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I'm very proud to introduce Author Bambi M Gray to Books Read 'N' Makup Done.  She has a wonderful series out and I had the pleasure of reading her first book in the series and I loved it.  I hope that you will give her a warm welcome!
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Tree Knot Gazette’s Field reporter Tammy Foliage was lucky enough to catch up with Mia
Sanders and the Iron Heart Faction. This is her story.

Super creepy hotel. Not my idea of a great place to do an interview. I was headed out to meet up
with Mia Sanders. I’m sure you’ve heard by now about this remarkable dhampiresa. Born to a
vampire father and human mother is remarkable but on top of that she has some dark secrets
(that include a notoriously evil individual) and a quest Mia and her group are on. Also a little
love triangle has come to be. To sum it up we have some dark secrets, a love triangle, and an
important quest all explained in this interview. So sit back and enjoy.
Now back to the super creepy hotel that I was headed to. Almost to the door I was met by Loki,
fairy friend of Mia, and yes she is really scary in person. From Loki I learned there was a change
in venue and we headed down to the super creepy docks. As we arrived at the docks I took the
whole scene in. Gabriel, Mia’s father, was leaning up against his motorcycle, Viktor, Mia’s
friend and werewolf, stood next to Gabriel, and further down the docks sat Mia and her rumored
boyfriend Aidan, also vampire, softly talking to each other.

 Loki gathered everyone and made
introductions in a very rude manner. We then sat down a got right to it starting off with Mia.
Interviewer: First off thank you so much for this interview. I know you are busy and is Loki
always like that or is it just me?
Mia Sanders: No problem and yes Loki (making a face) is a royal pain in the ass to everyone so
don’t take it personal.
I: Laughing Ok. Just making sure. So give me an idea what it’s like to be a dhampiresa?
MS: Well, it sucks big time. Rolling eyes. That’s not completely true. I mean there are parts of
it that are totally cool like how strong and quick I am but I have a little problem with how I came
to be and my blood.
I: What problem is that?
MS: You want to field this one Gabriel?
Gabriel: I will. Long story short I went to a demon to so I would be able to have a child with
Mia’s mother. I was granted my wish but in turn Mia’s blood was cursed and now I am trying to
lift the curse.
I: Curse? Wow that is a problem. So is this demon known?
G: Yes, it was Zarek.
I: Another wow. You don’t mess around do you Gabriel?
G: No. It was what Mia’s mother and I both wanted and this was the only way to get it.
I: So any details on what the curse is about?
MS: That is not up for discussion. Period.
I: Uh ok. So why don’t you don’t call Gabriel dad?
MS: Gabriel has been trying to lift the curse so I didn’t even know him until recently. It’s been
weird and I’m not quite ready. Hell, I’m not even sure he’s ready.
No comment but a smirk from Gabriel.

I: I see. So how would you go about lifting this curse?
MS: Slightly agitated I said it once and I’m not saying it again. Off limits (Mia signed this in
the air also). Got it?
I: Yes I do. Ok, so before this problem with your blood came to light how was life before this?
MS: Sigh Terrible. I grow super fast. I’m only four but obviously I don’t look it. Nathan and I
were always moving around. He was always so paranoid about anyone finding out.
I: Who is Nathan?
MS: Nathan is my mother’s brother. Giggling He has helped me through everything from
protecting me from all the other supes that we’re drawn to me to getting me blood to drink.
I: Do you only drink blood?
MS: No, I can eat normal food too but I have to have blood to live. Only animal blood. No
biting allowed. Nathan’s rule not mine.
I: Nathan sounds strict.
MS: He can be or was.
I: Why was?
MS: Zarek is unhappy about the curse being lifted so he poisoned Nathan and we are trying to
get the antidote to save him.
I: That’s a lot on your plate Mia. How goes the search?
MS: We’re on the right track but you’re slowing us down so next question please.
I: Right. There have been a few rumors going around that you are being fought over. Care to
comment on that?
MS: Ugh. Stupid boys. I’ll state right now and here that I have a boyfriend and it’s Aidan.
I: So the rumors about Viktor and you are untrue?
Viktor: Well not completely untrue. We had a thing, decided to wait because of the whole
Nathan thing. We’ll pick up again after it’s all over.
Aidan: Over my dead body.
V: You are dead man. Get over it. She wants me.
A: I am so going to tear your neck out.
At this point Aidan and Viktor were nose to nose. Just when I thought Viktor was going to
change right there Mia stepped in between the two.
MS: See? What did I say? Stupid boys and their egos. Sit down the both of you.
I: Is this distracting or should I say is Viktor distracting?
MS: Look all supes are distracting to me. It’s like I have this mega sensitive radar and it goes
nuts when I get even remotely close to a supe. Also Viktor isn’t distracting. He’s annoying.
(Sticking out tongue at Viktor)
I: So for now you are a one guy gal?
MS: Yes I am. So next question. We really have to move out.
I: Ok just one more question. I know you’ve seen lots of weird stuff but if you could name one
thing that tops the list what would it be?
MS: Kiwis. My friend calls a man’s uh parts kiwis. Who the heck uses kiwis anyway?
I: I have to admit that’s a new one.
As they were leaving I shook their hands and wished them well on all their travels. It should
come as no surprise that Loki slapped me on the back of the head as a goodbye wave. She’s so
sweet you know.
I sat on the docks long after Mia and her friends headed off to finish their quest thinking of what
an amazing dhampiresa she was. Willing to brave so much with a very little chance of
succeeding in the end. It is my hope that they do succeed and we can again learn of their

This is Bambi's first book in the Blood Series. It is available now at Amazon.com for the Kindle and Paperback on LuLu, and Barnes and Noble for the Nook.  *Please Note* This book is rated M for Mature*

Amazon ~ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HO6AQI


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