Saturday, September 17, 2011

Halloween Makeup Looks

Hi All!

I've been working on ideas for Halloween, I was supposed to do a look today but wanted to work on my ideas a little further.
In order to work out these ideas I tried them on paper first.  

Here are a few:

This is the makeup look I've come up with for my daughter.  She will be dressed up as a 80's Pop Star.

This is my Flamingo look in real life this look will have Hot pink Feather lashes with it.

This is the Lizard look.  I will add more colour on the eye with the circles and regular black fake lashes.

Well these are a few looks that I'll be doing in real life and will be posting from now to Halloween.  I also will be using a lot of Mae Minerals products, I'll be sure to add a link where you can buy them if you want to. Hope you enjoyed my looks!



Kym said...

Great Ideas ! Looking forward to seeing them when your finished :)

You sure have a gift !!


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