Here is a Story I wrote called "When It's Time" by Leanne Gagnon

Leanne Gagnon
When It’s Time...

When It’s Time

As a child Maggie Simmons had never had to worry about spirits and ghosts.  She had a lovely and care-free childhood with barely a nightmare to her name.  Once and awhile though she would have a reoccurring dream about a young man dressed as a soldier.  They would hug and kiss and the young man would ride away on his horse.  Maggie would often wake up after this dream with tears streaming her face and a sense of sadness.

As a teen Maggie was quiet but social and outgoing.  Everyone always had a kind word to say about Maggie.  She lost her parents at the age of 18, at the beginning of her senior year in High School. Her parents left her secure with her home and a little insurance money.  She was able to live on her own and continue school.  

“Tonight’s the Night!” Maggie said out loud to herself. Grinning from ear to ear, she set up all her supplies to get ready for the Halloween Dance.  A couple of weeks earlier she had gone shopping with her best friends for a costume.  They all decided on similar looks but in different colors.  They were going to be Gypsies.  

Amber a Redhead with a flamboyant nature and long curling hair decided to wear a dark chocolate brown peasant skirt and peach tank.  She draped scarves all over her tall lanky frame.  Chany who was Amber’s direct opposite was a quiet mouse of a girl with a short blond bob cut and piercing blue eyes.  She wore the same top and bottom but in blue and black.  The colors really made her eyes stand out. The outfit did a lot to show off her curves and small stature as well.

Maggie decided to wear shades of lavender and purple.  Draped in scarves and wearing gold hoop earrings she entered her bathroom and did her makeup with an expert hand.  When finished her makeup she turned on her hot iron to straighten her hair, she only has a bit of wave but she prefers it straighter then it is.  There is not much room on the counter with her makeup scattered everywhere so she puts her iron on the edge of the sink to heat up. Grabbing a small section of her thick black hair she straightens it with the iron and then places it back on the edge of the sink.  Just as she’s about to grab another section she notices she forgot to apply her mascara.
Reaching over everything to get her mascara in the corner is near impossible, so she grabs onto the faucet handle with her left hand to balance herself.  Maggie knocks her iron into the sink and swears.  Unconsciously she’s still holding the faucet tap and takes hold of the iron in her right hand.  Just then the small carpet under her feet slips and Maggie pulls the faucet to keep from falling.  Zap! The iron electrocutes Maggie and the electricity short-circuits throughout the house.  Collapsing to the floor she just lays there, not breathing, heart stopped, dead.

Several minutes had gone by with Maggie lying lifelessly sprawled across the bathroom floor.  The only sound to be heard throughout the house was Maggie’s old fashion wind up alarm clock. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Maggie suddenly gasps for air.  Miracle of miracles she’s alive, though she had been dead several minutes.  It hurt to breathe and to move.  Slowly bringing herself into sitting position Maggie thought what happend? She rubs her chest just above her heart.  Why does my chest hurt so much?  Gingerly getting to her feet she made her way to her bedroom, sat on the bed and held her head in her hands.  Trying to recall what had just happened but to no avail she lifts her head to look at her stinging hand.  Oh no, I’ve burnt myself.  Maggie gets up and goes back into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit.  Bringing it back to her bed she sits down and takes out the burn cream and slowly applies it to her aching palm.  She looks around her room and notices the lights are out, but before she’s able to contemplate it there’s a knock at the front door .  With great care Maggie makes her way to the door but before she’s even able to turn the knob the door bursts open and it’s Amber. As exuberant as ever Amber comes in looking everywhere but at Maggie talking a mile a minute.  

