5 Stars For "Making Spirits Bright" Anthology Fern Michaels, Elizabeth Bass, Rosalind Noonan, Nan Rossister

Secret wishes, sweet surprises, and gifts straight from the heart. Delight in this season's most joyous presents with these four sparkling tales. . .

"Making Spirits Bright" by Fern Michaels
Melanie McLaughlin desperately wants to adopt two orphaned siblings and give them a real home for Christmas. A just-for-the-holiday marriage to Bryce Landry fits her plan perfectly. . .until unexpected sparks have Melanie dreaming of forever by his side. . .

"Runaway Christmas" by Elizabeth Bass
A glass of wine, lounging in pajamas, and catching up on movies—that's Heidi Bogue's idea of a perfect Christmas. Until her thirteen-year-old niece makes a surprise visit—and a snowstorm turns Heidi's cafĂ© into a community refuge. Now one handsome cop is giving Heidi plenty more reasons to celebrate. . .

"Home For Christmas" by Rosalind Noonan
Jo Truman needs a replacement Santa for her gift shop's Christmas Eve party. She'll do whatever it takes to convince lonely soldier Sam Norwood that he's perfect for the part...and that the season for love is always. . .

"Christmas On Cape Cod" by Nan Rossiter
Maddie Carlson would do anything for her best friend. And helping Asa Coleman babysit a rambunctious puppy Christmas Eve night is her one chance to help the troubled teacher put his past to rest. . .and give the sweetest gift of all.


Each of the stories in this book is very special in it's own way.  The first story by Fern Michaels starts the book of wonderfully and really does put you in the Christmas Spirit.  Melanie is a Career woman who decides she wants children but does not have a husband to provide her with any, so she decides to adopt.
After she's finished applying to adopt she meets a very wonderful man.

I found this story not only sweet but intriguing.  It's a real Christmas Time Fairytale.  It's a little far-fetched in my opinion but it makes for a enchanting story.

Story Two by Elizabeth Bass begins with a young ladies journey to find the Christmas her heart needs and then moves on to another woman who needs Christmas in her heart.  
This story pulled my heart strings, Elizabeth Bass did a wonderful job of creating a community that just comes to life on the pages.  Her characters were realistic and easy to imagine.

Story Three by Rosalind Noonan starts in a Whimsical Christmas Store.  I swear I wanted to buy every product that was describe in there.  Not only were those things described beautifully but so was the Town. I truly love a "love story" and this one didn't disappoint. This is the perfect story to cuddle up with while drinking a hot chocolate and relaxing.  It's Comfy!  Like an "Old Friend".

The Last story didn't leave you wanting, it left you satisfied and full of Christmas cheer.  I wanted to decorate a Christmas Tree before Halloween thanks to this story.
"Christmas on Cape Cod" is by Nan Rossister. A man and a woman who have been long time friends begin a new stage in their relationship only it takes one a little longer then the other to figure it out.

I found all these stories to be wonderful, intriguing, loving, merry and full of Christmas spirit and happy endings.  I highly recommend you read this to get into that Holiday mood!


Vanetta Q said…
Can't wait to read this one along with all my other Christmas books!:) Great Blog!
desitheblonde said…
i have read some of fern book and they are great book read thank you for the contest love to read and blog on them

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