My Art Project...

Hi all!  Glad you stopped by to see what I've been up to.
I recently got an awesome deal on a box of ceramic figurines and houses to paint.  I have been painting little houses for Christmas for years now as a pass time in the winter. 
I usually start the beginning of November and paint about 6 to 10 houses by the time Christmas hits.  I enjoy it because it's relaxing and I get to be imaginative with colours.  It's a lot like makeup :D
Anyway, with the box of stuff I purchased I got quite a few things that I figured I could use as Christmas presents.  I'm not able to show you all of them until the presents are given because I know my family does read my blog lol and I don't want them to know what their respective figurines look like.
I can however show you all the one I am doing for my Godmother, since I know she never sees my blog lol
I have taken pictures of the figure from front to back clean with no paint and to where I am now with it.  I'm almost done. 
Here is how it looked before I got started....

This is the front, just ignore the black spots, it's to hide my family's gifts lol

This the back

I've got the horse mostly done but have not added any details or anything or shadows, I usually do that when I'm pretty well done.  I then go around the whole thing and add details where I think I can or I add some shadows to make it look more dimensional and so on.

It's finished!!!  I plan to seal it this morning and sign the bottom and my Christmas present is all ready.  Hope you like my post.  If so please do leave me a comment :D
Have a great week all!



What an amazing idea! And since you are so talented they are all sure to love them! I always think that homemade gifts are the best kind, people seem to treasure them more.
jessica said…
I like to paint too and I love art. For the past couple of Christmas's I've painted personalized ornaments with pet faces, names and year. I was online yesterday and saw something that I'd like to try my hand at that involves books and the folding of pages. I'm going to try and figure it out . . . might make good Christmas gifts this year.
E.L.K. said…
I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! To claim it, check out my blog :)

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