Great New Thrilling Series by Debra Webb!!! and Giveaway!


We all get a little obsessed sometimes, but what happens when the obsession takes over your life and draws you down a path you might not otherwise have gone? That’s what Special Agent Jess Harris explores in my debut release in the Faces of Evil series. This new series launches with OBSESSION, out now, and continues with IMPULSE, coming November 15th.

The Faces of Evil focuses on Special Agent Jess Harris and Chief of Police Daniel Burnett as they face a puzzling case involving five missing young women. Jess and Dan share a past that still haunts them both. The case has Birmingham, Alabama’s top cops stumped. And, of course, things just get worse from there. The usual fare, you might think. But the Faces of Evil is not the usual fare. Part of my goal with this series was to find those least expected villains. The guy next door…the lady at the bank drive-thru. And to explore how the potential for evil exists in all.

The task is challenging and I am loving every minute of it! The series will focus on two lead characters, Jess and Dan, along with an ensemble cast of characters who are already very much like family to me!
Also, both challenging and exciting is that since I’m self-publishing the books I am in control of editorial, covers and release dates. I know how much I love savoring book after book in a series. I’ve been known to collect them all before reading the first one! With that in mind, my plan is to release all 12 Faces of Evil between now and the end of 2012! Somehow 2012 just feels like a good year for a “dozen.”

With all the changes in the publishing industry, some great, some not so much so, the timing for trying something new felt right as well. In addition to the very close release dates, each book will pick up right where the last left off. The 12 books will cover about three months in the lives of the characters. And I intend to keep them hopping for most of that time!

I hope you’ll check out my new series! Five of today’s commenters will receive a free digital copy of OBSESSION!


Vanetta Q said…
I LOVE THIS BOOK! Can't wait for the next! :) awaiting Jess & Dan's romance
Debra Webb said…
Thanks, Vanetta! Working on that right now!
Debra Webb said…
Thanks, Leanne, for having me here today!
Diana said…
I would really love to read it. Thank you for the giveaway!

artgiote at gmail dot com
Anita Clenney said…
The series sounds great, Debra. My husband is from Birmingham, actually Mountain Brook, so I'm anxious to read this.
Debra Webb said…
Anita, my father's family lives in Birmingham. It has always been like my second home!
Leanne109 said…
Anytime :D Love having you here and I loved your book!
Debra Webb said…
Thanks, Leanne. As always you are a fabulous host!
Toni said…
Sounds wonderful. I am the same way with a series. I would rather wait for the whole series then wait for the next book...queue - Outlander.

Thanks for sharing the day with us.
Erica Green said…
Loved it! You are put on a fast ride with twists and turns you couldn't see even with a crystal ball! Excellent!

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