice to become the next Viscountess. She is the complete opposite of her step sister, Julia Herington. Julia is impetuous, speaks her mind and is very vivid. These two women grew up together forming an unbreakable bond.

Julia is ecstatic about her sister’s engagement. Julia is unschooled in love and it doesn’t become clear to her right away that she is developing feelings for James. So she does what every respectable lady would do, she sets out to deter those feelings and to find herself a suitable husband. The London ton won’t know what hit them.

Poor Lord Matheson, he has countless problems and he still needs to maneuver the mazes of the ton. Society has been a thorn in his side all his life and now that he has found the perfect woman, he is not allowed to pursue her. Constant encounters, growing feelings and clueless vexing relatives are the least of his concerns. His head knows what needs to be done, now if only he can get his heart to agree. He must relinquish Julia once and for all.

This was a relaxing enjoyable read. The story was slow starting but engaging. The subject matter was handled extremely well. When you have a man who is engaged to a woman that he doesn’t love, but falls in love with her sister, you cannot have a rushed story. Ms. Romain was able to write a believable book that was thought out and thorough, an absolute joy. The last third of the book was absolutely the best and worth the journey to get there.

Season for Temptation is an entertaining read with an unconventional love triangle, quirky relatives and well placed humorous moments; a romantic tale for the senses.

Thanks for reading - Toni


Chrisbails said…
I love the cover of this book. I love the white on white. she has the perfect skin color to be on the white on white background. I am a huge cover lover and if I see a cover that I like I will generally get the book. This is a good cover.

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