Finally she notices that Maggie hasn’t made a sound and turns to look at her.  A quick intake of breath and Amber was off again “What in the world did you do to your hair girl!  Wow!  I love the perm and color. How in the world did you manage to dye your bangs so white?”  Without saying a word Maggie turned to the mirror in the entry hall and looked at herself.Looking at herself her eyes widen in surprise and horror.  Where her hair use to be slightly wavy it was now a full blown head of spirals and her bangs were a pure white.  Not white like when you get old but white like the first snowfall of winter.  Completely amazed by her own reflection she hadn’t noticed her friend wasn’t speaking any longer.  Turning to look at Amber, Maggie says “Ummm, yeah sorry I’m trying to get used to it, it’s still so new and out there.”  Faking a smile she added “I wanted to surprise you and Chany, do you like it?”  Amber scrunched up her face.  Oh no, she’s not believing it, thought Maggie.  Then Amber gave her a beautific smile and gushed “it’s gorgeous!  I’m seriously jealous, it’s so different and out there.  Great surprise Mags!”  They hugged.  All the while Maggie is worrying about what had happened and why she couldn’t remember.  Something about her was different, she just didn’t know what it could be.  “So ready to go and get Chan?” 

asked Amber.  “Sure”, Maggie smiled and went to get her shoes on.  Locking the door behind her she jumps into Amber’s little Bug and they drive off to get Chany.Arriving at the dance in high spirits and laughing they stop just inside the door to take in the atmosphere.  It looked beautiful and Chany stated the obvious quickly, “Like Oh My God, it looks so awesome!.”  The dance was being held at a local hotel due to the limited capacity at their school.  There just wasn’t enough room for the students and their dates.  The ballroom at the Bayview was decorated to look like a medieval castle.  Scones with candles, chandeliers and candelabras were everywhere throughout the room casting an eerie glow.  Luckily none of the candles were real, just flame-less candles.  The room smells like roses because there were some everywhere.  It was dark but romantic.  “Wow, the Decorating committee really did a superb job, you guys wanna hit the food table?” asked Maggie.  

“No, way!  I am ready to get down with my bad self, come on…” Amber stopped talking and pointed to the other side of the room.  “Is that Carl?  Oh my goodness, he looks so hot in his costume.” Amber all but squealed.  Looking over, Maggie could see that Amber was not exaggerating, Carl did look very hot. Dressed as a crisp clean Confederate Soldier  Carl waved to his friends while the girls checked him over.  “Who knew a uniform would look so good on him,” said Chany with a giggle.  Maggie wasn’t looking at Carl anymore though, she was staring at the young soldier next to him.  He was wearing a uniform much the same as Carl but his was far from clean and new.  His jacket was dirt stained and had rips and tears.  Something about the soldier just drew Maggie to stare at him.  Never had she felt such an instant attraction to a man.  He was talking to Carl but Carl wouldn’t even look at him, he completely ignored him.  Maggie couldn’t understand why he was being so rude to the other man dressed much like him.“Maggie… Earth to Maggie,” she blinked at the hand being waved in front of her face. “Hmmm? What?” she asked.  Amber rolled her eyes and said “we’re going to dance, you coming or what?”  Shaking her head, “No, go on ahead, I’ll catch up later. I’d like to take a look around at all there is to see in here.”  Chany giggles and grabs Amber around the arm and begins to pull her towards the dance floor.  

Amber gives Maggie a little wave and a smile.  Looking back at the spot that Carl had been, Maggie sees that he is gone and the soldier is sitting at a near-by table by himself.  He looks so forlorn; maybe I should go talk to him.  Mussing up her courage to approach him she clenches her hands and then relaxes them, letting out a long exhale she walks towards him.  Sitting down across from him, she looks at his features.  He doesn’t seem to notice that she had sat down.  He’s really hot, Maggie thinks to herself.  Black hair,  that reaches below his collar and bangs that sweep his brow.  He has black hair almost to his shoulders. A well-defined jaw with a hint of shadow and his brows frame his eyes perfectly. His nose is a little crooked but princely.  “Hi, I’m Maggie!  Would you mind if I sit with you Soldier?”  She asks.  The soldier looks over to her in surprise.  Almost jumping off his chair he said, “You can see me?”  Maggie laughs, “of course I can see you, look, I know that Carl was ignoring you but I’m sure it was for nothing.”  “Lord, love a duck!” the soldier smiles.    Wow! He’s even hotter when he smiles, Maggie thought.  “No one has spoken to me in ages, it’s great to meet you Maggie.  I’m Arthur Mort Phillip Morgan, my friends call me Dash.”  “Wow that’s a mouth full, I can see why you would get a nickname, but why Dash?” asks Maggie.  

