Shanon Grey's Character Interview!!!!!!!!!

If this picture is any indication of how this interview will go... Well... let's just say it's got to be WOW and AWESOME!
I'd like to introduce and welcome one of my favourite Authors and luckily for me my friend Shanon Grey.
She has kindly provided us with Superb Interview between her and her book's gorgeous Hero Dorian Drake!

Interview with Dorian Drake by Shanon Grey

It was one of those bright, hot, late summer days that kept the temperature hovering around ninety when I pulled into Ruthorford, Georgia. Even so, the town was as quaint as any I could have imagined. A fountain sprayed cool water high into the air, its mist touching me and giving back the slight curl that I’d worked so hard to get rid of this morning.
The sign, The Shoppe of Spells, rose above the shop, almost as a taunt. The sun glinted off crystals nestled among bottles positioned just so, making the windows sparkle. As I opened the door and stepped into the cool interior, a bell tinkled over my head. No one was there to greet me.
“Hello,” I called.
I heard a muttered, “damn,” a slight woof followed by “no,” and the back door slammed.
I looked in that direction. My breath caught. Suddenly faced with every inch of six-foot-plus shirtless male, muscles glistening and moving as he swung the shirt up and around, thrusting tanned arms into the sleeves, I felt my mouth water. Suddenly conscious of the cougar factor and hating the ten pounds I’d added over the summer, I offered a half smile.
“You must be Shanon Grey,” he walked forward and I watched each button hide his perfectly toned abdomen glistening above the low-slung jeans.
I nodded, or I think I did.

I saw ice blue eyes crinkle. He stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m Dorian Drake.” As our hands met, I felt a slight tingle go up my arm. He pulled back his hand and offered a warm smile.
He had me. I’d follow him anywhere, which happened to be the kitchen/workroom in the back. I eased into the chair he held out and watched as he brought glasses and sweet tea to the table. I don’t think I’d yet made an intelligible sound.
As he sat across from me pouring a glass of tea and adding a fresh sprig of mint from a small vase on the table, I saw a slight line form beside his upper lip. Perfect white teeth gleamed. He was speaking. The fragrance of the mint snapped me back. I decided it would be prudent and professional to say something—other than, “I think I want you!”
I cleared my brain and my throat. “Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I know the people who read the blog are looking forward to seeing…I mean hearing…more about you.”
He took a sip of tea and leaned back in the chair. “Sorry for the disarray. I was in the back and lost track of time. What can I tell you?”
I figured I’d better get the uncomfortable over first. “I want to offer my condolences—”
“It’s okay,” he interrupted, “I’m healing,” he added with a small lift to his perfect mouth. However, I saw sadness pass over his blue eyes.
“Have you lived in Ruthorford all your life?”
“Yes. Well, the part that I can remember. You see, the Kilravens raised me. I don’t know much about my biological family, if there is one.”
“What do you do around here for fun?” I rushed on.
“Well, I have the shop and the gardens. I generally go on down to the B & B a couple nights a week for dinner and to visit with friends.”
“B & B. You mean that huge Victorian down the road?”
“The very same. That and The Shoppe of Spells are the oldest buildings in Ruthorford.”
“The name, The Shoppe of Spells, sounds rather…,” I searched for a word.

“Magical?” he offered, his eyes flashing in merriment.
I could have sworn the crystals began to glow a little.
“Yes,” I stammered, watching him stretch out one long leg. My temperature rose.
“It was named by a proclaimed witch who fled to Ruthorford after being accused of casting a spell over a town muckety-muck.” He leaned forward.
I swallowed. “Did she?”
His voice grew low and soft, “What do you think?”
At that point, I would have believed anything he told me and wondered if he was a direct descendent of the witch.
He laughed. His voice washed over me like liquid gold. I could have sworn his eyes grew darker.
I heard the bell over the door tickle as it opened. “Yoo-hoo,” a voice twittered, “Dorian.”
“In the kitchen, Miss Grace,” he called over his shoulder, winked at me and stood.
A little bird of a woman traipsed into the room. She moved with a small bounce in her step, balancing a large ceramic dish. “I made a peach pie.”
“Miss Grace, this is Shanon Grey. She’s here to do an interview with me.”
The older woman’s smile faded and she turned toward Dorian. He reached out, placed a hand on her shoulder, and gave it an almost imperceptible squeeze. She turned back toward me, cocked her silver-haired head, and looked from the pie to me. Her silver eyes sparkled just like those crystals I’d seen in the window. Her expression changed and she beamed with pleasure. “That’s so nice, dear.” She set the pie on the table, right under my nose. “Why don’t you have some pie while you chat?” she chortled.

“Thank you, but I just had lunch,” I said. As I inhaled, the aroma fairly enwrapped my senses. “Maybe later,” I altered and hoped I wouldn’t dive head first into the plate.
“Dorian, you make sure she takes a piece home with her,” she smiled up to the tall man-God towering over her.
“Don’t worry, Miss Grace, I have every intension of giving her what she wants.”
The both stood there, looking at me, smiling. The crystals in the window behind Dorian sparkled.
I jumped up, grabbed my purse, mentioned something about a forgotten appointment, and raced to the door. “Thank you for the interview,” I stammered, not sure why I was fleeing.
As I pulled out, I waved back at the two, standing on the steps of The Shoppe of Spells. I could swear I could hear them laugh as I drove off.
Well, readers, I have to admit: What is in Ruthorford stays in Ruthorford, at least for the moment. I will find a way to tell his story. Just you wait and see.

