Toni's Review of The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness by Tamara Lejeune ***3.5 Stars***

A gentleman without scruples...

Patience Waverly has no time for uppity English aristocrats - and no desire to become one. But when Patience and her twin, Prudence, arrive in London from Philadelphia to claim an inheritance, she discovers that she is now a Baroness. Prudence, meanwhile, is determined to marry into a title of her own. She sets her cap at Max Purefoy, the future Duke of Sunderland - and, to Patience's dismay, the most seductive scoundrel she has ever met...

A desire without limits...

Max has little interest in frivolous Prudence, but the outspoken, outrageously attractive Baroness intrigues him. When Prudence's plan to entrap Max almost ruins him, he seeks amends from Patience. She must become his wife. And he will settle for nothing less than making their union one of unrelenting, unending pleasure...


Patience and Prudence Waverly have arrived in London from Philadelphia. The twin sisters are there to inherit their uncle’s estate. Well at least Patience is, being the oldest of the girls. Patience is level headed and smart. She is prepared for London life and is determined to not allow their ways to intrude on her American heart. Prudence is another story. She is the lighthearted, trusting sister. Her head is filled with grandeur and plans to fully enjoy the ton.

Max Purfoy is the nephew and heir to the Duke of Sunderland, one of the highest posts in England. He is also carefree, arrogant, and enjoys the highlife to the fullest, that is until he meets Patience. One bad experience and he is bound to change his ways, well most of them anyways.

The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness is a whirlwind! The plot is non-stop with misunderstandings and intrigue. While it is written so you don’t lose the gist of the storyline, it is in constant motion and changing continually. I’m very impressed with the maze of scheming and maneuvering that Ms. Lejeune has written. She kept it well paced and flowing. I do have to say at times it was too much though. The story was easy to follow along, even with everything going on, but it just seemed too much at times.

I enjoyed Patience’s headstrong ways and how Prudence almost seemed childish compared to her. There were times even I wanted to bend Prudence over my knee. It was fun to watch Max grow as a man. He improved so much during the story and I enjoyed their meeting when Patience discovers who he really is and how he decides that she is the woman for him. It was lovely and cringe worthy at the same time. I will also have to say there was little or no predictability with this book. Yes, you knew there was going to be some sort of problem or yet another hurdle, but all in all there were many surprises for me. Very nicely done!

This is most definitely not your normal historical romance. So if you would like something a little bit different and a whole lot of fun then be sure to pick up The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness today. It’s a fast and furious romp into the uptight and always devious world of the London ton.


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