4 1/2 Stars!!! For Em Petrova's Deux!

Deux (The French Kiss Chronicles)

Jane is a wife and mother who's stuck in a rut. Spending too much time at the gym perfecting her physique, she learns that what she really wants is someone new to share her body with.

After Margot's divorce, she's feeling frumpy and unloved. Until one day, Jane corners her in the dressing room and makes it perfectly clear that she finds her ripe curves desirable.

Together, the couple shares the passion they thought long dead, and in doing so, discover they harbor a deeper need—to find love.

This story is scorching right from the begining.  Jane is a stay at home mom who goes running and does kick boxing.  With the rest of her spare time she volunteers for charity events.  She's married and has kids but feels like there's something missing in her heart. There's a lady named Margot in Jane's kick boxing class that is a new divorcie and Jane has the hots for her pretty bad.  When Jane gets her chance to be alone with her crush she's aggressive in getting what she wants.  What she wants is Margot.  The sensuality of this book is intense.
I love that this story is really about giving and taking.  Mutual pleasure between two women in need of a gentle touch.  I also enjoyed that there's a twist near the end of the story.
This story is hot enough to burn the pages it's written on, I highly recommend it!


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