Hi all, been awhile since I posted, I've been pretty exhausted thanks to my new job.  I have not forgotten any of you though.  I am missing you all sooooo much!  I often come onto my blog while at work hoping to catch your comments :) I took a picture of myself this week to show you how I looked for work.  I am also going to answer a question that was posted by a fellow blogger about how I manage to get my reading done for reviews while working full-time and running a family.  I'm also going to give ya a makeup tip.  I figured I'd make up or some lost time lol.  

  1. Question from Talina of Bookin It Reviews!!!  How do you manage to read and work....tips would really help! ;-)

 When I'm working I sometimes read during my lunch break while eating, in the evening between calls if it's a quiet night at work I am able to read a bit also.  Another way is after work while doing my housework I set my Kindle to read to me and I listen to it with headphones.  When I have time off from work and have a calm moment I read.  Another thing I do is when we leave the house I bring whatever book I'm reading with me and read while going places or if we stop somewhere I'll whip out my book and read.  So yeah, that's how I manage to do it.  When I have a spare moment or a chance I either read the book myself or have my kindle read to me. :D

Alright now how about a Makeup tip???

A Great Idea for a quick and easy makeup look for the Holidays is to put on a Shimmer shadow with just a black eyeliner.  This look can take as little as 5 minutes.
You put a bit of shimmer eyeshadow on the tip of your ring finger (it's the gentlest finger to apply makeup on your eyes) and slide it across your eyelid and the crease, up to your eyebrow bone.  Apply black eyeliner to you to your top eyelash line and lower, smudge it a little. Apply Mascara, black or Blue and your set to go!
Here's a picture!

Hope you liked my post today!  Please do leave me a comment :)  I'll be checking them either home or at work!




Talina Perkins said…
Awesome post, Leanne! *hugs* Thank you for answering! And Wow...you really do know how to squeeze in the book time. Between the house, schooling and writing reading time is hard to find but a must as you know. Dh has asked me repeatedly why I continue to review and all I can say is because I love to read and I have readers wanting my opinion. as reviewers, we can't let them down! :-)

The makeup tip is fabulous too! I love the shimmer look. With my red hair and not so tanned skin it really helps my eyes look sexy instead of like a raccoon's mask. :/
Shanon Grey said…
I never dreamed you would desert us--you are too tied to us, after all. Your ability to multi-task amazes me. We appreciate it. And thanks for the make-up tip. I love those, especially with the picture. That tells me what it should look similar to when I'm done. Hugs!

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