EVEN GHOSTS CAN FIND ROMANCE! Guest Post by Deena Remiel!

Even Ghosts Can Find Romance!

A couple of months ago, my lovely peers over at Decadent Publishing suggested I write a paranormal romance for the wildly popular 1 Night Stand series. Now, I write paranormal novels involving hot, fearless angels, and had only written my first short romantic suspense story a few weeks prior to being asked, prodded, nudged… you get the picture. I decided to go for it, and right before my eyes, like the mist of a spirit, appeared a wonderfully romantic ghost story called GHOST OF A CHANCE. It just released on October 14th, and is available now at www.decadentpublishing.com, so I thought I’d share the blurb and an excerpt. I hope you find Susannah and Remy’s story endearing, sweet, and spicy!

Susannah’s married to her career. And she’s about ready for a divorce. Drowning in grief over the loss of her husband years ago, she initially immersed herself in a high-powered position at her marketing firm. But recently, she’s lost that loving feeling. Is she finally able to accept that her need for a man, for love in her life is stronger than her desire to bury it?

Remy, once a high-profile building magnate, is a ghost of a man, literally. Cursed by a vengeful ex-wife he neglected, he’s relegated to shadows of his former world. She meant for him to spend the rest of his life without the chance of normalcy ever again, and he believed she succeeded. But could there be a way out?
Susannah and Remy, two people ghosting through life, until they are brought together by a fateful One Night Stand. Both are seeking re-entry to the land of the living and loving. Can they fulfill each other’s deepest desires and learn what it means to live again?


The simple word sent frissons of excitement from her heart straight through her belly to all points south. Regaining some semblance of composure, she continued. “I do believe I am in the company of the elusive Remy Charles. Am I right?”

“You are correct. And therefore, you must be the delightful yet melancholy Susannah Cravens.”
“I’ll face up to the delightful part.” She laughed lightly. “I’m not melancholy. It’s just how the statue spoke to me. Will you join me over here or shall I join you in the mysterious shadows?”
“You’re lovely over there. Stay. The way the light plays against your hair and sparkles in your eyes, well…you’re breathtaking, Susannah.”

Rendered speechless by his intensity, she stood as still as the statue they spoke of, and… blushed. Her cheeks were on fire! Get a grip, Susannah! “Thank you. I….I, heck.” She blew out a breath and started again. “Come over here so we can sit and get better acquainted.”
He still didn’t move. Is he so shy that he hides behind trees and in shadows?
“Do you think I’ll get to see you before the night is over?” She heard a soft chuckle. Good, maybe a little humor will loosen him up.
“Perhaps. I’m a bit nervous, as you can no doubt tell. I haven’t had any success with this kind of thing before.”

She took a step toward him—she would have to be the aggressor. “Neither have I, and I’m a little nervous, too.”
“You mentioned in your bio you were interested in a magical experience. One that would ‘sweep you away’.” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat.
“Yes, I am.” She inched closer to the frozen, outlined figure.
“Before you take another step, you should know I’m different.”
“I read in the New York Times that you became reclusive about ten years ago. You’ve taken great strides toward ending that by being here now.”
“There’s a reason why I keep to myself. It may startle you, so be prepared. I am very much on the magical side of this world at the moment.”

Before she could move, he did, which brought him out of the shadows and into the light. Susannah gasped, startled at the transparency of the man who stood before her. Nervous laughter bubbled in her throat.
“What is this, some kind of joke? A holographic image projected here while you hide safe and secure in your room?”
“I’m afraid not. I’ve been living an alternative lifestyle lately.” He opened his arms as if to show himself off and let them fall back to his sides. “And this is all I am. I’m a ghost of a man, Susannah.”
“Holy shit!” She stumbled back and fell onto the fountain’s ledge. He raced to her side to help, but his hands went right through her. Susannah screamed and scrambled to the opening leading to the main thoroughfare of the resort.

“Susannah! Wait! Please, let me explain! I haven’t always been this way….” As she reached the threshold, she slowed to a stop. The anguish and desperation in his voice spoke to her heart and changed her fear to cautious compassion. He hasn’t always been this way? What on earth happened? As freaked out as she had been, the man deserved more from her than seeing her run away like a Screaming Mimi. No, he had a right to explain things before she took up freaking out and scurrying away again. It’s the least I can do.

 She gathered her wits and her healthy curiosity together, turned around and marched back to the fountain where he waited, as still as the statues themselves. Putting on a huge grin, she extended a hand in greeting and retracted it when he didn’t offer his own. Hell, I asked to be
swept away into a magical world, and I’ve gotten it all right. Might as well embrace it!

©Deena Remiel, 2011. All rights reserved.

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April London said…
Woo woo!!! Deena that's awesome!
Doreen said…
Sounds really good Deena. I always think my best work comes from out of nowhere too...
Looking forward to reading.
Deena said…
Thanks April and Doreen! I loved writing this story and the challenges it presented... the short length requirement AND how the heck does a ghost make love? LOL
Deena said…
Leanne, thanks for hosting me here today! I love coming over to play with you and your readers!
Leanne109 said…
Thanks so much Deena for being my guest! Love having u here!
desitheblonde said…
iloke the book and the color of the pic of the stuff you have here good luck with more books t follow
Deena said…
Thanks, Desitheblonde! I appreciate it. :)

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