“I was pretty good at dashing the mines, wish I had been better at dashing the bullets though.”  Maggie laughed off his comment “you’re quite the kidder.”  I want to touch him, I need to feel his skin. Maggie put out her hand to shake Dash’s. Dash took her hand but instead of shaking it he kissed her wrist.  Looking into his eyes Maggie saw heat and want, she was sure it was the same thing he was seeing in her eyes.  “Would you like to dance with me lady?”  she smiled and got up to dance with him.  On the dance floor Dash placed his hand low on her hip and she placed her hand on his chest, they danced slowly to the music.  They were both lost to the magic of the music and the moment.  Looking into each others eyes they were pulled together like some magnetic force and kissed.  Warm lips to warm lips, only to pull apart and look at each other again. With a slight smirk Dash said, “ Sorry, I didn’t mean to take liberties.”  “you didn’t take anything I wasn’t willing to give,” answered Maggie. They smiled as the song came to an end and went to sit at a corner table where they could see everyone but had a semblance of privacy.Not knowing what to say next Maggie looked around the room.  Two children in costume were running across the dance floor, weaving around all the people like they were playing tag.  That’s weird, she thought. This is a school dance why would there be little kids here and where are their parents? Looking around the room more Maggie noticed something peculiar.  Standing at the buffet table was an old woman dressed like a Madame from the Old West and at the other end is a gentlemen who looks somewhat like Abraham Lincoln.  Maggie giggled.  “What’s so funny?” asks Dash.  “That man over there looks like President Abraham.”  Dash looked over to where she had indicated and laughed.  “Yeah, that’s old able Abe, he just loves a party.” 

 Maggie laughed and looked around some more.  Near the stairs she spotted Marie Antoinette sans tete.  “Wow, look over there Dash, her costume is unbelievable.  It looks so real.”  Dash looked and turned back to Maggie with a frown.  “Maggie, you do know that’s not a costume right?”  Maggie smirked at dash, “Yeah sure, that Marie Antoinette come back to haunt a school dance, you’re funny.”  “Come with me?” asked Dash as he stood up and offered his hand.  With a little resistance Maggie took it and they made their way to the elevator in the lobby. “Where are we going?” she asked while watching the numbers descend.  “To a room,” he answers. Taking a step back Maggie says, “hey Buddy, we just met; what makes you think I’m that type of girl?”  You could see Dash trying not to laugh, “I don’t think you’re that type of girl, I want to talk to you where no one will hear us.”  Chagrined Maggie drops her head I think I can trust him and said “oh, well, I was just kidding anyway.”  “Sure you were,” he laughed.  The elevator chimed and they got in, Dash pressed the button for the top floor.  “Wow, you’re staying in the Honeymoon suite? Won’t your girlfriend be mad that you’re bringing another woman there?”  Still smiling he answer’s her “ I have no girlfriend, I just wanted the best.  When we reach the room would you mind if we sit on the couch together.  I want to be able to look into your eyes while I give you some very important information.”  “OK, we can do that.  You’re not going to tell me you’re the CIA and I’m under investigation or anything are you? because I can assure you I didn’t know it was against the law to watch those porn movies on the Internet.” 

