Toni's Review of All Caught Up by Sophia Shaw ***5 Stars***

A woman with connections…

Thanks to her elite Miami matchmaking service, Jasmine Croft is financially secure—and much too busy finding love for others to settle into a relationship of her own. But when a successful—and skeptical—crime author becomes her client, Jasmine finds herself up against the greatest challenge of her career—and maybe her life…

A man of mystery…

Handsome widower Robert Rankin would rather be working—but he needs a woman to accompany him to his brother’s four day wedding celebration. His expectations are low—until his date arrives: Jasmine. A twist of fate brought her there, into the arms of a man far more intriguing and irresistible than she ever imagined. But as the days extend into a relationship, will meddling friends, scheming relatives, and Robert’s own ghosts ultimately tear them apart?...


This is the first book from Sophia Shaw that I’ve read and I doubt it will be the last!

Jasmine is a woman I would be honored to call friend. She is levelheaded, smart, funny and very kind. She has always been a woman to help someone in need. After years working for others, she decided to take her ability to help people to the next level and started her own dating service. Her unique ability to match people is amazing and her business is growing exponentially. Busy beyond belief and surprisingly happy in her life, Jasmine is content. She didn’t realize she was missing anything until she finally meets her most difficult client face to face.

Robert has led a charmed life. Growing up Minneapolis he fell in love with hockey. He had a natural ability for the sport and it led him to play for the NHL and the highlife. Fast times and fast women, he thought he had it all. Nothing could have been further than the truth. Widowed and injured, he decides it’s time to retire. Several years later and his priorities reevaluated, he is now a bestselling author. To keep his family off his back about moving on and finding love, he decides he needs a date for his brother’s wedding. He sure wasn’t expecting the lovely lady that walked into the hotel lobby.

Jasmine and Robert meet due to a cancelled date. They hit it off immediately and find they enjoy each other’s company. Neither went into this relationship expecting much, but came out of it in love.

All Caught Up was a wonderful novel. I think the best description I can find for this story is that it is an easy book; easy to love, easy to read, and easy to connect with. Ms. Shaw was phenomenal with the details, her continuity was spot on and the emotions she evoked were poignant. I started this book in the evening thinking I could get a few chapters in before bed. Well at 4:30 am I finished it. I could not put it down. It flowed so naturally and I enjoyed it right from the very first page.

There is no drama, mystery or suspense, just a lovely story of two people coming together. I was so emotionally invested that even though I knew a scene was coming up and the likely outcome, I raged at the character and felt all the way to my toes. That is storytelling at its best.

All Caught Up is a sensually gripping novel. It is a relaxing effortless story. It is a nice change of pace to sit back and enjoy a book for its simplicity. I was engaged with the characters and enjoyed every splendid word. I highly recommend this romance. I loved, loved, loved it!!

Thanks for reading - Toni


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