I love writing about the extraordinary. Life never fails to provide me with a plethora of ideas. THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS, published byTurquoise Morning Press, is the first in my series, THE GATEKEEPERS.  I just signed a contract for the second book in the series, MEADOW’S KEEP. I am very excited about the stories and the characters and hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
I spent my life on coasts, both the beautiful Atlantic and the balmy Gulf. Hurricane Katrina taught me about the fragility of life and the strength of friendship, family and starting over. I currently live in northern Georgia, having traded the familiarity of the coast for the lush beauty and wonder of the mountains, where my husband fulfilled my lifelong dream—to live in a cottage in the woods. There, I garner inspiration from horses grazing on rolling pastures and the deer that wander by to tease my incredibly tolerant dog.

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Shanon Grey said…
Leanne, thank you so much for having "us." I am so sorry I chickened out and fled the scene. Dorian's "charisma" was just too much! But you can see much more of him ()in The Shoppe of Spells.
Chrisbails said…
Great interview Leanne. I love this blog, you have the best book and author recommendations. This is a new author for me and am always looking for new reads. This character looks awesome and would love to win this book.
Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
Nancy Naigle said…
I'd follow Dorian Drake anywhere, too! Loved this character interview.

Is Rutherford modeled after a real town? Is that picture of the cottage a place you've visited before - it's so quaint!

My kind of read.

nancy @ nancynaigle DOT com
Shanon Grey said…
Thanks, Chrisbails, for stopping by. Dorian is a great character. Good luck.
Shanon Grey said…
Nancy,thanks. Ruthorford is built from several places. On the back of the book, the picture of Abbott B & B is from a real B & B that I have visited many times, The Tartan Thistle in McKinney, TX. It is pretty close to what Abbott B & B is. Of course, I made mine on a much grander scale with every amenity I would want when I visited there--and possibly some I might not want. lol. Thanks for stopping by.
Kirsten said…
I loved this! So much fun! I'm def going to have to start reading your books!

Sizzling PR said…
I have to say this is one of the best character interviews I have read in a long time. Good luck to all the winners. I am sure you are going to love The Shoppe of Spells.
mmbourassa said…
:O Shannon! A gorgeous guy has "every intention of giving you what you want" and you don't stay to get it?! Tsk Tsk :P
I loved this interview. I am definitely going to have to read this book as I can tell I'll love it. :D
Taryn Raye said…
Oh, my my. This is definitely a new take on the ol' interview process and I loved it. Just the idea that he was going to give you what you wanted made my heart flutter just a little...Again..My, my, my...;)

I'm anxious to read this and those that follow.

Leanne109 said…
Hi everyone! Isn't Shanon's interview the bomb! Glad you all stopped by! Shanon your welcome back anytime! I love having you on my blog :D

Shanon Grey said…
Kirsten--I think you'll love it. Thanks for commenting.
Shanon Grey said…
Thanks to Sizzling PR. It was a fun interview to do.
Shanon Grey said…
mmbourassa--I know. Can you believe I bailed on the opportunity? Too much of a good thing??? Thanks for coming by.
Shanon Grey said…
Taryn--I had so much fun. All my characters are so alive and so lively! Dorian is one hot piece of "magic"! Maybe too much for me to handle.... Hmmm. Thanks for stopping by.
Julee J. Adams said…
Man, I must be getting old. My question was going to be what kind of pie was it? LOL

No, seriously, love a hot man and I can look at but not touch. You made me think about how my heroes (brothers) would react to such an interview. Thanks and I have your books on my huge "to acquire" list!
juleejadams (at) gmail (dot) com
Ciara said…
I just had to stop by to tell everyone this is a fantastic book! :) Oh, and love this blog. Great interview and the pic.
Shanon Grey said…
Julee--you are so funny. I do hope you caught "my" cougar comment. Looking is good. That's how we appreciate what we have, right? Thanks so much for stopping by.
Shanon Grey said…
Ciara--it's always a pleasure to have your smiling face stop in for a moment. Thanks so much.
Pamela Mason said…
Now I'm looking up Rutherford GA lol!
Grrrreat excerpt!
Grrreat hero!
Thank You!
Shanon Grey said…
Pamela--AWWWW, thank you!! Well, Ruthorford is south of Atlanta, west of Senoia, and right in the middle of "Magical Twilight!" It is the perfect southern town with wonderfully hospitable folks. Just be careful what you wish might get it! ;)
Kym said…
I have been really looking forward to reading your book , and now even more so !


Shanon Grey said…
Thank you Kym. I appreciate it.
I soooo have to read this now!This book looks AWESOME. I would LOVE to win an autographed copy:)
Robin said…
This book looks great!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com
Shanon Grey said…
Bryce, thanks so much. I think it's awesome, but I know the inside scoop!
Shanon Grey said…
Robin, thanks for stopping by.
Nichole said…
interviews are so much fun! I love getting the chance to meet authors and learn about new books. Looks like I have another to add to my birthday list :)

Shanon Grey said…
Nichole--thanks for dropping in. I appreciate it.
Shanon Grey said…
I want to thank Leanne for being such an incredible hostess and a really great friend. She makes doing things like this seem so effortless. I love her blog and come by often.

I also want to thank everyone for stopping by and seeing my interview. Dorian is really close to my heart. I can't wait to find out who wins the copy. I know they will love it as much as I do.

Stay safe, be well, and have a fabulous autumn.
Bama said…
ummmmmm licks the backside... lol

cool interview:)
Bama said…
miabama @ gmail .com lol sorry!
Leanne109 said…
The Winner of Shanon Grey's Book is Bama!!!! The Author will message you very soon!!!

Books Read 'N' Makeup Done
follow the blog and liked shannon grey on facebook.

the book looks really interesting I would love to read it.

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