 A burst of laughter came from Dash at the unexpected quip from Maggie.  “Did you really just say that?”  They reached their floor and Dash continued to laugh. In the living area of the suite Maggie and Dash sat face to face.  Not laughing anymore Dash began to speak only to stop and put his hand through his hair.  “I’m just not sure where to start,  I guess the beginning is best.”  With a long breath and sigh he said, “ In 1862,  I was killed in war, a bullet right to my heart.”  Interrupting him, “you were not alive in 1862, your sitting right here with me, now top pulling my leg and tell me what you really wanted to tell me.” “Wait I am, I’m trying to tell you, I’m a ghost...”“Your a ghost.  Ya, OK, I’m going to leave now.  I thought you were funny but I guess your really just an ass and supposedly a ghost.”  Dash got up and pushed Maggie gently back down on the couch and walked over to the wall, then just walked right through it, only to come back through the wall a few seconds later.  Opening and closing her eyes and then shaking her head a bit great now I’m losing my mind, I didn’t just see that, wait no, I did just see that. OK, no panicking, I’m alright. “I told you, I really am a ghost and what you saw at the dance a lot of them were ghost to.  The children, President and even Marie Antoinette. 

 They were all ghosts.”  “Am I dead?  Is that why I can see you?” asked Maggie on the verge of tears. Walking quickly back to the couch he sat down and took Maggie’s hands into his own.  “Maggie your not dead.  You’re able to see us though, I don’t know how but I am so thankful you can.  Has anything recently happened to you that could have caused this phenomena to happen?”  Maggie slowly touched her hair and had a flashback to when she woke up on the floor in the bathroom.  “I think I may have died and come back.”  His eyes searched her face.  “That may be why you can now see us all.”  Maggie got up and started to pace in front of him. “This is crazy, it can’t be happening.  I know that something weird happened to me earlier today but I never would have guessed that I would be in a hotel room with a ghost I have the hots for, good lord!  What am I going to do?”  Dash got up to stand next to Maggie, “You’re going to take a few breaths and relax, come and sit down.”  Shaking Maggie took a deep breath as she sat down again. “Alright, I think I’m going crazy.  Why didn’t I stay dead and what’s the purpose of me being able to see you?  Do I need to help you cross over or something?”  He smiled at her and gently touched her face, “No, I need no help to crossover, I stayed for a reason.  I wasn’t sure why until very recently but I know now I stayed because I was waiting for you.”  Pulling Maggie closer he kissed her lips, running his tongue slowly across her bottom lip until she opened her mouth.  He slipped his tongue in and held her closer in a hug.  Kissing passionately Maggie ran her hands through his hair and then let her hands slip to his tattered jacket.  Pulling it off, she then reached for the buttons of his shirt. 

 He pulls back from her and asks “Hey, were you not the one who said earlier that you’re  this type  of girl?”  Maggie laughed, “No, I’m not but I just really want you and after the shock I’ve had today, I need it.  Why you don’t want me?” she looked at him feeling a bit uncertain.  He gets up and picks her up in his arms, “I have never been harder in my life, you bet I want you, but not here on the couch.”  Maggie laid her head against his neck and wrapped her arms around it.  When they got to the bedroom  he laid her down gently on the bed.  He then began to take off her sandals.  Sliding his hands up her legs slowly and sensually he then took off her panties.  “Spread your legs darling I need to taste you, I know you’re going to be so delicious.”  She did as he asked the skirt sliding to her waste.  He kissed her behind one knee and then the other working his way up.  He nibbled her inner thigh and she giggled.  Breathless, she anticipated the first touch of his tongue on her womanhood. Ever so slowly he slid his tongue along her slit licking the juices that were beginning to pour out of her. “Like honey, but I need more.” She spread her legs even more, opening herself to him.  “You’re blooming like a flower darling.”  She then felt him take her into his mouth suckling her inner lips and clit.  Trembling with desire, Maggie closes her eyes, just to concentrate on the feelings he was bringing her.  “Oh yes, uh, mmmm,” she whispers.  Dash licks and thrusts his tongue into her listening to her cries of passion and enjoys each and every taste.  

He can tell she is close so he takes her clit into his mouth and sucks while flicking it with his tongue.  Maggie pushes her head further into the pillows and her legs come off the bed as she orgasms like she never has before.  Stars bursts behind her lids and she pants his name over and over.  She barely feels Dash undress.  He places himself between her legs and thrusts into her, bringing on another instant orgasm for her.  With his elbows above her shoulders and his arms cradling her head he gives her a long passionate kiss. Panting she opens her eyes and looks into his. His thrust are long and powerful, filling her completely. “I love you Maggie,  I always have and I always will.  You do not remember me but you will some day.”  Just as Maggie was going to say I love you to another orgasm burst forth.  She’s never cum so quickly before.  Pure joy and love burst forth with it.  Dash suddenly pounded into her harder, he was about to come to, with her name on his lips he came shouting her name for the heavens to hear.  Out of breath and exhausted beyond belief, Dash rolled onto his side and gently kissed Maggie’s forehead.  Already she was breathing deeper falling into sleep.  “I really do love you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.”   A clock somewhere in the hotel room chimed midnight and Dash disappeared.Awaking hours later Maggie turns over and brushes her arm along the other side of the bed.  Sitting up quickly Maggie calls out for Dash.  When no answer came she went to look in the living area.  Maybe he’s taking a shower,  she thought.  No, he wasn’t there.  She walked over to the bed, frowning.  Why is he gone.  He just left me without saying good bye. 

 Feeling hurt Maggie began try cry.  She got dressed and looked back at the bed.  “I’ll never forget you my ghost, my soldier.  I love you to.”  She then walk through the living area and out the door, never looking back again.The weeks went by and Maggie continued her schooling.  She felt like a different person, like a part of her was missing.  She continued with day to day life but felt nothing.  Today she had just finished tutoring another student at the library and was making her way home.  I need a little music, maybe that will cheer me up. Taking out her favorite Savage Garden CD,  she went to put it in but dropped it.  Taking her eyes off the road for just a second, she got it but when she looked back to concentrate on the road it was too late.  Before she could utter a sound she was hit head-on by a Semi.Sirens are blaring and there’s loud screaming.  The air smells of smoke and gas.  Maggie is standing on the side of the road looking at the scene in front of her.  

There are paramedics and firemen everywhere, a inconsolable woman is standing next to a Semi  and a cop is trying to calm her.  Maggie looks to where her car is and sees paramedics working to get her breathing again.  I must be dreaming, this is all a nightmare.  She just stands there and watches.  “Hello, Maggie.”  she turns around to see who said hello.  Standing there is Dash.  “Hi, I was wondering if I would ever see you again, you said you loved me but never said good bye when you left,” she said sadly.  “I would never have left your side if I could help it my love, but then, I knew I would see you again today.  I’ve been waiting for you.”  Looking at him in surprise, “You knew I would die?” I did yes, you were meant to die the day you electrocuted yourself. Your will was too strong though and you came back.  You were meant to die young.  I have been waiting for you for so long Maggie.  Do you remember our past together now?”Maggie closed her eyes and thought of the past and like watching a movie the memories of her past life came back.  When she opened her eyes  again she looked at Dash with tears in her eyes.  “You’ve waited all these years for me?”  Taking her hands into his own he replied, “Of course I waited for you, you were my life, my love and my wife.  I could not go on without you. 

 I’ve finally been able to find you in this life and now we can be together again.  Though much time has past I love you as much as the day I married you and my love gets stronger with each passing day.  Come my love, it’s time we go into eternity together.”  “I’m so glad you found me, I love you to, for all of eternity and beyond.”  Holding hands they walked into the light away from the blaring sirens, screaming and smoke. Just as they disappeared a paramedic could be heard.  “We’ve lost her, load her up.”


ShanonGrey said…
Leanne, thanks for sharing your story. I didn't expect the twist at the end. Great day for this story.

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